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Government to introduce electronic pay slips

General News Government to introduce electronic pay slips

Lucky Mulusa speaking at the 'Invest in Zambia' business forum held at Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3rd November, 2016
Lucky Mulusa

Government says it is in the process of introducing electronic pay slips for public service workers.

Smart Zambia National Coordinator, Dr. Martine Mulenga says government spends about 7.2 million dollars per year on printing pay slips.

Speaking during the launch of the Ministry of National Development Planning Website today, Dr. Mulenga says the contractual obligations with the suppliers for paper is ending this August, and that the contract will not be renewed in view of the introduction of electronic pay slips.

He says government has done all the quality tests and has distributed the Memo requesting all government workers to submit their email addresses where their pay slips will be sent electronically.

Meanwhile Dr. Mulenga says the website Guidelines that were developed will now bring uniformity in the quality of content as well as enhance the overall usability and functionality of the Government websites.

He says the Website for the Ministry of National Development Planning has complied with the minimum website standards.

And speaking at the same event, National Planning and Development Minister Lucky Mulusa says the website is aimed at creating public awareness and knowledge on the importance of evidence-based planning and targeting within national development planning processes, including the on-going 7th National Development Plan formulation process.

He says the website will also increase policy discourse and engagements at national and sub-national levels around evidence-based planning and targeting, for the advancement of women and youth empowerment, including sexual and reproductive health and rights.

And United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Country Representative, Dr. Mary Otieno is hopeful that the website will serve as a platform to disseminate information to every Zambian citizen and resident, irrespective of age and sex.


  1. His Excellence, ECL pledged that the computerizing the government system will be his legacy. Thank you in advance Mr. President. We are already seeing the fruits of your hard work.

    VIVA PF. VIVA Lungu

    • How do they print the pay slips when people are not paid for 3 months?????

    • You have to be delusional to believe this will soon be implemented. Firstly ask yourself how do they generate current payslips ? how will the distribute these payslips in most of rural Zambia …. they will still have to print a fairly large percentage of these payslips. In case you have been corrupted by staying too long in the diaspora most government offices have no connectivity in the Rural area. Please think and look at the bigger picture before commenting. There are clear reasons why previous governments didn’t invest in this … infrastructure was not adequate to support this kind of payslip. You can imagine even now penetration of smartphones in Zambia is only about 13.5% that should ring home how slow absorption has been of technology. So the question is how will other public…

  2. In a normal society, this should not be a job of the whole minister but that of the Head of HR to announce. I am saying that this is a functional issue (for professionals) and not policy (for Politicians).
    In fact, even a Personnel or HR officer could do it.
    It just shows that our politicians, like Lucky Mulusa, dont even know what they are supposed to be doing. I am sure he is NOT even embarrassed at all and thinks he doing BIG things in Govt. Silly Ar.sewhore!!

    • You will print baShu shu naimwe. At least the printing will be on demand rather than a necessity. Though, Banks issue electronic banks statements just like other institutions already issue electronic payslips. It will not only save costs but the environment as well. imagine how many trees are cut to make paper. well done.

    • Stupi d pf cadre, you get your payslip in your email account, download it, if you bank wants a hard copy, this is something which was supposed to be done internally in various government departments, now you are putting civil servants in rural areas in arms way from conmen, just heard of a story on social media of a headmaster from luwingu district who was duped in opening an email account at K500, i hope this was not true, please government departments do it internally, don’t make this news. Am afraid for my brothers from areas like luwingu lwansanse.

    • They can be authenticated, the only problem I see here is using your personal email to obtain your pay slip that is a security concern. Each ministry should issue each employee with a GRZ email address which has security features protected by IT department.

    • GRZ email address would be more vulnerable and bigger security risk. Banks and other online system offer secure access to their systems often with additional encryption devices such as random number generators(secure ID) or two-factor authentication. It’s easier to access your e-pay system with layered security rather than randomly sending confidential information to some random email address. GRZ need to extend this initiative to application forms to make it easier for people to make applications for things such as visas, passports and national registration cards.

  3. always late to the party…this should have been done ages ago. i wonder how much the website developer was paid

  4. Really in this day and age launching of a website and electronic payslips should make headlines ,officiated by a cabinet minister?

    • He was not at that fora only to announce the electronic pay slip you dundas. Of the many issues discussed in that particular meeting the reporter picked one sentence about payslips and expanded it and made it into news for cretins like you you to be informed.
      Anyway ecl already said he wants to make a smart Zambia by 2020. Watch out for many e-government programs coming out.

  5. Oops it’s overdue.lol
    I doubt how the teacher in shangombo & kaputa will see his/her payslip.Anyway we have now android phones and all worker should have this phones.It’s a way to go.

  6. Cost benefit analysis of this warped implementation does not add up. You now need to ensure Internet provisioning is not only available at every Civil Servant work places but also stable and reliable; a huge cost many times over mentioned saving. Slow down on your “smart” implementation and consider all ramifications…eish!!

  7. Have you factored in Cyber Security issues? The Russians Cyber hackers may just spoil it for you with one click. This should not even be a news item. You have just awakened notorious hackers! PF maningi kulibonesha! Easy does it!

  8. 7.2 million dollars printing payslips for a few thousand civil servants is a bit over the top.

  9. Awe guys, this wont work for me. My wife wants to physically see my pay slip, I cant manage to be printing it all the time. This thing should wait until my wife is consulted. ni funa mutendele ine kunyumba please

  10. That’s great ideal, pliz introduce it before the end of this month, So that we can see the way it will work.And keep it up.

  11. yah pay govt workers by hand like indian businesses do in zambia and redistribute that US$7.2M among ministers and members of parliament in terms of allowances. that’s the tipical way of zambian political system and way doing things.

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