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Ndola City Council threatened with lawsuits over land allocation

General News Ndola City Council threatened with lawsuits over land allocation

Ndola City Council
Ndola City Council

KHALIF Real Estates Limited has threatened to sue the Ndola City Council for giving out plots on its land which is on title.

However, Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga has disclosed that Kalif (Somali National) was the rightful owner of the land.

The land in question is been claimed by a freedom fighter Lighton Nkonde who said it was given to him by late President Lvey Mwanawasa.

Last week, Bwana Mkumbwa Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda said it was foolishness to demolish structures belonging to the Zambian people.

The local people have built on the land claiming they have documentation from the Ndola City Council who they allege gave out plots on the said land.

But according to documents obtained, the land in question is plot number 10649 Industrial areas belonging to Khalif Real Estates Limited.

“With reference above to the above, I enclose and duly endorsed form in rest to Khalif Real Estate Company for your attention and action. the stand was allocated to them at its meeting held on 10th December 2011, under minute number 100/11/11, “ the letter read in party addressed to the chief lands officer by then town clerk Charity Mpande.

And Mr. Chisenga disclosed that his office had engaged the young freedom fighter Lighton Nkonde, who is claiming ownership of the land in question, but failed to produce title to support his claim.

He said the only document the freedom fighter produced was a letter from an officer who previously worked for the local authority but had since been transferred.

“There is no document to support that he (Nkonde) was awarded land by former late President Mwanawasa but only a letter written to him by an officer called Samamba. Documentation at the council indicates that Kalif is the rightful owner and he bought it from the previous area councillor who is former Mayor for Ndola Davis Chiwala.In Zambia, we respect title, let the man produce evidence that he was given land by the late President,” Mr Chisenga said.

And Kalif, has continued to complain that the local authority has continued to issue letters of offer to the land in question.

He has threatened to sue the Ndola City Council for trespass, if the council continues to sale plots on his land.

He has also wondered when did the council start giving out land in the industrial area where there are garages.


  1. The man has a Title for the land, it doesn’t whether he fell from?a tree or he’s from another planet. It’s?legally his land. Don’t take land from someone just because he’s not zambian.

  2. “the young freedom fighter Lighton Nkonde”…do these people know what a freedom fighters is and how old they should be…

  3. And where is Levy’s letter that he offered you the land. Just because he’s not here to defend himself he’s excuse to abuse his name.

  4. Comment:
    There indeed is something quite very rotten with the city of Ndola council. Very urgent action is needed to be taken against all bad chaps at the council.

  5. I dont agree with Lombe. Why should Zambians suffer at the hands of these illegal immigrants from Somalia? If you investigate deeper, you might even find that the same Somali simply bribed the mayor and thats why he is now supporting him. Owning land land in many other countries by foreigners is almost impossible, while in Zambia its so easy all because of poverty leading to mass corruption by people like Chisenga the mayor of Ndola. Zambians should and MUST always be given first preference especially on land issues. No apologies.

    • When its time to draft the constitution or hear submissions you are nowhere to seen busy lazying about and drinking mosi whilst admiring the land across the road that belongs to a hardworking individual!!

  6. Ndola City Council is one of the most corrupt councils in Zambia. After going through an exhaustive interview , I was given a residential plot. When we went to see the plot with council officials with a view to demarcating it, only to find some chap clearing the shrub claiming it was given to him by the council.

  7. True @ me. Show us just ONE Zambian who owns land in Somalia, and we will show you more than a dozen Somalians who own land in Zambia.

  8. I believe in the law of reciprocal. If it is impossible for a Zambian to own land and Somalia it should be like wise. It’s funny that we even give these foreigners 99 years title. For me I feel that 14 years title will be better for non Zambians.

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