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Vodafone Zambia welcomes governments new licensing framework

Headlines Vodafone Zambia welcomes governments new licensing framework



Vodafone Zambia CEO Lars Stork

Vodafone Zambia has lauded government’s resolve to transform and modernise the telecommunications sector by introducing a new licensing framework for the industry in order to re-align it and promote competitiveness.

This follows the pronouncement made by Transport and Communications Minister, Hon. Brian Mushimba on 14 April 2017, advising on Cabinet’s decision to approve a new licensing framework for the telecommunications industry intended to reform the sector and spur investment.

Vodafone Zambia Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lars Stork noted that the landmark decision coincided with Zambian consumers’ increasing desire for more variety and competitiveness in the industry.

“We applaud Cabinet, particularly the Ministry of Transport and Communication under the leadership of Hon. Brian Mushimba, for this step. As Vodafone Zambia, we are excited about what this means for Zambian consumers who will soon have a multiplicity of communication options best suited to their needs. We are convinced that this decision will open the door for innovation, leading to excellence in service delivery,” he said.

Mr Stork emphasised the pronouncement would create strong incentives to invest and innovate, paving way for superior products and services that contribute toward bridging the digital divide.

“We anticipate increased investment in the sector, translating into better quality of service for the consumer, increased employment opportunities and revenue vital for development projects. This decision will forever be etched in Zambia’s development story and its ripple effect will be felt for generations to come,” he added.

Zambia’s mobile telecommunications sector has seen positive and significant development over the last two decades with reforms in the early 1990s opening the market to new entrants; it is widely believed that the recently unveiled licensing regime will usher the sector into the next phase of its growth.

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  1. Vodafone positioning itself for the voice telecom now I believe. Good strategy though Orange would have been the better option.

    • Vodafone has failed to transform the Internet sector. Most people buy the Vodafone dongles use them once and then throw them away into drawers. Their Internet is too expensive.

    • In South Africa vodacom are known for i don’t care attitudes. They hate their customers with a passion

  2. Can you please inform us how much lungu was induced with before this was made possible. We know the corruption pertaining that is why that khoi khoi looking illegal president will do anything g to remain in power.

  3. As we speak Theresa may is announcing that the UK will have a general election due to divisions at Westminster. Mind you she is a legally ushered prime minister but understands democracy. Meanwhile Zambia is burning due to majority not accepting lungu but in this case he is fighting to go for another term. Do you see how illiterate the rat is. He only cares about himself. Lungu must die some one kill that rat

    • Go to britain then NEZ.Why busy complaining when you can just leave us with our LUNGU whom we adore,love and Respect.Go,please go Bo NEZ…we are waiting for you to go to the UK……

  4. Comment:
    The majority rejected and will always reject your tribal party, it will be rejected in 2021, it will be rejected again, five years after 2021, ad infinitum.

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