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KBF withdraws motion to impeach Linda Kasonde’s LAZ Council

Headlines KBF withdraws motion to impeach Linda Kasonde's LAZ Council

LAZ President Linda Kasonde
LAZ President Linda Kasonde

Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has withdrawn the motion to impeach Linda Kasonde and the current LAZ executive.

This was after the motion failed to get support from majority of LAZ members present during this morning’s Extraordinarily General Meeting.

The majority of LAZ members debated against the impeachment motion, saying they would rather be disbanded by parliament than be cowed down by threats from politicians.

Mr Bwalya then said that he was withdrawing the motion in the spirit of unity.

LAZ President Linda Kasonde who chaired the meeting still allowed the motion to go ahead but Mr Bwalya, the mover of the motion then proposed that the matter is taken to arbitration.

After debates, he withdrew the motion.

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    • Well done LAZ. You have done the right thing by refusing to bow to pressure by PF. Now we shall see whether Zambia is a democracy or not by following what the next step from PF will be. I believe in a democracy not everyone should say ‘yes’ to you.

    • @shot put: bow to PF pressure?? parliament=PF has 86 seats. 12 independents were PF unadopted candidates?? LAZ=laz act of parliament??? WHO SHOULD BE CELEBRATING????

    • Well LAZ was formed by politicians, the parliamentarians through the Act of Parliament.

      Therefore, the Act will still be changed by the politicians as it is their baby.

      Thus, LAZ will remain one of the legal professional bodies.

      Those who will like the manner in which LAZ is governed they will belong to LAZ.

      Those who will prefer an alternative body they will switch or choose to belong to the other body.

      In facts it will encourage checks and balances, than to behave in any manner you wish jus because you enjoy a ‘monopoly’.

    • What a kind of a President is this one who refuses to govern or give us a sense of direction, and whose preoccupation appears to be dividing what was previously united: the country, chiefs, civil society, the church, LAZ, opposition parties, the media, etc.? Eeeish! There is only one word to describe such a one: SAD!

    • @Zambian Citizen you will be naive to think that all PF MPs are happy with what is happening in country now. Some of them are disillusioned and disappointed with their party. Are you aware that some of them infact are against Zambia leaving the ICC, which PF is contemplating?

    • Caught on the wrong side of the lame. KFB just go and knee for that just from Kateka. Typical of Pf way of doing things.

    • KFB caught on the wrong side of the lane. KFB just go and knee for that job from Kateka. Typical of Pf way of doing things.

    • A failed case, right from the beginning. I wonder how this failed FBK even managed to get support on this forum, it was clear from beginning that this is just PF torturing opposition. In PF world opposition is anyone with a different view, in this case LAZ.
      The next failed case, is the treason case, which next week will be kicked off, PF you will be embarrassed.

    • I dont quiet understand where KBF is coming from.

      Although this was a good idea, I dont think it was headed anywhere

      Unfortunately Linda could have been more professional and not be seen to support what clearly for many others is the Opposition.



    • thinking out loud, is lynda kasonde really kasonde or there is something amiss here…
      bembas do not behave like this cos we are cultured and upright.

      It is sad to see an association of professionals called lawyers begin to behave like politicians by taking sides in the nation’s political quagmires. I see LAZ (a grouping for Lawyers) as EIZ (a grouping for Engineers ), or as RDAZ association formed by Doctors or indeed as TCZ (a grouping for Teachers). As the former Post Newspaper now called “The Mast” breathes fire like a miserable dragon and escalates LINDA’s political biased stance by singing praises and staging her sympathizers, LAZ and its crop of executives stray from their fundamental mission and vision through their huge appetite for more voice. Shouldn’t someone put Linda to check within…

    • Cont’d
      … LAZ? Doesn’t LAZ have a code of ethics? Should LAZ antagonize Governmet. Do you wonder why the executive have the AG and the ministry of Justice?

    • .. LAZ? Doesn’t LAZ have a code of ethics? Should LAZ antagonize Governmet. Do you wonder why the executive has the AG and the ministry of Justice? Next time avoid using the title President in these tuma organisation like “LAZ President” else nonentities are getting excited to a level where they think they are equal to the President of the land. 😉

  1. If LAZ will not sort it’s mess, then their creators, PARLIAMENT, will do a better job. Besides, opposition only has 58 seats against the rest.

    • Zambian Citizen, for once see the bigger picture. the majority are not always right. I believe the same LAZ you want to be divided today may be needed in future when you are the one seeing injustices in the country. just be careful what you wish for. if there are genuine PF members who like this country like Chishimba Kambwili, I don’t think they will support this move. the problem is there will be no secret voting so they will be cowed into voting for something for the sake of the party not their judgement.

    • See the bigger picture?? the LAZ streaming opposition press conference on their site you call that justice?? The LAZ denying legal representtion to Fighton Sichone when he was Lands Commissioner when he was accused of corruption of which the High Court cleared BUT then giving representation to Fred M’Membe who was found at fault by the Supreme Court and you call that a just organisation??? LAZ is suppose to be neutral, they are suppse to be advisors!! Not taking sides. That is what is wrong!!! Today you like Chishimba Kambwili because he is not with ECL, when he was insulting HH he was your enemy No. 1….

    • Are you truly a Zambian? Why is Government afraid of criticism, to most of us patriotic Zambians LAZ is doing a tremendous Job

    • @ Jack Chibwe: criticism should be constructive, not lope sided. LAZ is suppose to be neutral, not criticizing the government at every turn. They are suppose to be advising, not representing individuals who have been found at fault by the courts. How can LAZ take sides in the referendum, when their job was to advise and educate the public on the referendum!!

    • I think Ba Zambian citizen you have just lost the plot! Does this mean each regime that comes into power will be changing things the way they feel?? ECL Has a limited term of office , Current LAZ has limited office should we as a country be swayed with our short term desires? When Musa Mwenyes LAZ was critical of the Rupiah regime at no time was LAZ proposed to be split! How come now? PF is the worst govt and whatever they do now will be reversed no matter how long it takes because PF cannot outlive this Country. VIVA REAL FREEDOM

    • LAZ has no other choice but to behave as a professional body that it has proved to be under Linda’s helm. Viva Linda, you are the hero not the crooked FBK.

    • Lets not forget that the members of parliament represent the wishes of the people .It is the people you should be worried about and not the MP’s or their numbers .Also who says all the MP’s want to disband LAZ.At the end of the day the president has to ascent to whatever bill .How sure are you that the president wants LAZ to be disbanded being a lawyer himself ?Lets all put this issue to bed and let LAZ be because at the end of the day in a democracy you need divergent views .

    • LOL! This is the first and I totally agree. Chagwa’s mother shouldn’t have ejaculated in Chagwa’s mother’s pus.sey to create Zambia’s little and ugly monster – but then Chagwa’s mother was too drunk to push the filthy dck out!!

    • and you want to rule this christian nation with all these insults? which sane person can vote for a party as insulting as upnd? the problem with you guys is so simple and straight forwards:-
      you spent much of your youth time with cows……..

    • He is not a coward. I bet the atmosphere was very hostile towards him. He did the only thing that was left to him – withdraw or suffer humiliating defeat. At least he was honest and upfront about his position.

    • @MyZambia:
      Hostile atmosphere towards him WHEN he was in the driving seat? Never! That KBF thief is just mischievous and reality set in when more important and sensible members like John Sangwa, Vincent Malambo, Miti, etc came on the scene. His dry small wil.lie would have even shrank in his trousers!!

  2. This is good news. Let the politicians do their worst. They must know that they will not be in power forever. The next government can reinstate LAZ and cancel all other associations.

    • LAZ is not getting dissolved, no!! Get your facts straight. What will happen is that he disciplinary and regulatory function will be separate while the fraternal part will be open to any group of lawyers. So both KBF and Linda will be members of the regulatory/disciplinary part but KBF will belong to say Lusaka Law group while Linda will belong to say Midlands Law group. Now if Midlands decides to support UPND for example they are free and vice versa for the other group BUT the regulatory/disciplinary group will not delve into political commentary and the likes. It happens in even the USA, it is perfectly normal.

  3. Twice beaten once shy, these morons should know that not all are boolickers or nincompoops of this tragic lunacy being exhibited by these misfits. We told you to leave Linda Kasonde alone, but see, you now look foolish in the very eyes of the learned and upright lawyers. You may have sold out but don’t think that everyone is. Shame on you KBF, imagine Kasonde even allowed the motion to go on despite the fact that she was chairing this meeting. Whether by crook or by force, your shenanigans will not work and soon and very soon, we will hear that you have been dealt with by the vision less cliche.

    • Indeed, Abaume, it makes sad reading to see a lot of people seeing Linda as a Anti-government when she is just doing what any sane citizen in her position would do. Mind you, Linda is educated and not a bootlicker, she has shown the country that she is not like KBF who is is used to stealing client’s money and being suspended by LAZ on a number of ocassions. IF PF wanted to get rid of Kasonde they should have used someone else other than KBF. We know KBF is in PF just for for his stomach.

  4. Whatever actions we take in these trying times should answer the question, “will it add value to Zambia’s quest to improve the lot of its citizens?”

    If the answer is no, then please, twapapata, stop wasting our time!…

  5. Haha KBF #You played yourself. If you had a grievance with LAZ, the Executive or President you could have quietly approached them. They would have given you the courtesy as legal counsel. The fact that you chose this root is disappointing and if Lawyers as a whole were not happy with this current LAZ or previous one, then a new alternative would have been put forward. Learn to separate your loyalty to your party with your profession where you took an oath to act ‘bona fide’ on all matters.

  6. Zambian citizen ….so you already know the outcome. Nice democracy we have when a mere blogger tells us how the structure will be. This is mumbi phiri all over again dictating what will happen.
    Wait until she finally pursues her political ambition. Nobody in pf will be safe. She is loyal to her own ambitions.

    • Masaamuso…aren’t you forgetting that Kasama MP Hon. Kelvin Sampa has already moved a private motion in the house????????? What has happened today is only within LAZ, not where they draw their powers from…remember?????

  7. The most interesting thing about this is that KBF lost his bid in the High court to stop Linda and her council from presiding over the impeachment motion. I have no priblem with that because I believe we should not fear to discuss matters with fellow humans and we should not be afraid of processes and offices that we have set up for ourselves just because of the individuals occupying certain offices. Contd…

  8. Contd….
    It amounts to fear if the unknown by Fube. This reminds me of the way HH lost the presidential petition due to the amount of time that he wasted in trying to remove certain individuals from office before his petition could be heard, because of fear of the unknown. I note that actually well before the elections, HH wanted the President to step down for fear of the unknown when as a nation we have set up systems on how we shall run our elections. But not for UPNDonkeys, they would rather have chaos and not systems.

    • What do you call yourself?a dog or cat ?,you are so stupid and dull,the issue here is about fube and laz wembwa not HH,why some of you guys you are so dull,

  9. LAZ will remain one of the legal professional bodies.

    Those who will like the manner in which LAZ is governed they will belong to LAZ.

    Those who will prefer an alternative body they will switch or choose to belong to the other body.

    In facts it will encourage checks and balances, than to behave in any manner you wish jus because you enjoy a ‘monopoly’.

  10. This is why KBF wanted the courts to intervene so this meeting does not take place, he knew the outcome…what a wicked little man. Now he will rush to Parliament that is full of Grade 12 PF Kaponyas and a disoriented opposition.

  11. This is not a PF or UPND matter but Lawyers baby.but as usual dull UPND cadres want to link PF to Linda Kasonde’s LAZ problems.why cant you for once behave yourselves?Look if PF want LAZ to split,they can easily do so as they have numbers in Parliament.in next 5 yrs PF cannot lose a single motion in parliament.lets just hope that LAZ will now start doing right things.if not,Linda Kasonde’s LAZ will be history if politicians are forced to react-mark my words!!!you may laugh at KBF today,but if LAZ’s motion is moved in parliament,that will mark its END!!if that happens,you will complain and complain until you complain no more!!TAKE NOTE;ZAMBIA WILL BE RULED BY PF IN NEXT 10 YRS OR EVEN MORE BECAUSE TRIBAL POLITICS WONT WIN UPND THE PRESIDENCY AS 3.5 PROVINCES ARE A DROP IN THE OCEAN!!

    • What lawyers? If so what is the motive? You want LAZ to the mouthpiece for the PF govt..really laughable…fraudster lawyers like Lazy!!

    • I’m Bemba and now regret the vote I gave PF. I’m convinced UPND could have ruled this country better. Don’t use tribalism as your defence. Use your eyes and brains.

    • LAZ was formed in the 70’s and has been in existence during the one party state,introduction of the multiple party system,attempted third term bid,LPM’s crackdown on corruption,the death of sitting presidents…etc .
      It will continue to exist even after ECL’s immunity is stripped and is convicted for abuse of office and corruption.PF just started a fire it can’t contain.

  12. Incompetent PF lawyers 0 and LAZ 1 and this is how all PF stage managed cases will go. It is just a share waste of resources meant to enrich their sycophants.

  13. Thats good news, we cant allow PF to control everyone. Little b***** Mushota can’t comments….because she is ashamed after call Linda all sort of Names.

  14. Well done LAZ.Let the Dictator disband Laz thru Parliament if he so wishes. The Disbandment of LAZ will confirm to the whole World that Zambia is no longer a Constitutional Democracy and there is no longer separation of power among the three arms of govt namely The Executive,the Judiciary and Parliament. Which means Lungu will have achieved his dream of One Man Party Dictatorship. Its not going to be that easy.Already the Catholic Church,Tonga Chiefs have refused to back Lungu’s One Party State Dictatorship which Is meant to eliminate HH their God Given Son. The Catholic Church thru their Letter have blamed Lungu for creating a Dictatorship. The collapsing economy is an opposition to Lungu’s One Party State Dictatorship. Its not going to be easy for Dictator Lungu to achieve his dream.

  15. @12.1, if I call you a donkey, of course it means that I am an intelligent human being not a donkey like you. So how can I be a cat or dog?
    My post above is only possible as an intelligent human, because I am able to connect the happenings between Fube and LAZ, and by HH. Note that I am actually criticising Fube for seeming to be afraid of facing Linda in the no confidence motion. Unlike UPNDonkeys who cannot analyse situations with an open mind as I have done. See the difference, UPNDonkey?

  16. As for your HH, everybody in the world now knows that he is safely tucked away in a Lusaka correctional facility, a polite term for a “Lusaka jail”…..kikikikikikikiki….he will only breathe some fresh air when he appears at court next week, if his lawyers do not raise another of their trademark preliminaries before then.

  17. LAZ was formed in the 70’s and has been in existence during the one party state,introduction of the multiple party system,attempted third term bid,LPM’s crackdown on corruption,the death of sitting presidents…etc .
    It will continue to exist even after ECL’s immunity is stripped and is convicted for abuse of office and corruption.PF just started a fire it can’t contain.

  18. Looks like there is a new way of clearing the road in Zambia before one passes. A passable road is possible before even taking down the mountains and erecting bridges. Let the wheat and weed grow together. At the time of harvest remove the wheat first and burn the weed. Then another farming season starts.

  19. There is no such thing called constructive or distructive criticism. Criticism is criticism. End of. Just man up and govern. Why do you want to be shielded from criticism? If you are not up for the job – just get out, there are a lot more Zambians that can govern. Coward.

  20. Good move by the learned lawyers. That’s a brave move. We should not always dance just because politicians are talking. We the learned have ideas. Most politicians don’t. That’s why they thrive by making a lot of noise to be heard. We thrive through academic excellence. No need to bow. Proud of you lawyers. VIVA Linda Kasongo. Lots of love.

  21. This is a very significant event; all part of the slow but steady change in the tide…..days are numbered, the silent voices are slowly beginning to act.


  23. Please look at Mushota’s reaction to Fube’s most shameful but expected capitulation! That’s why I stated that looking at how Zambians were divided by such a straight forward case of right and wrong, one was given to wonder what manner of mental paralysis bedevils the likes of Mushota that makes them wholly devoid of the ability to reason intellectually in a sustained manner.

  24. They truly are wedded to a stinking vice of tribal bigotry against anything Tonga or indeed anything they perceive as being supportive of UPND! It’s shameful that any one with a head well worthy of the grey matter contents can act so headless! It’s blasphemous to god indeed and it vexes me deeply!

  25. Well done KBF. The truth of the matter is the questions you raised about LAZ are still valued. It is clear LAZ executive is highly conflicted and amaturer like in their conduct.

  26. Mushota you should keep record of what you write, it will help you grow up. Read the two comments you made in the past three days.

    Mushota’s comments

    Kelvin was wronged and treated abysmally

    Linda is non partisan and like I said before is not fit for purpose.

    As much as I think this is headed no where.

    I so wish she can resign and just go away because this job was always too big for her.



    I dont quiet understand where KBF is coming from.

    Although this was a good idea, I dont think it was headed anywhere

    Unfortunately Linda could have been more professional and not be seen to support what clearly for many others is the Opposition.



  27. Fredrick Titus Jacod Chiluba became President on the platform of the Trade Unions. Immediately upon assuming power, he worked to, and managed to weaken the very paltform that supported him by allowing the formation of splinter unions. In education sector for example, from ZNUT came SESTUZ, BETUZ, and anything that could end in TUZ became a union. At national level, we saw the formation of FFTUZ – Joyce Nonde – a parallel organization to ZCTU.

    I believe, President Lungu, and other lawyer politicians are following FTJ’S style and want to weaken the very plantform from where they were sponsored. Lawyers must be careful here. The formation of splinter law associations will weaken the law fratenity – as I see it, on party and tribal lines. DO NOT ALLOW THIS IN ZAMBIA.

  28. Mushota be consistent please. You are flipfopping on this one. Anyway since we all know you are least 3 people, all I can say is you boys should get your responses in check.
    Back to b1gd1cks for me.

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