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President Lungu is the winner in the Mongu-Limulunga traffic debacle

General News President Lungu is the winner in the Mongu-Limulunga traffic debacle

President Lungu's motorcade appears to give way to HH's convoy in Mongu on Saturday
President Lungu’s motorcade appears to give way to HH’s convoy in Mongu on Saturday

Human Rights activits and Patriotic Front member of the media committee Nakiwe Simpungwe has commented that Mongu-Limulunga traffic debacle leaves President Edgar Lungu as winner
Simpungwe said the hallmark of President Edgar Lungu is his humility and tolerance extending it to those that disrespect him.

She said the matter demonstrated that he could rise above the fray and refuse to fall prey to the desperate cheap plot of some of the elements in the Opposition.

She said this confirms that Zambians made an ideal choice about who should be their leader.

“President Edgar Lungu in all this has won the Leadership Award. In all this he has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that he was the best choice the Zambians made” .

“His magnanimity, his ability to tolerate, his humility is something that all of us his followers can take with us and use as perfect weapon against the opposition”.

“How many Presidents could tolerate that insolence by Hakainde Hichilema”.

“That HH is still a free man walking today after all that display of misconduct is proof enough that our President is a great man” .

She said Zambians should be proud of President Edgar Lungu as he harbours no resentment and bitterness.

“Zambia is in safe hands with President Lungu. He is a free spirit who has no bitterness nor resentment and he passes the leadership test with flying colours”.

“And after all is said and done, let the security and legal wings move on so that justice is done” .

She however called on the Police to arrest law breakers and those keen to promote lawlessness.

“The Head of State was harrased in broad day light and in full view of everyone. We cry about justice for all citizens . President Lungu is a citizen apart from being the Head of this nation. Therefore let justice be done for him too”

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  1. I can’t agree more.

    No other country on earth would have tolerated such disrespect and reckless behaviour.

    HH and his group are lucky to be alive today, thanks to the magnanimity of Edgar.

    • No that’s not true! There is no winner here!
      UPND showed no respect for law enforcement. And the police showed no regard for the lives of the people in the presidential motorcade by not clearing the way.
      Imagine if any of those vehicles was involved in an accident as a result of being pushed of by a police car?
      The country would be on fire by now!
      Politicians can be stup!d sometimes I didn’t know it was this bad!
      Maturity has lost
      Civility has lost
      When this happens we all loose!

    • You sound like you eat at mr Lungu’s table. You are just afraid to say the truth. By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. I hope you are telling the truth

  2. I have never come across a childish government as this. Is there anything to win in that situation. Insecure lungu tries to flex his muscle with police on the road because he has a small penls and you call it winning. Winning is the government dealing with that deplorable road. How embarrassing is it that the illegal president was travelling proudly on such a deplorable road and saw nothing wrong. This is why I renamed my dog to Edgar lungu after I found it licking its own balls

    • You are a basturd iwe Chi color cha wiso how do you insult the president like that? Your bitterness will send you to hell styopet!

    • @NEZ. What you have written above is a masterpiece. How Creative! Really intelligent piece of writing. You couldn’t have put it better. I hope the dog exists in real life at your home. You’re a talented man as far as writing is concerned. There’s that stupid and crazy book written by some Zambian ambassador to some European country about how ECL became president. Stupid ZNBC is trying to promote the book. I think looking at the talent you have, you need to write a proper book on how ECL used fraud to steal votes from our president HH so that we can counter this nonsense from ZNBC.

  3. in Netherlands, the prime minister goes for work on a bicycle without detailed security. come back home and check the list


  5. IF HH and GBM were in Nigeria today we would have been referring to them as ‘THE LATE’
    They dont joke with the highest office. they can complain and express their dissatisfaction but respect is maintained. HABA WHO BORN YOU?????? TO CHALLENGE THE PRESIDENT HMMMMMMMM

  6. The irony is, Lungu lowered his window and you are there complaining about his security!!! Nonsense….stage managed.

  7. ….Washala Washala….. Waya Waya !!! that is the game these people were playing.

    The window was not opened for nothing…..ECL was waving at HH, boasting that ‘ndine President kaili”
    Come on since when is the President windows opened when he is being driven somewhere, and why were they opened here?

  8. Hahaha! That’s all he can win, a traffic race, he should try to win an election not using a Ugandan called Chavula


  9. Facts first HH was suppose to give POTROZ right of way no under circumstances should an opposition leader broke a presidential motorcarde where on earth. we can only have one president at a time not two and for now Lungu is the president and deserves to be respected. HH and his UPND have rights too as citizens of Zambia but broking a presidential motorcarde is not one. No body wins here people’s lives where in dangered those people riding on the running boards of HH suv where not safe at all. Imagine if the SUV lost control what would have happened to the cadres standing on the SUV running boards at that speed? Even the occupants of the suv this is a shame on all involved.
    Let’s learn to respect the law of the land and people lives.
    For now Lungu is the president let’s work together…

  10. UPND is a finished party evidenced by insults, hypocrisy, bitterness because they know majority of Zambia won’t allow them to rule. He whom the Lord will bring down he first allows them to stupid, egotistical, blinded by hate etc . UPND is history. Mazoka must be turning in his grave.

  11. Comment:I respect UPND as a good Party in its right but the sooner they do away with HH and GBM (The two candidates who have singlehandedly degraded and disintegrated the party’s Image) , The better because anyone in his/her right state of mind can agree that the Motorcade incident was pointless and immature…

  12. No issue on the motorcade, just exaggerations in Zambia as usual. Charge HH’s driver for that little misdemeanor

  13. Check news for October 18 2010 and August 3 2010 about PF cadres blocking the road with a boat in Mpulungu and driving on the road in Ndola in the presence of Mr Michael Sata. Nothing is new

  14. In Zambia PIPO are so nnigeligent when motor code off the state you have to stop. On my opinions hh must face law of Zambia to previ .it’s very easy to kile the state

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