Monday, May 20, 2024

Ugandan Journalists report about Lusaka



  1. This is actually gospel truth

    After seeing this, I can tell you one thing- I dont miss zambia.

    How dirty

    Come to Glasgow people



    • Keep being an illegal immigrant in Kenya Mushota…, We know you are not in Scotland and have never been there

    • I have been to Kenya and Uganda. Kampala is a one street city where traffic lights don’t work. Police women and men uniformed in all white stand in as signalling human-robots/traffic controllers during peek hours. Not sure if they have developed a dual carriageway now but the road from Entebbe the main international airport which is tens of kilometers away from the capital Kampala is single filed. Nairobi is much diverse and has many nice places until you hit probably the worst and lowest level human settlement in the world (slam/shanty/ghetto) in Nairobi called Kibera. Yes, Zambia is sparsely populated but the beauty of it is that they are able to build affordable single floor business centres and shopping malls which are easy to maintain and protect from fires. If managed properly,…

    • continued

      ….Zambia will become the number one place of choice for foreigners to come and live bringing with them a lot of wealth but you have get the political balance right first! Is my investment safe in Zambia is the first real test and benchmark for kick-starting the economy.

    • If you ask me I would rather have peace in my Zambia than be rich and still? live as if am still in world war 2…….we may not be one of the developed ,or richest countries like the rest of ur so called nice places like UK,USA, Dubai, China etc …..we are simple,but mighty that’s y even Wen pipo like mushota try to disgrace us in such a manner we don’t shake e en a hair coz we are a happy country….. mushota you can ran away to those unsafe countries but don’t come back Wen there is a boom blast in ur glasgow…

  2. We have no serious traffic in Zambia compared Uganda and the reason is simple, Zambia on has 15 million people and Uganda has 40 million people, further, Zambia is 4 to 5 times bigger than Uganda. Uganda has little land compared to Zambia and densely populated and hence this causes traffic jams.

  3. A clear verdict that in Zambia we’re not business minded ,the city is not vibrant and we’re not serious about being a transport or business hub.

  4. A clear reflection of life in parts of Lusaka. The shopping malls are essentially DEAD after 19hrs, so are the various business districts: Cairo Rd, Manda Hill, and East Mall.

    Only if the reporter had visited the shanty towns after dark, her story could have been complete.

    The unruly bars in those unplanned townships are something else – espcially on Friady nights (or when some Zambian U-20) is playing against Germany

    I wonder why she missed out the DIRTY of this so-called city. She should have mentioned that!

  5. Ati we are developing…. shops close at 19:00pm because the is no many in the country

  6. Very nice report from a fellow African. When Europeans report about Lusaka its always about the shiit, rubbish, disease, potholes, dirt and crime in the city.

  7. I love Zambia, big country n densely populated unlike other countries where it’s neck to neck all the time.

  8. Zambia is the best. I have travelled around the world but I can tell you, I can’t be an economic refugee any where in the world. Shoping after 7pm, well even birds go to sleep at 6pm. Look, if you cannot make it in your own country Zambia, don’t expect to be a super star in other countries. Big investors do well in their native countries and expand business in other countries. Simple reasoning, it is because of time lost in trafic jam that people need time beyond 9pm to shop.

  9. The beauty of a country or city Does not lie In the skyscraper buildings and towers but rather In the hospitality and freedom that people have to express themselves freely while acknowledging the rule of law.

  10. ZNBC copy that, learn from the best journalist and start marketing your country and stop concentrating on your tuma tv levies Njala yeka yeka.

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