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PF party structures countrywide should focus on unity of purpose and party mobilization-Davies Mwila

General News PF party structures countrywide should focus on unity of purpose and party...

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has called on the party structures countrywide to focus on unity of purpose and party mobilization. Speaking ahead of his 5 day tour of Muchinga Province which starts on 24th April 2017, Mr. Mwila says that PF structures must lead the way in terms of discipline owing to the heavy responsibility it carries as the party in power.

The PF Secretary General has stated that only with the unity of purpose and discipline will the party help advance people’s power and grow the Party in every community across the country without exception. “The Patriotic Front is Zambia’s primary vehicle that is steering the nation in the right direction under the leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Zambians can attest to the massive and unprecedented development PF is rolling out in all the ten (10) Provinces of the Country. We are unstoppable in our quest to improve the quality of lives for all our people. This is a humongous challenge but with determination and PF’s visionary leadership, Zambia will get to the Promised Land”.
The PF Secretary General has directed party structures across the country to consider party mobilization as an on-going and permanent feature of their day to day business. “The Party structures countrywide must focus on strengthening its ties with the people more than it has ever done before.

Part of this strengthening means explaining the PF 2016-2021 Manifesto through community meetings, radio programs, among others and pointing at the marks of our impressive development agenda”.

Mr. Mwila has also stated that PF is the only vehicle at the moment that has the ideal agenda for Zambia’s development. “We have proved over the past six () years that we are capable of changing lives of our people for the better. We can be judged on our track record that speaks for itself and with support from the people of Zambia, PF will still do more”.

The Secretary General has also informed Party structures to prepare for intra-party elections in July 2018 and has called for civility and discipline in this regard. He has further announced the PF Central Committee resolution to receive amendments to the party constitution and the process will be spearheaded by Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula whose with his team will go around the country to receive recommendations from party members.

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  1. @chalochandi nalasa inga mukela. Truth be told only those who don’t want the petition to be heard in court can burn the courts down.

    UPND cherish the courts that’s why they want the petition to be heard not on the streets, in bars, but in court.

  2. Start mobilising but you should have it at the back of your mind that 60% of your members are going to Kambwili’s party. Most PF members agree with Kambwili on the need to treat opposition members in a humane manner not matter how deep the differences may be.

  3. Yes, on point. Also engage the citizens to help them make good choices politically. Help our citizens to mature into responsible people who understand supporting their political and economic Structures leads to wealth and health.

  4. It is a very shameful time to be a Zambian. Surely the Police go and tear gas somebody’s family to pick a political opponent who always responds to Police call outs and you say the Police operated within the law. What a shame!

  5. This guy Davis is the most divisive zinjathropus ugly prlck in Zambia. What a wanker what a goon

  6. This guy Davis is the most divisive zinjathropus ugly preeek in Zambia. What a wanker what a goon

  7. This guy Davis is the most divisive zinjathropus ugly twat in Zambia. He deserves to be burnt with a tyre

  8. This guy is ugly Davis. He is very divisive and looks like an apes anal parts

  9. Don’t forget to remind the kaponyas to steal council plots and take over public spaces from councils……

  10. The problem is the leader, you cannot avoid it Davies. PF was once the most powerful party Zambia has ever seen until Lungu’s clique took over in the vacuum caused by Sata’s death. You are trying to bring something back from the dead, good luck my brother but it won’t work

  11. The lives of Zambians have improved? But I still see PF cadres in tattered clothes, buying salaula underwear, walking long distances without shoes, surviving on wild fruits, no medicare, list is endless. Is this man living in a fool’s paradise?

  12. Believe you me,PF is still very strong in 6.5 provinces.if things continue this way,then victory in 2021 will 100% be theirs.even if Dr CK forms a party before 2021,he wont manage to divide PF but he will end up like Miles Sampa.a lot of politicians will be careful in 2021.those in 6.5 provinces will try by all means to associate themselves with PF to stand better chances of winning.while those in 3.5 provinces will aline themselves with upnd for them to win.POLITICALLY,ZAMBIA TODAY IS VERY DIVIDED IN TWO VOTING BLOCKS(PRO PF AND PRO UPND)!!!PF if it deliver development across Zambia will have high chances of retaining power in 2021!!THIS IS THE GOSPEL TRUTH AND ONLY THOSE WHO LIVE ABROAD AND READ A LOT OF LIES ON ZAMBIAWATCHDOG CAN REJECT THESE FACTS!!

  13. UPND will struggle to attract prominent politicians to stand on their ticket in 2021 in 6.5 provinces because many have learnt a big lesson from being once popular MPs in their areas to zero today,e.g;Patrick Mucheleka(Lubansenshi),Levy Ngoma (Sinda),sylvia Masebo (Chongwe),Sibongile Mwamba(Kasama),etc who lost their seats because of standing on UPND.even Maureen Mwanawasa(Lusaka mayor),Potipher Tembo(Chawama),Mrs C.Scott(Lusaka Central),Mulenga Sata(kabwata) cant try to stand on upnd in 2021 as that would be wasting their time and money.if all these above stated politicians stood on PF in 2016,all of them could have won their seats.they lost because of standing on upnd and associating themselves with UNVOTABLE HH!!BUT AM SURE THEY HAVE LEARNT A BIG POLITICAL LESSON HENCE BEING VERY QUIET…

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