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Zambia Police yet to charge Chilanga Member of Parliament, Keith Mukata with murder

General News Zambia Police yet to charge Chilanga Member of Parliament, Keith Mukata with...

The Mukata Family
The Mukata Family
Police in Lusaka are yet to charge Chilanga Member of Parliament, Keith Mukata, who has been apprehended and detained for allegedly shooting to death, a security guard at his law firm.

Mr. Mukata, aged 45, was apprehended on Saturday, May 6, together with an alleged accomplice in the matter, Charmine Musonda, aged 37.

Police Spokesperson, Mwata Katongo has told TV 2 news that Mr. Mukata has demanded to be charged in the presence of his lawyers.

Police Spokesperson, Mwata KATONGO
Ms Katongo has said in a telephone interview that the police are however ready to charge Mr Mukata and Ms Musonda, once his lawyers are available.

Mr. Mukata and Ms Musonda are alleged to have shot dead Namakau Kalila Kwenda, aged 63, a guard at the offices of AKM Legal Practitioners, his law firm in Lusaka’s Rhodes Park area.

The shooting happened 40 minutes after mid-night on Saturday, and police picked an empty cartridge at the scene, as well as a Pistol, with 6 rounds of ammunitions, which was in the boot of a BMW car, registration number BCA 7262.


    • MB you somewhat don’t like me, I dont why – I actually like don’t mind you. I am not asking you to like me as I wouldn’t want to be liked here but I want you to acknowledge me for your sake
      I am the seeker of Truth and Justice.

      You need to embrace me I have been here Many a years and will continue being the Queen here. This is my Yard and my part time employers.

      The sooner you do the better.

      Coming to the article, the Police have 72 Hours to charge Keith but from what I have read on the article and been sent Information.

      It looks like this is a case of Self defense on Keith’s part.

      The police are wasting times and should instead focus on people who have been setting fire in our country

      I have just completed my PhD



    • This case is already dead in the water. Keith and is a friend of the leadership. Such cases usually don’t go far. He’s friendly to the RB regime. No case there guys. Sorry

  1. I know UPND cadres are celebrating that this true son of Zambia made that mistake, not strange though since UPND ALWAYS rejoices in evil, but he is better than HH in every sense of being good.
    Its sad a life was lost.

    • Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. @ Mwape are you a Congolese for you not to know that?
      Going by your thinking, which is UPND by the way, we must hang HH right away.

    • So the principal of everyone is innocent till proven guilty only applies to those that stimulate your loins and not the ones that stimulate your thinking ??

  2. What happened to innocent till proved guilty?
    It may have been a case of self defence for all we know.
    RIP bo Namakau.

  3. ATI MURDER A TRUE SON!!!!!! kikikik.. Anyway sad development there. only that in Zambia its difficult to get fair judgement from the judiciary esp if you are not one of them. If this man is set free would not be shocked.

    • If you call him murderer without trial then lets hang your HH this evening since being tried is not important to you UPND cadres.

  4. The truth is yet to be known. When a person is killed, the murder charge hangs on the suspect. The case of manslaughter is a thin charge as the evidence adduced must be having no malice aforethought. The grounds for self defence may not hold as the prosecution must first prove the charge against kEITH beyond reasonable doubt. The self defence will arise after Keith has been found with a case.
    Mushota , your PHD seems to be doing injustice to understand the criminal justice…
    Congrats for completing you PHD …. In what field I wish to know?

  5. Mushota, for the first time ever, I agree with you all the way. We need those arsonists brought to book and not waste too much time on this self defense issue

  6. Too bad for the young lawyer I know too well and whose personal development I have been a part of.

  7. Keith is innocent until proven guilty. the problem is our country is so polarized to such an extent that we want to jump the due process of the law. let the law take its course.

  8. He has asked to be charged in the presence of his lawyers! I wish the deceased security guard also had the luxury of being shot in the presence of his lawyers

  9. Zambia Police its all rubbish in their operations if it were a common poor man out there,he would have instantly charged but wonder why up to now this murderer Keith Mukata has not been charged.

  10. You have no right to show photos of minors to the public especially family photos. Why can you simply state who that woman was…it was the girlfriend/lover.

  11. No matter how much I support EL,come to the point why police waiting for lawyers to defend a murderer? This case is open and straight forward hyena Keith killed a guard no any reason for someone to look for a lawyer take him to jail.I know Zambia is a Christian nation, charge him normal as he is a good friend of us 75years and let him save 10 years.let’s not make money to be defending murderers wake up guys.no politics in such cases

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