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Councillors challenged to deliver development to people in their respective wards


SINAZONGWE Town Council Chairman Alick Muleya has challenged his Councillors to ensure that development is delivered to people in their respective wards of representation. Mr Muleya said that councillors must ensure completion of old projects before embarking on new ones.

He said this would help ensure proper planning and utilization of public resources.

Mr Muleya was speaking during the full council meeting held at the Council chamber in Sinazongwe District yesterday.

He said that Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing was determined to uplifting the standard of living of the people through providing funds such as the constituency Development Fund(CDF) and resources meant for development.

Mr Muleya called for concerted efforts to ensure that works on already existing projects especially in the infrastructure sector are successfully implemented for the benefit of communities in the wards.

He also urged Council management to ensure that resolutions made at Council meetings are implemented for easy monitoring of programs and projects.

Mr Muleya further urged Council management to maximize revenue collection so that local resources could also be used towards development as funds from Government alone might not be enough.

And Sinazongwe Town Council Secretary Everty Ngandu called on councillors during the same meeting to encourage their ward development committees(WDCs) to be submitting their project plans with minutes of their meetings to the Council in good time for implementation.

Mr Ngandu said community participation and response was also key to the implementation of these projects especially micro projects funded using ward development funds.

He said there was need for councillors to desist from making decisions on behalf of the community on their priority projects to embark on in order to avoid aparthy from community whenever it came to participation during the implementation process.

Mr Ngandu said councillors were there to only provide guidance and not necessarily leading the whole process.

He said the Council was readily available to provide technical advice and assistance through the office of the District planner and Director of works.

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