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Pensioners to get their dues within a month of retiring 

General News Pensioners to get their dues within a month of retiring 

The Public Service Pensions Fund (PSPF) has  unveiled  its new logo with a commitment to provide quality
service to its serving members.

Speaking during the launch of the new brand identity, PSPF Board Chairman Moses Banda said the new logo portrays the quality service the Fund offers to pensioners and administrators of deceased estates.

Mr Banda says his institution has been making efforts to improve the livelihood of its members through the provision of enhanced service delivery.

He disclosed that the Fund is now able to pay pensioners within 30 days of receiving files from the various ministries.

Mr Banda stressed that the institution does want its members to degenerate into destitute.

The PSPF Board Chairman disclosed that the institution is now offering loans to serving members to buy or build houses while they are still in employment.

Mr Banda said the PSPF wants its members to construct houses before they retire using their retirement benefits.

He reiterated that the Fund will not relent in upholding its promise of providing sustainable pension benefits to each of its members.

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  1. You have not paid us up to now imwe! You have been promising since but not delivering. My friend retired 2007 and 10 years down the line he has not seen any ngwee from you guys.

    • I think within a month of retiring is wishful thinking. Not sure that happens even here in Europe.



    • What files should PSPF wait to receive and from where? Shouldn’t they be maintaining an active file on every individual concerned themselves in the first place? Their info should be current and updated within the shortest time possible.

      I think it is the PF in the PSPF that may be causing problems and they should consider changing that …

    • The mines pay your terminal benefits even before you do your last shift. The problem with grz system is that there’s corruption among line officers. There’s also …like it or not ….an infiltration of Upnd members who have formed a network to frustrate and embarrass government. The system is ok but the human factor isn’t.

  2. It should be possible. My dad got his retirement package and repatriation allowance from GRZ a month after retiring as school headteacher in 1978. If there is political will it will be done.

  3. In pf time that means 4 years. You You will You will be dead by then

  4. The heading does not match the statement by the chairman. The chairman states they will be paid within 30 days of receiving the files from the various ministries. Could be a difference in time. How are the retirees currently waiting becajse of lost files

  5. Wishful thinking… I wish NAPSA would also doe the same and give loans to its members instead of investing in useless ECL malls

  6. Without being political, I commend government for paying out pension dues this year to my two sisters, one is retired nurse and the other was a teacher. They both retired in 2015. I was very surprised how quickly they got their funds bearing in all the negative stories we hear surrounding pension dues.

  7. With Treasury Coffers empty how will Mutati manage to pay these monthly Payments?Mutati wanted $1.6 b from IMF to finance Budget and Balance of Payments Support. With HH still in Jail and the Petition not heard nothing will come from IMF and the West. EU has told Lungu that it is fallacious for Lungu to expect money from EU and Western Financial Institutions while HH and several UPND Supporters remain in Jail. The promise to pay these govt Pensions within a month is wishful thinking .

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