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Miss Zambia 2016 suspended for gross misconduct


LOUISA Chingangu,
LOUISA Chingangu,
LOUISA Chingangu, who was crowned Miss Zambia 2016 last December, has been suspended for what the franchise owners say is gross misconduct for seemingly supporting an online publication that alleged that the organisers have not given her all the prizes apart from the motor vehicle for winning the title.

The publication alleged that Platinum Events Productions Africa, who were managing the pageant on behalf of the Miss Zambia pageant, had not given Louisa the job, return air ticket to the Miss World 2016/17 and the K50,000 cash prize as promised.

Last week, Platinum Events issued a statement in which they tried to explain the true position regarding prizes as well as other allegations which included that they had shown a lukewarm attitude towards working with Louisa.

But Miss Zambia pageant owner Elizabeth Mwanza, herself a former Miss Zambia winner, has stepped in.

“…[The] Miss Zambia 2016 winner has openly supported the false publication and showed gross misconduct ever since the news broke out; we have therefore suspended her with immediate effect as the title holder of Miss Zambia 2016 and has to hand over all properties to the Miss Zambia organisers,” Elizabeth’s statement made available to the Weekend Mail reads.

“The title will remain vacant;dethronedthere is only three months remaining till the next Miss Zambia. Any engagements will be handled by the First Princess [Mwangala Ikacana].

“As a management team for Miss Zambia, we will continue to work harder with all stakeholders and sponsors to maintain the goodwill and the glory associated with Miss Zambia. We are once again thrilled to be working with Platinum Events as our partners. Platinum Events is a dynamic team with brilliant ideas that will uplift the pageant to the next level.”

Elizabeth says contrary to the online publication, the Miss Zambia was publicised without the mention of the winner taking part in the Miss World pageant.

“The 34 final contestants selected for the first boot camp were informed of this. I, Elizabeth Mwanza as the holder of the exclusive Miss World pageant licence personally informed the 10 finalists in a training session and I have nine other finalists and a former Miss Zambia as witnesses to this fact,” she says.

“The current standard prize reward is cash or a car valued at K50,000 which is sponsored by a corporate partner. We didn’t get a partner to come up with the main prize. Platinum Events stepped in to provide the car prize.

“It’s not possible that both cash of the said value was promised with the car as the Zambian pageant does not have the capacity for such a budget without a sponsor’s good will. An individual pledged a minimal amount that was decided to be shared among the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd). Louisa received sixty percent of the said amount and paid directly from the revenue made from tickets.”

Elizabeth also says that Louisa has shown lack of interest and commitment towards the Miss Zambia.

“I personally had to reach out to Louisa after being briefed of her non-committal attitude. I also got a lack of interest and non-committal attitude to a point of her not responding to messages, calls or set meetings, a first in the history of the Miss Zambia management,” she says.

“I’m of the view that Louisa entered the pageant for the wrong reasons and is not willing to do the work that comes with the title. To date, she hasn’t presented any idea of any project. The Miss Zambia crown needs a title holder with a passion for any good cause, initiative and a people-person.

“Miss Zambia 2016 has been on full information regarding the 2017 pageant and we’re utterly surprised that she can claim not being informed on the upcoming pageant.”


    • Almost charging the poor kid with “treason”, Only Elizabeth has no access to the inspector general of police

    • She won and should be given the Price money. Elizabeth should defend these girls than her attacking them. If the sponsor has no money, communicate in a better way.
      Young Girl, Sue them and take back you Crowne. Teach them a lesson. You won and you deserve it including the ticket to go represent Zambia at Miss World.

    • Elizabeth, you are a middle aged grandmother involved in this BS. Just pay the girl! All beauty pageants are stup.id and so are the organizers. Get a life!

    • Madam Elizabeth you have no right to claim the prize back. There is no way Louiser should refund what belongs to her. The fact is she won whether you like her or not. Her behavior after the contest is not related to her winning the contest. There is no such a thing as refund. Just go to court if aggrieved and Louiser will win 10 zero

  1. Madness just pay her if you have not done that.if she supported the article it means that you have not paid.

  2. You cockroaces, Just pay her the money ba kombwe imwe!!! What gross miss conduct ba kitie imwe!!! Do you have to think on her behalf?

  3. Foolishness at it’s best. Just pay the poor girl and let her be. Why bring shame on yourselves? Just pay and move on. Nonsense!

  4. Louisa should engage a lawyer. From the reaction of Elizabeth Mwanza, you can see injustice. Eliza should take a chill pill and just pay Louisa! That decision is too harsh to even be written in any corporate discliplinary code book!

  5. Someone is a thief. And I do not once think this can be Louisa. Mwanza must be basking in old Zambia. Give the girl her dues.

  6. What does it say in the contract? Can Miss Zambia be dethroned for claiming her prize? Claiming a prize is now a disciplinary matter in Zambia. It is not like she was caught shagg^ng a stranger in a dark alley. Give her her dues!

  7. Why do we encourage such useless competitions in ZAMBIA that use eurocentric standard of beauty; there is nothing attractive in a skinny straight shaped Brazilian fake hair woman.

    • Analyser…these people know that once our sisters wake up and love their voluptuous bodies and their skin made out of brown sugar, honey, cocoa & gold a lot of companies will go in business.
      If only our women would read the The Isis Papers by Dr Frances Cress Welsing.

    • @ Jay Jay, and Analyser, today we have found common ground, and you have both nailed it. The fake chicks even refuse to be nailed in a well lit room. They prefer being nailed in the dark room, while drunk because they dont want you to see all details about them,.e.g. torn or salaula undies, bleached strech lines, and usually not well washed..fake women.

  8. Iwe ka Eliza, what is there to hand over by the reigning 2016 Miss Zambia…..this lady worn and deserves all that was promised and rightfully given to her….Louisa baby, consult a Lawyer…if Eliza and her cohorts do not have sufficient funds to run such events, better they stop holding them than continue deceiving and abusing young ladies….so shameful that Eliza can even accuse Louisa ati” she joined miss Zambia for wrong reasons”. Does Eliza expect Louissa to be using her resources to promote the cause of miss Zambia? nonsence at its worst!

  9. I smell a rat too in this case. She cannot claim what wasn’t promised. She got 6% of how much. How much did the rest get? What was the criteria? What are the books saying? There must be a record. A vehicle is explicitly mention valued at K50,000. The other figures should also be public since this story is public. Why selectively disseminate the information. Tell us everything.

  10. Just give her what owe her,pay her. There’s no misconduct. She asked for her dues,you didn’t listen.Where else did you expect her to go complaining to? Ka Elizabeth shut it and pay her.

  11. Useless response. Miss Zambia gets K50 000 after that hectic schedule. How much did you get yourself Elizabeth? That’s the problem with this country. You come up with competitions or these pageants things just to milk the cooperate world money for your own benefit. It’s the same as the Kalusha group who shared more money from AFCON than the players. You wicked group of organizers! She tells the truth you term it as misconduct! You are the worst misconducts yourselves. I also suspect she refused to sleep with some organizing committee member or something. Useless chaps!!


  13. Come to think of it, there is almost no news in Zambia to keep us entertained. King Fred is defeated and is out of the equation, Mutembo Nchito is out, GBM is just whispering from no one knows where, Guy Scott also kaya, Dr. Pilgrim Banda is in the wilderness, the young Cobra has been defeated by Kakunkibiti, Kalusha Bwalys is safely tucked away, the arsonists have ran away with their tails between their legs. Now ati Eliza is a crook, this is fake news, fake news.

  14. I smell a rat. Louisa should go to court. This Eliza woman seems to be a crook, wanting to take advantage of young girls. Plz pay the winner her dues. Why host these events when you have no money mwe fimacrooks

  15. There is someone who likes using ama contestants and not paying them am sure she finally found her match. Give that young lady what is due to her not ayo ma empty threats. This is oppression and abuse of power by this Miss Mwanza and besides who tells her that that title still belongs to her after all those years. I would suggest that she gets a proper job befitting her age and stop meddling in affairs that are way beyond her age.

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