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Govt implores traditional leaders to fight early child marriages in their chiefdoms


North-western province minister, Richard Kapita has implored traditional leaders to take a leading role in fighting early marriages in their chiefdoms.

 Mr Kapita says traditional leaders should come up with deliberate programs of sensitizing their subjects on the disadvantages of marrying off their daughters at the expense of educating them.

 He said the girl child needs to be protected because she is as important as the boy child.

 ZANIS reports that the minister said this today when he paid courtesy calls on senior chief Mujimanzovu and chief Mumena at their respective palaces in Mushindamo and Kalumbila districts respectively.

And the two traditional leaders have pledged to continue working with government in all programmes intended to foster development in the province.

 They  further appealed for  more boarding secondary schools to  protect the girl child especially from risks of early pregnancies and marriages.

 Senior chief Mujimanzovu  particularly said early marriage has become a cancer and as a chiefdom, they are committed to fight the vice and ensure that the girl child is educated.

 He lamented that  his chiefdom does not have a secondary school adding that this makes it difficult for children to advance their education.

 Meanwhile, chief Mumena appealed to government to construct a public university that will help young ones in the province to acquire relevant skills for the mines and other developmental programmes in the province.


  1. Who said that getting married early makes you a failure in life? How many graduates from Universities and millions of Grade 12’s are roaming the streets? God is not stupid. If He wanted a woman to get married at 20 years old, women were going to start menstural cycle at 20 years old.

    Many billionaire’s only have secondary education; Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc. M. C. Sata didn’t have any education at all.

    Don’t do things just because Europeans told you so. Their culture is different. Their economies are already developed.

  2. Utter meaningless – an attempt at trying to eradicate they symptom and not the cause. Where are schools? where are jobs? That is the cause of early child marriages.

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