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Mumba ask foreign heads of States invited to reconsider their invitation aimed at cleansing PF’s brutal regime


MMD President Nevers Mumba
MMD President Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba, President, MMD

Zambia needs help. Many Zambians are being helplessly brutalized by the PF regime under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu in full view of the international community.

We wish to appeal to heads of States who are being invited to visit Zambia to reconsider their options.

This is not the best time for any head of state to visit Zambia. President Lungu and the PF party have a lot of cleaning up to do. Our country has now qualified to be called a dictatorship. It is becoming a leader in the abuse of human rights.

It has clamped down on private media. It has banned all political activities by the opposition.

It has continued to use the police force to arrest and brutalize members of the opposition and recently arrested Mr Hakainde Hichilema President of opposition United Party for National Development, (UPND) on trumped up charges and slapped him with a treason charge punishable by death.

Recently, Zambia has been deporting international Gospel preachers who do not glorify and prophesy in favor of Mr Lungu.

On Africa Freedom Day, May 25th 2017
President Lungu ordered immigration officials at Lusaka International airport to detain South Africa’s leader of the opposition and refused him entry into Zambia.

Police and immigration officials stormed a foreign aircraft and demanded that the opposition leader should not even get out of the plane but be flown back to South Africa.

Mr Maimane who had travelled to come attend a court session where his incarcerated colleague, Hakainde Hichilema, who has been charged with treason on trumped up charges was deported without even deplaning.

We believe this heavy handed ness comes in the wake of the pending electoral petition which has challenged the election of Mr Lungu as President. This petition has yet not been heard and is the source of the current degeneration of peace in the nation.

In view of the unheard petition, many Zambians have chosen not to recognize Mr Lungu as the legitimately elected president of Zambia.

This is the source of President Lungu’s anger who has vowed to deal with all those opposition leaders who do not recognize him as legitimately elected.

Most African Presidents in the recent past have been working hard to keep a reputation of being democratic and custodians of people’s human rights.

It is against this back ground that we feel that an official visit to Zambia by any president will tarnish the image of that head of state and will be perceived as supporting the evil vices being perpetuated by the Zambian regime against Zambian people.

We are of the view that Mr Lungu is on a legitimacy seeking crusade and he hopes to achieve this by inviting legitimately elected regional presidents to come and cleanse his status. We ask for your help.

We plead with regional Heads of States to resist the temptation of coming to Zambia at this difficult time but use their resources and time to force President Lungu to respect human rights and free Hakainde Hichilema.

We pray that SADC nations will support the Zambian people at this time in the same manner we supported them during their pre Independence Days.

We sacrificed so that they could be free. I hope we are not asking for too much when we ask them to show solidarity with the now oppressed and repressed Zambians.


  1. well, well…….. African leaders have little or no time to consider your request. Let us just pray for love to prevail in this country..

    • Ambassador Mumba for you. That’s the danger of appointing uneducated people like pastors to positions of an ambassador.

    • African dictators are enabled by ediots like you two. As long as you are being fed all is well. Zambia is in deep shiit now, very soon the shiit will hit the fan and you too and your family won’t be spared.

    • Prayers do not work without action. This nonsense of let us pray when the other person is busy brutalizing you should come to an end.

    • Word “Dictatorship”, make good reasoning weak. No one believe dictatorship still exist, except in North Korea. Lungu is too weak even to be a dictator, when his ministers are so corrupt.
      Use words like totalitarian, anarchy, authoritarian….

  2. Thank you Nevers Mumba for the timely advise to foooolish pf.Zambia will never be the same again because of Chakolwa Kadansa Kamwendo Lungu and the entire pf elite…

  3. sosa…!!.sosa….!! deaf Africa will hear you.! Only us Zambians will free ourselves by refusing to be brutalized by the undemocratic and unhappy PF regime.

  4. Which zambians have joined hh not to recognize ecl ba Nevers? Its only southern, western and north western provinces because of tribal affiliation.

    There is peace be Nevers. Have you watched what is going on in Biafra Nigeria.

  5. “Recently, Zambia has been deporting international Gospel preachers who do not glorify and prophesy in favor of Mr Lungu.” lol



  7. Mr “Nervous” Mumba hehe I feel sorry for this “man of gold”
    No one will pay attention to your petty calls.

  8. A once upon a time preacher lying in Black and White!
    By the way, are you appealing to the same international community who have watched Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc disintegrate beyond repair!!
    I m not a PF sympathiser but this thing of crying to the outside world is getting old and clearly NOT working. Man-up and gain populace with the Zambian voters. They are the only ones who can usher you in office not ranting like a headless chicken. Dictatorship when you can stand up and call the head of state a chimbwi no plan and you are left to sleep at night! If you are a seasoned politician you will turn the current situation in your favour and gain the much needed numbers!!

  9. Anyone who wants to see Zambia turned into a pariah state to fulfill their selfish political dreams are losers of the worst order.
    Nevers Mumba, majority of the Zambians recognize ECL as president or he wouldn’t have lasted even a month in state house! We know you and your fellow charlatans were devastated by the loss of elections you suffered in August 2016, but Zambia is bigger than you, the loud mouthed foreign prophets and the whole dommsays of UPND + Nevers Sekwila Mumba lead faction of the MMD.
    Zambia is experiencing serene quietness without HH’s inflammatory tribal sentiments/statements.
    The heads of African countries like majority Zambians recognise ECL as President of the Republic of Zambia and only view you & HH as trouble brewers!

    • Naine efyo ndepapa. Dr Mumba just speak for yourself and stop including us in your foolishness. We voted for Eclipse the earlier your reconciled yourself to the truth the better for you. You are behaving like a demon possessed pastor.

  10. Nevers, Nevers what has gone wrong with you? You are a lost sheep that desperately needs a shepherd. Do you realize that you are in fact contradicting yourself? If indeed there is dictatorship in Zambia as you put it, why then would you want the so called International Community to just learn and hear about it in the media instead of travelling to Zambia and have first hand information? Could it be that we, the Zambian people have let these hypocrites like Nevers Mumba, hh, and other disgruntled, failed and desperate liars especially in the opposition to be our mouth pieces? What people like Nevers Mumba and hh need to do is accept the reality that President Lungu is our President, democratically elected and amount of rubbishing will change this fact. The problem hh and UPND have is that…

  11. contd
    The problem hh and UPND have is that they overrated themselves in the previous elections without critically understanding what people look for in leadership! President Lungu exhibited those qualities and hence the X was marked on his ballot to emerge victorious with over 50%+1 threshold.

  12. Ba Mumba your request is misplaced. Zambia should go on standstill because we have one or two reckless people wanting to cause confusion. Be serious Man of …….

  13. These chaps did not expect Lungu to get the 50+1,They were stunned .Come 2021 it will be Land slide-80%.
    You are a bunch of Children who have no capacity to lead.

    • Actually, Lungu DID NOT GET 50 + 1 !!!! It was only after the ECZ ADJUSTED the results that it was proclaimed by them he had won!
      In actual fact the number of valid votes cast was 3,781,505, not the 3,695,710 as claimed by notice.
      So, according to the ECZ, the number of votes scored by Edgar Lungu was 1,860,877 and those scored by Hakainde Hichilema was 1,760,347. In percentage terms, this means ECL achieved 49.21% and HH 46.55%, meaning that the 50% plus 1 threshold was not attained.
      Justice Chulu could not declare Lungu the winner when he did not attain even 50 per cent. This decision has unfairly, illegally and unconstitutionally deprived more than 85,000 Zambian Citizens of their basic democratic rights.

      The “50 + 1” by Lungu is pure B.U.LL.SHI.T !!

  14. Mr Mumba, you surprise the hell out of many Zambians who used to respect you. By the way, what did you do when your colleagues decided to rebel against the government, killing innocent Zambians and displacing families in what they called their strongholds. To you, when one troublemaker is incarcerated it’s dictatorship, but when that troublemaker incites or puts the life of a president in danger it’s democracy, right?
    Preach the love, we’ve always known you to be synonymous with not that unfounded hate.

  15. Imwe naimwe ba former Pastor muleikafye nga yaminyokola insala. Which many Zambians have rejected ECL? Don’t include us mufyabupuba! Am on of the Zambians who don’t believe in what you are saying coz what you have stated here is contrary to what is on the ground. Unless I leave in another Zambia but the Zambia am in right now only HH is arrested coz of his arrogance and. Trying to take the law in his on hands and the rest of the Zambians are enjoying freedom walking around wherever and whenever they feel so. By the way there are other important and helpless people in prisons that. I could sympathy for than you HH. Simply beacuse hje is in prison does not make Zambia a dictator. Let the officer holding the key to his cell please throw it away on Lake Kariba so that he rots muchimbokaila.

  16. Comment:
    The only gem in this man’s tirade is the one involving the very sad deportation of prophets, while the rest is simply trash.

  17. That’s why Late President Levy Mwanawasa fired this dude and fake pastor Mumba it’s because he realised he was a danderhead and he’s still one…How can he lie about Zambia just because of picking crumbles from the Supreme Leader’s table.We shall see if outsiders will vote for you all who are malicious towards Zambia…

  18. Each time we go to Church the Priests keep on reminding us that THOU SHALL NOT LIE. Nevers Mumba lied to Association of Opposition Parties in Southern Africa (AOPSA) that he was President of MMD just to get the Vice Presidency of the AOPSA. Each time he opens up his mouth lies fly out as missiles of hatred. Rev. Mumba has muted into a wild MONSTER likely to end up at Chainama.

  19. Ba Mumba ekupwa uku. Is Bushiri and the other guys parading as men of God real Prophets to you Sir? It would have been good not to have mentioned these men may be this article could have made some little sense but with that part of Prophets, I doubt this man’s integrity.

  20. Mr. Nevers S. Mumba is a desperate pastor trying to be relevant in Zambian politics, shame on you. You were a vice president before you got fired because of misplaced pomp and failed leadership. Your calling is not politics but perhaps to mislead those gullible souls who cannot distinguish between God and those that claim to be God’s messengers. Why should an invited head of state not come to Zambia? Is Zambia only a country when you Mr. Sekwila Mumba is vice president? “Efyo chaba ngawaumfwa ubusuma bwa power.”= That is how it is when you test the sweetness of power. Mr Mumba just concentrate on reorganising your party if you have what it takes to be a political leader rather than a political parasite.

  21. UPNDonkeys think you donkeys think. Has it occurred to you that Nevers Sekwila Mumba could be an informer for the police?

  22. @15.1 Duno, or is it a wrong spelling for donkey? So according to you all those international observers cannot count? How come you donkeys daily insult the intelligence of the very international community that you are appealing to?
    Kwena bu donkey ubu nomba bwashupa pa Zed!

  23. Does it mean that HH was in order to race with the presidential motorcade? Which president in world would tolerate the stupid be behavior that HH exhibited in Mongu? Please let’s be serious and learn to respect the President. Let the court decide the fate of HH.

  24. Most opposition leaders have a low IQ, what Nevers Mumba is saying is that it’s okay for them to invite Mnusi Maimane to help them make more noise.My foot!

  25. Would have been nice to have a video of what actually happened in Mongu. Not going into deatails I think the culture of always detaining opposition figures is wrong. Likewise closing of the post sends a negative message. Lungu should concentrate on doing good works to get support not imprisoning opposition or closing news outlets. The international observers generally huddle around Lusaka only and don’t sit to count every vote, they have more important things to do like tourism and staying in lavish hotels , picking up girls etc tht count s t upid votes, so yes rigging is very much possible. Most of you m o r o n s here think along tribal lines, you don’t give a damn about lungus competency as long as he is from your region. Its dangerous for country.

    • Well said Dr. Even if these Tinpot Dictators come to Zambia they can only offer moral support to another Dictator but cannot give material and financial support to Lungu. The valuable relationship which Lungu will lose is with western govts. With No IMF Money, Western Financial Assistance by way of loans and grants the Zambian Economy will collapse just like Mugabe’s Zimbabwe did. Come next year when Eurbonds mature Zambia will default becoz without an IMF Loan the Bonds cannot be refinanced. With Economic illiterate Advisers surrounding Lungu this is inevitable and the chances of this economic meltdown leading to a Civil War are very high.

  26. The courts are under Lungu as you purport so even the petition could go in his favor and you would still continue crying

  27. What a great combination of a president….Lawyer,Trained Soldier,Politician and a president for all Zambians. You cant beat him.

  28. Nevers mumba u really embarance us.we now see why you were faired during Mwanawasa’s time.You are childish coz you are like a baby who cry
    for food when there is no money at home.You won’t go anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I fear for this generation of bloggers, they are closed to the word of reason. A very good piece of advice as written down by Dr Mumba provoks no conscience in you. Getting slowly brainwashed and all they can show is lacking respect and disrespect elders. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Bless you all.

  30. The late Romanian Dictator, Nikolai Chalchesku was visited by many Heads of States, including President Kaunda. But his fate and that of his wife were decided by the disgruntled youths and victims of the notorious Securitate System of Romania, the equivalent of OP in Zambia.
    Under the sway of OP, Zambia has been turned into a land of Torture and Death. It is perpetuating repressive and oppressive culture in Zambia People are being inconvenienced, tortured and killed, including Presidents in Zambia, at the behest of OP.
    The OP has an hidden agenda the ultimate goal of which is to seize power, indirectly and then directly, just like it has happened and still happening in Turkey, Egypt, Syria and other countries where their intelligence exert undue influence on their governments. The OP…

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