Don’t fear Malawian soldiers at Zambia/Malawi border they are curbing smuggling-Kasolo

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo
Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo
Government has dismissed  fears over the presence of Malawian soldiers along the Zambia-Malawi border line.
Eastern Province Permanent Chanda Kasolo told a media briefing in his office in Chipata that the Malawian government had deployed soldiers along the border line to curb the smuggling of tobacco, maize and other unauthorised products.
“Malawian government is concerned that they have been smuggling of tobacco and other unauthorized goods and products into Zambia, ”he said.
Mr Kasolo said the soldiers were deployed at all strategic points  to ensure that no smuggling of any kind into Zambia and vice versa is allowed.
He said the people along the border should not be alarmed with the heavy presence of soldiers who were manning the strategic points which included Mwami border.
He said the Malawian soldiers were merely doing their job in cramping down the illegal smuggling.
Mr Kasolo appealed to people to be vigilante and report any suspicious people who were involved in smuggling to both the Zambian security wing and Malawi security forces.


  1. Indeed there has been reports of heavy smuggling (maize, tobacco) and in particular border Malawi with Tanzania. The minister is correct it is only the smugglers who should fear. Both Zambia and Malawi are losing a lot in terms of govt. revenue due to smuggling hence the tightening of security.

  2. The Malawian soldiers are accompanied by their immigration officers for the first time since both countries got independence in 1964 meaning that they will be dealing with Zambian smugglers and refuges in case of something.

  3. iwe chicolur chawis0 how can zambians be scared of malawain soldiers when the PF police are brutal thugs who act on the whim of that ugly little f00l lungu. PF police have killed innocent people, so why would malawains scare a zambian? We have a dictatorship here..

    • The best way to destroy your defense forces is to unleash them on the defenceless ctizens they are meant to protect. Uganda had the best and most feared infantry batallions on the continent until Idi Amin unleashed them on defenceless Ugandans and when the armed Tazanzians invaded Uganda, they ran to the nearest holes to hide like rabbits. This is exactly what happens to Zambian police when confronted with an armed person. Soon they will be needing security guards to protect them.

  4. Countries don’t deploy troops on a common border for fun. The presence of troops always signal the eminence of a threat on their soveregnity but sheepish (and poor analysts!) as we always are, the development does not mean anything to us. We find it more preoccupying to fight our own kin

  5. ….cont. Just how can such a high ranking government official be such a soothsayer when foreign troops amass on our borders? Soldiers controlling smuggling which we are not aware off in the first place? My foot and it hurts. When Zambia was Zambia, 4ZR would already be heading towards Mwami.

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