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Forensic investigation body launched in Zambia

General News Forensic investigation body launched in Zambia

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has launched the first ever International Institute of Certified forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP) in Zambia.

IICFIP is an organization that not only brings together Forensic Investigators but also provides Forensic skills training to all that are interested in Forensic Investigations.

Speaking during the launch of the first ever IICFAD at the Mulugushi International Conference Center in Lusaka, Mr Kampyago said IICFIP will make a significant contribution to the Zambian society.

Mr. Kampyongo said IICFIP will help government fight fraud, corruption, cyber, and financial crime.

He said the organization will promote excellence in forensic investigation by carrying out accreditation and training to strengthen transparency and accountability in government as well as private and public entities.

He stated that forensic investigation is of great importance if the legal system is to dispense justice based on sound principles of common law framework.

He noted that forensic science will produce the right evidence and also maintain it throughout the evidence life cycle when it is applied to the crime scene.

He also said IICFIP has a process of training, examination and certification of forensic investigation professionals which results in the availability of competent investigators.

Meanwhile, IICFIP Zambia Director Gibson Mwewa expressed gratitude to Zambia for embracing the forensic investigation organisation.

Mr. Mwewa pledged that his organization will be of value to the government as it will focus on its core values.


    • Forensic investigation body launched in Zambia will have a lot of jobs in Government itself to trace all the seals by the Government officials. Good move bwana Minister but when you wake up tomorrow and think about what you have done you will be thinking of scrapping the body just like Edward wants to withdraw from ICC to save his own skin latter in life.

    • DNA testing center is what is needed! I framed my husband with another man’s child and now the child is grown.

  1. What Forensic Investigators fighting corruption when you can not arrest one BUFFOON CK…really laughable …politican creating a professional body.

  2. what is the point wasting money on such a body when the PF police are the law enforcers in addition to being the judges of each case. Recently we saw the police deciding that a drunk police officer was within his rights to threaten a upnd officer with a gun for no reasons. We have seen cases where the pf police have violently mistreated journliasts like mmembe and his wife by taking the law into their own hands. SO please do not insult us with this forensic shani shani uko.

    • Imwe Yama understanding yalimishupa as a result you end up blogging from the back in the midst of AMASHISHA

  3. This is a good move, Zambia has an abundant crop of young talents who can benefit from this and be able to compete favourably internationally. There is also room for some to form their own private investigating agencies once equipped with such know how.

    • Compete in Forsenics internationally? There is already scope for work ..in investigating cheating spouses!!

  4. They paid people from foreign countries in particular, the United Kingdom who charged them extortionate amounts or demanded ransoms through IMF or World bank.

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