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Zambia’s investor confidence has improved this year-Mutati

Economy Zambia’s investor confidence has improved this year-Mutati

FINANCE Minister Felix Mutati gives his speech during the official opening of the Batoka Gorge Hydroelectric Power, Investors Conference at David Livingstone Safari Lodge in Livingstone yesterday. Far left sited are Vice President Inonge Wina (l) and Zimbabwean Finance and Economic Development Patrick Chinamasa.
FINANCE Minister Felix Mutati
Minister of Finance Felix Mutati says Zambia’s investor confidence has improved this year following enhanced economic stability.

Mr. Mutati has cited the over three hundred investors from across the globe that seek to invest in the 4 billion US dollar Batoka Hydro power project.

He says there are positive economic indicators in 2017 than last year when growth was just below five percent.

Mr. Mutati has since assured investors of credible returns on all their planned areas of investment.

ZNBC’s Kennedy Bwalya reports that the Minister said this when he addressed representatives of international banks and financial institutions at a meeting organised by VTB Capital, in Washington D.C.

This is on the sidelines of the ongoing IMF and World Bank circuit meetings.

Mr. Mutati also said the acquisition of an IMF economic and stabilisation program package is no longer reversible because the nation has affirmed its position after countrywide consultations.

And Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary Mukuli Chikuba said Zambia expects various multilateral development banks to provide sector budget support.

He said grants and concessional financing are among government’s broader sources for budget financing.

Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba attended the meeting where financiers engaged the Zambian delegation on various financial and policy issues.

Mr. Mutati is leading the Zambian delegation to the spring meetings.

Discussions for the IMF package are still underway and likely to be concluded this week.

The outcome will be escalated to the IMF board for final determination.

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  1. Ba Mutati naimwe, your begging bowl is empty and 54% of your budget is earmarked to be funded by foreign aid or borrowed money which right now is compromised. So quit politicking and sit down for now and pray!

    • @chalochandi nalasa inga mukela. Truth be told only those who don’t want the petition to be heard in court can burn the courts down.

      UPND cherish the courts that’s why they want the petition to be heard not on the streets, in bars, but in court.

    • For such a big man, Mutati has a small speaking voice like a young boy’s. For that reason, nothing he says carries weight. Try singing!

    • There is no IMF/World Bank financial package in the near future so the kwacha will soon be trading around 14. Where is the investor confidence Mutati?

    • Mutatki…KKKK! Big Fo.ol!! Who does he think he is kidding – his illegimate children may be!! The FAKE Mr Our Own Home grown policies – that is Mutati!!

  2. Mutati is daydreaming. With the Breakdown of Rule of Law, poor Governance and Gross Violation of Human Rights In Zambia Mutati will neither get foreign investments nor Budgetary Support and not even Balance of Payments Support. The failure to hear the Petition, the Mongu Motorcade Rage, the Barbaric Raid on HH’s House,the slapping of HH with trumped up Treason charges etc will attract Economic,Financial and Travel Sanctions from the West on the illegitimate Lungu Regime. No Petition Hearing,No Recognition and No Western Financial Aid. Lungu and his fellow Criminals at State House are proper candidates for ICC after committing numerous crimes against humanity.

    • The world does not begin and end with HH. He is just one of the Zambian citizens and his wealth is for his wife and children and some cadres. Why talk about him as if he is messiah to transform Zambia? I don’t care whether caged or not I find my own food.

  3. What narcotic are you smoking? Investors are ready to flee from this country led by the tyrant , Mr. Alcohol Whisky himself. Investors are taking their funds elsewhere. You have an other fool talking about taking all land from foreigners and you talking about confidence. it must be the confidence given you all by the old man in Zim.

  4. It will rise even further now they see we will protect their investments in our country, by keeping order and removing trouble makers that destabilise the state.

  5. And I am going to the moon tomorrow kiki that is how pathetic his lies sound

  6. I am dancing and celebrating the fact that Lungu will not be given money to destroy Zambia with his gunmen. We messed up by some of our citizens voting for a Warload in Lungu. We now have a warlord in State House. Instead of having a house for Unity of Zambia, we have a an insatiable killer in State House who goes around clasping his hands showing humility, when in fact he is hiding his blood washed hands!! Listen IMF/WB, do not give Lungu’s govt any money. They will only use it to pay killers to massacre Zambians. Killers would come from the countries befriending Lungu with mioney because lungu loves money too much! He is our Foddey Sanko in Zambia!!

  7. Like KK said once – lies in the morning, lies in the evening, lies in the kitchen, lies in the bedroom… He is like a fly sitting on the horn of a rhino who thinks he is driving that rhino

  8. LIAR – Felix Mutati is nothing but a big time LIAR!! He has been talking about ALL these good things but THERE IS NOTHING to show off on the ground!! This chap will be a BIG BIG disappointment and let down. So far he has NOT delivered anything tangible BUT he has been talking of imaginary good news ever since he was appointed minister!! The problem is that he LIES all the time and you can ‘t tell when he is telling the TRUTH!!

  9. I am not an economist but common sense will warn me against investing in a country about to be shackled by IMF constraints even before they start paying back outstanding loans….common sense says there will be restricted consumer spending.

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