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Friday, February 21, 2020

Six people perish in road accident

General News Six people perish in road accident

Police Public Relations Officer Esther Mwaata Katongo has said six people died in separate road traffic accidents which happened on Tuesday  in Lusaka, Copperbelt, and Western Province.

She said in Lusaka, three people among them a male juvenile died on spot after they were ran over by a Mitsubishi Truck registration number ACL 4897 which was being driven by Stephen Milambo aged 30 of Chunga Compound and the accident happened around 14:30 hours on Kabanana road at Kabanana market.

Katongo said the deceased have been identified as Agness Banda aged 22; Cynthia Zulu aged 20 both of Mean wood and a male juvenile aged nine months.

The Police Spokesperson said the accident happened when the driver of the truck failed to maintain his lane hence hitting the pedestrians who were standing off the road and the bodies are in University Teaching Hospital (UTH) mortuary awaiting postmortem while the driver has been charged with three counts of causing death by dangerous driving.

Katongo further indicated that on the Copperbelt, a driver of Motor vehicle BMW registration number ADA 406 identified as Mulenga Mumbi aged 32 of Riverside Kitwe, died in Kitwe Central Hospital after he was involved in an accident which happened around 18:00 hours on Ndola – Kitwe road at Jonkens Junction.

She said the accident happened when the driver of the BMW lost control of the motor vehicle and hit into a Benz Truck registration number ACL 5560 and trailer number TACH 4604 which was parked off the road and the body is in Kitwe Central Hospital awaiting postmortem.

And katongo also revealed that in Western Province, a male juvenile aged nine years of Kaoma Site and service died after he was involved in a road traffic accident which happened around 15:30 hours in Kaoma Site and Service.

Kotongo said the accident happened when the tyre on the right side of a motor vehicle Mitsubishi Cater registration number ABF 6941 which was being driven by Gift Mutupo aged 27 also of Kaoma Site and Service came out of position forcing the vehicle to carrier off the road and hit the pedestrian who died upon arrival at Kaoma District Hospital.

She added that another accident which happened in Western Province in Luampa District, a pedestrian identified as Mandandu Kashondo aged 28 of Lui area died on the spot after he was hit by a motor vehicle as he was crossing the road at about 18:00 hours at Lui area

She said the body is in the same hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem, adding that the police have since instituted investigations into the matter.

“Six people died in separate road traffic accidents which happened yesterday the 02nd May, 2017 in Lusaka, Copperbelt and Western Provinces” She said

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  1. What is the use of car registration numbers in death of people? It sounds like cars are still valuables in Zabi!bia

  2. It’s very sad reading indeed. Condolences to the families. Most if not all these deaths could have been avoided if
    a) drivers are properly trained(not buying licences) and observe road signs and have respect for other road users…not feeling more important because you’re driving
    b) vehicles are correctly inspected and passed for road worthiness
    c) pedestrian walk ways provided
    d) speed barriers correctly mounted in right places

  3. In both cases trucks are involved – get the bloody trucks off the road, doesn’t matter if its for GBM and HH. We have the rail system.
    Secondly, because of good road maintained by PF, thats Mr President HE EL for you visonary leadership and fulfilling your campaign promise, people can freely run at 200km/hr.
    Increase toll gate fees and bring back traffic police officers. At least every 30km they must be either traffic waiting for you or toll gate to slow you down.

  4. An article was recently published on how the new roads pf are supposedly building are already beyond repair. How can a road only last 3 years. Now when nez says that accidents are largely cause by sub standard roads and poor road network plans I am called all sorts. In other words pf are killing us and will continue killing people. Rip very sad

    • Give credit where it’s due! Unless you don’t live in Zambia, the roads are in a far better state than they have ever been in a long time. Now we see tarmac even in areas that we thought would never ever be tarred. The road infrastructure was neglected for a very long time and for once, we seem to be in the right direction. There’s still a lot more to do though and yet you’re the same people who say, “WE CAN”T EAT ROADS”. Ku muntu, takwaba ichisuma.

  5. ….at least there’s less pipo dying from RTAs. Few years back and on national Holidays like this, hundreds could have perished. That’s a great improvement, thanks to the PF administration.

  6. This is for that AS* **hole blogger called Mushota, do you tribes here? What a waste time she is?

  7. Lack of road traffic laws, corruption by the police and those at the road traffic dept. People are buying licenses even though they should be driving cars due to certain impairment that are not even tested buy these license selling depts such the road traffic agency or whatever its called. People still drink alcohol and drive with no repurcation whatsoever. I can’t say this has been the PF’s doing, but its been an occurance ever since, but lack of leadership by PF and the previous corrupt administrations is the reason for all these accidents. Yes, we will have these accidents, but if laws were implimented, they could be reduced. People are killed while stand on the road side, that tells me either the truck had no breaks, but was still allowed to be on the road thereby being a ticking…

  8. …. bomb as what it eventually did, kill people. Another scenario would be that the Truck driver was impaired and not fit to be behind the wheel and that is on the cops.

  9. munone…… you are making the gvt unpopular. do you think RTA have to do with HH or GBM. my friend , I wonder how you live with your neighbours especially if they are TONGAs or LOZI….
    I am from Chipata, Kumawa…..
    it is not how you treat your friends but how you care for your enemies that show you are great leader…
    Can you stay with someone who you know will betray you?
    Baba , you cant . Jesus stayed with Judas….
    Love your enemies if you believe that Preident Lungu is a Christian because Jesus tell us to love our enemies….Matthew 5:44

    • I don’t understand why Mr. ISCARIOT is vilified. He was destined to fill prophecy. Without Mr. Iscariot there would be no salvation. Jesus ‘ visit to earth would be for naught. I don’t believe Jesus ever lived anyway. There’s no proofbeypnd

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