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PF cannot reconcile with a suspect-Paul Moonga

Headlines PF cannot reconcile with a suspect-Paul Moonga

Paul Moonga
Paul Moonga
WE cannot reconcile with a suspect of crime, Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee member Paul Moonga has said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moonga said it was stupid for anybody to burn the markets and public institutions such as courtrooms and offices.

Mr. Moonga said Patriotic Front (PF) had not differed with any political party to attend prayers for reconciliation.

He was reacting to a UPND member, Pastor Kangwa Chileshe of City of Refugees Ministries, who has invited Government, political parties, churches, NGOs, Civil Society and Women’s group for prayers for peace in Zambia.

Mr. Moonga said the UPND should go ahead and pray alone because the PF had not differed with any political party to attend prayers for reconciliation.

“Let him reconcile with the law. I am not aware of the planned prayers for reconciliation, and we cannot reconcile with those who do not recognise us.

“The law must be applied equally to everyone. No human being on earth is above the law. So, let the law take its own course. If the man did not commit a crime, the law will acquit him and he will become a free person. As of now, he is a suspect.

“Our prayer is that let the matter go to its logical conclusion. That is our prayer and they should stop burning our markets and public institutions like courtrooms.

“When you burn a court and you have a case to answer, where are they going to try you from? You will be languishing in prison. You cannot burn the court,” Mr. Moonga said.

He said it was actually stupid for anybody to burn the markets and public institutions such as the courtrooms.

“It is stupid to burn our markets where we buy our food stuffs. Why burn where we buy our food stuffs? It is foolish whether you are annoyed or not.

“How do you become annoyed with the law? It means you are guilty of an offence because an innocent person shall never make noise.

“If you are innocent and you are not worried about being arrested, it is because you know that you are a free person,” Mr. Moonga said.

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  1. Paul Moonga is just being used by Edgar Lungu for pieces of silver. PF cadres masquerading as police arresting innocent people and declaring them guilty. What type of mental problem is this?

    • If HH is simply ‘hated’ for outperforming PF electorally as a Tonga who do you Moonga think you are?

      The issue here is simple. HH is a political pariah simply cos he offers formidable opposition to the chagrin of NorthEasterners whose hold on power is highly threatened. After all on two occasions he has been unfairly cheated out of his electoral wins.

      Learn from Madyenkuku, Mwanajiti, Hapunda, Opper Himuyanze etc used and dumped. Your serious threat to NER hold on power starting with Mazoka is what makes Tongas tribalists in the eyes of NER.

      Ask yourself why you can’t even be appointed ambassador or nominated MP despite your unflinching support.

      Enjoy at the expense of your kinsmen while it lasts, F~o~ol~ishman!

    • Paul moonga ask Kabimba why all of a sudden he was ejected when it became apparent he was going to succeed Sata since Guy Scot could not?

      Was it not simply because Kabimba is a Sala from Mumbwa & that discomforts the NER Axis Of Zambian Power? Try to be objective if Kabimba was from NER don’t you think those protests against would ever have occurred? They would simply have said even if he is violent “Ni ‘Kabova’ kesu”!

      How different is Kabimba from late Sata & Lungu – all are violent & savages.
      But we heard in 2011 “chipuba chesu” come what we’ll vote for him. Are u surprised at the sustained PF reputation of being violent – That’s why Max Choongo is welcome in PF.

    • This is typical of the apartheid era in South Africa where African police were used to brutalised their own people. Only God knows where this madness is taking us.

    • Its incumbent on each and every Zambian to be evaluative of what is really their individual desire before aligning it to whom they consider has policies that meets their dreams! Responding to the mob with uninformed affirmation appreciative of what the mob really stands for will always leave those rushing to support it on the periphery without any dividends to enjoy! These are the “useful *****s!”

  2. It’s unfortunate that *****s like Moonga to accuse other parties for burning markets etc when it’s a known fact that it’s Paya Farmer Family doing so & being assisted police.

  3. Paul Moonga worked for Intelligence for along time….It is sad that someone who handled sensitive information can talk carelessly. I trust our secret services and they are very patriotic… What has become of Mr Moonga? The dignity of a secret service personnel is very superior to a party cadre…. This man need prayers and may we forgive him….

    • Moonga never worked for intelligence, he is just noise maker good at bootlicking not long ago he was licking HH’s boots!!

  4. We thank God, HH has been acquitted.Lungu and his pf colleagues should be arrested for the crimes committed against Zambians…

  5. Dogs like Moonga do not even deserve the dignity of any response to his stinking vomits. When his masters run out of what to pay him, he will commit suicide, sorry, the dog will commit suicide.

  6. Okay, agreed on reconciliation. But what PF needs to now do is go on a media campaign as their case is two points down from onset. And the Nolle was the start of collapse.

    Can you not follow Trump and select supportive government Judges that will support government in dispensing strong adherence to the Law? This guy is guilty of the worst violence and inciting treasonous behaviour Zambia has ever had to deal with.

  7. This id10t even knows that what he is yapping is nonsense but he has to find ways of being relevant to Lungu the pay master.


  8. Paul Moonga for your information,you are just an ***** and if you think by yapping Edgar will appreciate your foolishness probably offer a job its shameful of you.Uliciwelewele tawakwata amano mwanya naimwebene ba PF one day you will park and go just like parties have done so elyo mukakakwa ba swine tulecula ifwe imwe muleiba mulelunda nemitengo yamalaiti ati none negotiable come 2021 you will see how ZAMBIANS are angry with your PF GOVT

  9. If Lungu decides to meet HH , what will Moonga say? Quit PF? Aisha Moonga, talk less badala….. chinyonyono chibi…. Leza ula mihanda….

  10. Do people like paul moonga have spouses and children who are supposed to serve as advisers at the family level. Please, where ever you rise up and stop your relative’s hallucinations.

  11. Okay I hear you Mr Moonga. One question though. You cant reconcile with a suspect, but you can reconcile with a convict who chewed a clients money when he was a lawyer.

  12. Paul Moonga PF is a banch of criminals e.g. Kaizer Zulu, Kapyongo and many more. What crimes has HH committed apart from just being jealous of his popularity? Shame on you thugs, nothing stays forever you will be out of power one day. All the evils you are doing to HH today will be multiplied as long as God is still in control. He only allows the wicked to prosper for a short time. Vengeance is for the Lord who is a true vindicator.

  13. Check the difference; USA: The Republicans among themselves argued as to the content and spirit of the amendment and replacement of Obamacare and how it will impact on the American citizens. Zambia: PF government and all its officials address the nation on, “Zambia is no longer One-Zambia One-Nation, ZCID should go and tell HH that he needs to reconcile with himself, We cant reconcile with a suspect.” Both have been having these arguments and presentations. Quality is of essence!

  14. Mr. Moonga, you “…cannot reconcile with a suspect of crime…”, but you can worship “anointed”, “visionary”, “vise” and “humble” CONVICTED embezzler?
    Do you know difference between “suspect” and “convicted”?
    Please, close the door when crapping!!!

  15. The reality is that PF will not always be in power. Where is UNIP or MMD today? UPND should just carefully document all these abuses of State Institutions and abuse of HH by PF and its members. The time to account will definitely come. Reality has a way of ensuring fairness! Those of us who 18 now and believe in fairness, we will live to witness the unraveling of this WICKEDNESS being committed by PF and it wont be long from now!

  16. I dont understand the anger, hate speech being said here and it seems to be directed to an individual who is HH well PAUL MOONGA can do better , stop using the stupid language as if u know the person who burnt courts and markets , if u know him please bring him forward to POLICE

  17. Who are these people and where have they come from – the Zambians I know are compassionate and sympathetic ,NOT THESE WHO ARE BUSY REJOICING at someone’s misfortune

  18. I personally know Paul Moonga. He claims to be HH’s relatives but can’t establish this. Moonga wanted HH to give him cattle, money and vehicles on the basis they are relatives. When HH refused, he joined PF. There are several other Tongas that have taken this route, Ngande Mwanajjiti among them. One thing they share, they want money from HH. If he fails to deliver, they attack him. Shame on you Moonga!

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