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ZSPA bemoans the rampant peddling of false information in Zambia

General News ZSPA bemoans the rampant peddling of false information in Zambia

Example of one of the Fake letters Circulating on the Internet
Example of one of the Fake letters Circulating on the Internet
Zambia Society for Public Administration (ZSPA) President Kelvin Esiasa has bemoaned the rampant peddling of false information in Zambia to the point of forging the Police letter.

Mr. Esiasa noted with sadness that the manner in which people are raising alarm among citizens in Zambia is worrying because that may any time soon ruin the peace which the country has enjoyed since independence.

He has since urged perpetrators of the vice to stop forthwith and do the right because disseminating falsehoods will not benefit anyone.

Mr. Esiasa also called on the general public who may have information about the culprits to report them to the police as this is a serious misdemeanor.

There have been a lot of falsehoods circulating on social media platforms for some time now and no person has since been arrested so far for executing such a crime deemed to be very serious in Zambia.

“We want to express our concern on the increased rate at which people have been peddling false information to the point of forging the Zambia Police letter” Mr. Esiasa said


  1. What do you expect when the illegal president is a liar himself. People following in his foot steps

    • Social media is innocent, the biggest culprit is DEAD NBC.

      sometimes i wonder if the news writer is chimpyongo.

    • This is ridiculous and if this has come from the Police, honestly they are not fit for purpose.

      The statement itself is bizarre, grammatical errors and doesn’t quote any part of the law that talks of indecency dressing.



    • Mr Esiasa, when genuine news disseminators are throttled, rogue ones will arise. When Lusakatimes, daily mail, times, et al propagate hate speech, falsehoods, fake news a counter force will be born. Don’t underestimate the power of people to discern just like don’t underestimate the power of information.

  2. This is expected when ECZ, ZP, State House, etc are all fake institutions! We have fraudsters in State House, Zambia Police, etc.

  3. Social media has come too soon for us! Productivity has gone down drastically both in Universities, Colleges and amongst School going kids including the working class. Most people spend a whole lot of time trying to look smart and pretending to be having the best of life on FaceBook instead of putting in actual work! The reality is that we do not know what to do with Social Media. It is a shame if you ask me.

  4. even if the letter is fake, i support the contents in this letter!
    this is what we need in this country called a christian nation,There is too much filthiness, rubbish. especially fashion, drinking beer name it. We ‘re not worthy to be called such a name and I don’t mean that we remove that name Christian nation from our constitution NO. We only need to changes our ways.

  5. Police will be tired refuting facts because leakages come from police themselves and state house. Keep embarrassing your selves. We have you at your weakest points.

  6. Supporting falsehoods just because it’s against PF is burying your head in the sand because last month when Upnd Katuka complained that the letter purporting disciplinary action against Mukata was fake you all supported him. This in itself manifests the levels at which Upnd will strive to get into government.

  7. In this country a lot of things are happening and it’s only God who will save us from everything. The ones ruling have failed, only God can rule this country in honestyhonesty and fake letters, fake reports etc will be the thing of the past.

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