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Wedson:We lacked passion


Coach Wedson Nyirenda has attributed Zambia’s 1-0 to Mozambique in the 2019 Africa Cup Qualifiers Group K match on Saturday in Ndola to lack of passion and commitment among his players.

Mamba’s Stanley Ratifo scored the only goal of the match in the 90th minute as Mozambique stunned Chipolopolo at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

This was the first victory for Mozambique over neighbours Zambia.

“They (Mozambique) deserved to win because there was no passion and responsibility from our players,” said Nyirenda.

“It is the most disappointing performance we have had.Mozambique were all over us and they were the better team on the day,” he sad.

Nyirenda is promising to make changes to his squad.

“When I came in, the main objective was to rebuild the team and that is what we are doing. Soon we will have more new faces in the team. To sum it all, I don’t know why there was no passion from my players today.”

Nyirenda is also upbeat Zambia can bounce back from the poor start and make it to Cameroon.

“We may be down but we have time to recover, although we have to make a lot of strides in order to recover. We have COSAFA, CHAN and World Cup matches to play which means we that we will be able to try out new things,” he said.

Zambia is bottom of Group K following Guinea Bissau’s 1-0 over Namibia in the other group match on Saturday.


  1. We will bounce back and qualify just stay focused. Its unfortunate you’re being made a scapegoat by FAZ executive which is not exhibiting any leadership. We’ll go to Mozambique and win. And win the rest of the matches. Just stay strong. Don’t?be discouraged, hold your head high.

    • Passion????
      Where was Edgar who buys all leftover tickets for PF cadres? Where was Kaiser who fight CAF officialsis it because of losing popularity over HH?
      Tell me who brought miseries on players… Ati Passion.


    • What we lacked was *FASHION*, not passion. How do you line-up Northern Rhodesia ancestral strikers instead of hot, fresh young blood straight from World Cup action. This is a wake up call. Stop living in past glory and let the future take its rightful place. Surely, it is about time without much debate.


  2. We lacked a coach. You were appointed based on wako ni wako. Your team selection is also based on wako ni wako, pathetic. Your tactics are outdated, fashioned by your toilet mice eating diet. Now eat humble pie.

    • Hahaha! Even FAZ President was a wako ni wako situation. It was Rupiah Banda and Vincent, his now Minister of Youth, whatever his last name. They are the ones who rigged the election so Kamanga can be President. But Kalusha never protested even if he knew what was going on. So you can’t blame Wedson for wako ni wako because even the current Minister of Sports is from Kummawa.

    • He was laughing at the u-20 when they gave away a game to ten man Italy. That implied his team would fare better tefyo?

  3. Who should instil that passion in the players? That is my question! Who encourages the players to be what they should?

  4. Why don’t we include the players from the victorious under 20 who are more passionate and eager for success into this dormant senior team? Also get a foreign coach, who are usually more focused, passionate and experienced than our locals. We can’t afford to be defeated at home even by weaker teams such as Mozambique. God bless Zambia!

  5. Awe let us keep our local coaches. when will they be competitive if we keep on employing foreign people to manage our national team? always throwing money away from the country.

  6. the team coach is not ready ””’how would he say that am building a team while the tonarment is on ???? that’s not normal and that’s nonsense to hear ,if he his building the team let him build the u17.

  7. Yes,the coach talks too much with arrogance.Remember how dumped ZESCO and Green Buffalo?Boastfulness wedson!!! Change, treat players with love and respect.How can the players lack passion.It means you , the coach lacks the passion,it means you are belttling the players or the players were forced on you as you had claimed some months ago!The way I saw the game, the players were protesting against the coach.

  8. If we lose to Bafana tomorrow, please don’t board the plane back to Zed. Just go back to Mocambique, your home. You can’t re-build a team with expired players – bench warmers and those who play second fiddle at their teams. We are tired of losing to whipping boys when talent is abundant in Zed. It’s time we supporters come on board coz we’ve been watching from the terraces for quite too long. Enough is enough, what passion are we talking about when players you picked are well over thirty years of age – the bald-headed ones.

  9. I do not want to agree with him( on rebuilding the team). What was he doing all along? Is this not the same coach who was given the latitude to work with the Junior teams while they represented Zambia in some competitions? Can we single out a player he elevated to the senior team? And we are told of rebuilding when he has failed to elevate….just to elevate. What a disappointment.
    Zambia lost the game because of technical bench and in the players in the field
    of play. The tecnical bench’s selection was not up to scratch. History clouded their sight. Mbesuma, Kalaba etc are no longer the same.
    At times it is wise to watch your own games of the past. Zambia played quite very well aganist Brazil in a friend. The coach can take a leaf on how they lined up.

    The coach omitted very…

  10. For me rebuilding is when you are looking at players who have not feature for the senior national team and you are trying to monitoring their performance to include them. That is rebuilding! You can’t say you are rebuilding a team comprised of Mbesumba, Kalaba who couldn’t shoot a single shot on the goal mouth. Most in that team were midfielders, there was no striking personnel. How do you win a game with all midfielders? Do not bring a coach to rebuild the national team, that coach should rebuild at U15, 17, 20 not at senior level then you don’t know what you are there for! Just surrender and pave way for serious coaches who wants success! Period. I thought there are psychologists also at senior level to groom them for the game, What happened! If the coach can’t psych them for the…

  11. Bottom-line; the previous FAZ administration (Kalusha) won the AFCON. The current FAZ administration already failed to qualify the team to the previous AFCON and possibly the next AFCON. Soccer is about results. Time to start thinking about replacing this current administration (coach included).

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