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Statement threatening Church leaders that criticized President Edgar Lungu is fake news-Sumaili

Headlines Statement threatening Church leaders that criticized President Edgar Lungu is fake...

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili

Reverend Godfridah Sumaili the Minister in charge of Religious affairs in Zambia has denied issuing a statement that threatens and demeans Church leaders that criticized President Edgar Lungu and his Government.

The church leaders of the three Church Mother Bodies namely: the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) said they were saddened at the continued state of political tension in the country and the blatant lack of political will by leaders to address the root causes of what is obtaining.

In a statement read by Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) president Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu the three Church Mother Bodies condemned the arrest of opposition UPND leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and termed Zambia as a rising dictatorship.

The Church leaders also claimed that President Edgar Lungu has refused to meet them so that they can chat the way forward on the current tension emanating from political differences of the countrys largest two political parties and demanded that President Edgar Lungu Immediately releases Mr. Hichilema whom they say was arrested on trumped up charges of Treason.

On Saturday a statement purporting to have come from Reverend Sumaili and circulating on social media claimed that the Minister condemned the Church leaders for holding such a press briefing and that her Ministry would soon take punitive action against the Catholic Church who allegedly have led a crusade against President Edgar Lungu and his Government and other Churches that are not following the PF doctrine.

In response the Minister says such a statement has been issued by enemies of Zambia’s peace as she has not said anything about the Church Leader’s sentiments issued yesterday.

Reverend Sumaili says individuals who are spreading such falsehoods are coming from unpatriotic citizens who have no regard for future generations of the country.

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    • I don’t understand why PF are against Catholics and Jehovah Witness.
      Sumaili ministry was meant for the Joshua Bandas.

    • The people with no regard for the future generations is your pf. Look at how much you have borrowed with no plan or intention to pay back. Look at the corruption your govt is presiding over? And the level of tribalism in your Pf lead govt. The level of law breakdown where a speaker orders IG and command in chief is quiet in the matter.

    • Rev Smiler has just realised that her rashly typed incendiary memo is a hot potato. She is trying to limit the damage by denying that she sent it. She is lying, just as she used to lie to Dr Sumaili while she cheated on him.

  1. What Donald Trump is capable of doing – teaching all despots around the world that any news, if disagreed to, is ‘Fake News.’

    • This PFake News sounds credible because any *****cy is possible out of the smelly mouths and stinky typing fingers of Lungu and his minions. Zambians are shocked every day by how low Lungu and his gutter Cabinet are going. Nothing from PF surprises any more.

    • This PFake News sounds credible because any idyotcy is possible out of the smelly mouths and stinky typing fingers of Lungu and his minions. Zambians are shocked every day by how low Lungu and his gutter Cabinet are going. Nothing from PF surprises any more.

  2. Its an unfortunate unfortunate state of affairs. The situation creating this is the government stance of refusing to listen to sensible advice and the seeming prominence of oro government mother bodies without a large following. The government will not listen to advice that HH is held in inhuman conditions and the arrest was unprecedented in thuggery in Zambia’s history..

    • Sumaili’s statement is not far removed from Lungu’s nonsensical rantings at the airport yesterday. The point is that Lungu is a crook, a thief and a murderer while His Grace, Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu, is a holy man of the only Holy and Apostolic Church in the world. Lungu is the Devil and His Grace is a Saint. That’s a huge difference. Who would you listen to?

  3. Hang Him (HH) and behead his sorry behind.

    So far we are enjoying peace in Zambia with the crook behind bars.

    • Kudos it is just contracts Pf is giving you which has shut your thinking process. That tribal linkage will soon come to an end.

    • Even the PF contracts are not being paid upon anymore unless it is for Kaffir Zulu or Anus Chanda.

    • What peace are you enjoying illiterate id1ot “Kudo”. you will die poor singing praises for Lungu just like your father. you imbec1le product of brutal rape.

  4. For the first time, I will vote for UPND the protest vote against arrogance and a vote of sympathy for those who are being persecuted.
    I don’t even know which Chirh Simaili came from … Chawam?

    • The Bottom Power Church! I remember this woman giving grief to her husband, Dr Sumaili, because she was very free with her pussi when she was a manager at Standard Chartered.

    • Sumaili is a Reverend for Imakando’s Church of money and sacrifices! Not sure if it is a truly Christian Church or the Church of dark forces.

  5. Fake news, malicious articles, rubbish news, gutter journalism and divisive reporting all started in 2007.

    For it was in 2007 that (HH) and his Nephew

    • set up a malicious website called Zambian Witch Doctor which tried by all means to posture Akainde Ichilema as a leader

    • The trend has continued and these are the same people who called the late his Excellency Michael Sata and “Ailing Dictator Urine Bag”

    • To their shock, Zambians were able to see through their deceipt and greed, rejecting Kaponya (HH) and his gutter trash UPND garbage in 1996 when he rose to power through a bad strategy with the support of Ackson Sejane

    • 2 years later in 2008 the UPND garbage was rejected again by the people and the downard trend for UPND continued in 2006, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016

    • Between 2011 and 2016 Kaponya (HH) and the failed UPND project tried to use GBM, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata, Christine Kaseba, Maureen Mwanawasa, Felix Mutati, Bob Sichinga, Lupando Mwape and a hoard of political prostitutes to prop up their image.
      The people of Zambia still rejected them

    • Lloyd Himambo and UPND then went into an evil unholy alliance with a Tax offender Fred Mumembe and tried to wrestle power from the Republic by posting photoshop pictures of soldiers and policemen raising the Free Masson Satamic symbol of UPND

    • Despite Lloyd Himambo insulting Fred Mumembe about him sleeping with his mother in Western Province, Fred partnered with (HH), Gay Scott and GBM. The trio went on to borrow money from South African businessmen and literally auctioned Zambia to the bidders, promising hefty returns as they foresaw a 2016 win was clear for Akainde Ichilema.

      The wise Zambians rejected the Axis of Evil with a resounding NO much to the shock of (HH) and Fred Mumembe

    • Coming under pressure from multinational economic RAPlSTS, lenders and gay lobbyists, Akainde Ichilema had no option but to mount a series of legal gymnastics in the Zambian Courts of Law, trying to wrestle power from the government of the day.

      The former Privatisation thief (HH) was unable to present any evidence of election rigging in the Constitutional Court against the victorious Edgar Lungu and PF.

    • Sensing growing resentment from the UPND over his failed election attempts, Akainde continued to use his nephew’s fake news blog to wish death, sickness and ill-will upon all those who disagreed with his failing mental faculties.

    • In April 2017, Akainde Ichilema attempted to usurp the powers of the government of the day and was arrested. The UPND became UNIP.

    • Hakainde died 3 months later after contracting TB and syphilis at Mukobeko maximum prison.
      He left behind a Mutinta and a Costen.

    • And your mother was a sperm chamber for kasais , not even knowing who was your kasai farther was.
      Now your daughter is also becoming a sperm chamber after she saw your wife sleeping with your friends.

    • There is no way and there will be no way for UPND to govern this blessed country. Upnd is a group of bitter people who cant think beyond anger and God will never bless them with a republican leader. The most unfortunate thing is that only bitter people keep joining them (Br Mumba- Very bitter, Mulongoti- Bitter, the scots- extremely bitter, bishops- mildly bitter). If you want to be a loser, join them bitter people.

    • The ZWD was right – Sata was dying but the PFooIs refused to believe what was right in front of their eyes. The same is happening again – Lungu is an egomaniacal tyrant but PFooIs cannot believe it. Is it a disease not to see the truth?

  6. Patriotic Front (PF) Chasefu Member of Parliament has castigated the three Church Mother bodies for demanding that the Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should be released immediately.

  7. @ Kunda Mash (Mr Kudos)
    Jesus is Lord. The day when the tables will turn is when your tribal-divisive oportunistic lens will be replaced by a real fovea centralis.

    • You are wrong Clifford.
      (HH) is tribal not me. The rest of the country can do without his primitive bush tactics.

    • @ Kudo is primate whose brain has not fully developed. Leave it alone for its brain is under developed, meaning too primitive to understand simple logic.
      Just wait and see the trash the will from it upon reading this. I will not even bother to respond.

  8. Who rejected them? Without the help of the ECz pf would not have won the 2016 election. That’s why they are against the petition. The icc is the solution Mwee.

    • Please give us a bar graph with figures of upnd and pf who got how many votes.Give us evidence that upnd won.

  9. One Chagwa was shivering with anger saying the same things that were circulating on social media. It really doesn’t matter whether it was fake news or not. Chagwa confirmed everything in his ill-advised outbursts. Too late to do any damage control. You have already opened the gates of hell! Zambia is a dictatorship and “operation save Zambia” has been flagged off by the wise bishops. PF kuya bebele!

  10. If a suspect shop lifter refuses to be searched……

    if a suspect rapist refuses to take a DNA test……

    .if a suspect robber refuses to stand on an identity line-up.. ….

    if lungu refuses to let the nation hear the UPND petition against his stealing votes…….

    I will let you PF kaponyas fill in the blanks.

  11. So UPNDonkeys, in your estimation what percentage of the vote did HH get? Did he reach the 50%+1 threshold? Before you answer please prepare an answer to the next question which will be: Where does the UPNDonkey stand in relation to PVT by the three mainstream church mother bodies EFZ, Catholics and CCZ, and the poll verdict by international observers including EU and Commonwealth? Also why does the international community ALL of the without exception recognise Edgar Chagwa Lungu as THE President of Zambia and NOT U5 aka Kaili-1?

    • Lungu won , according to the discredited ECZ by a mere 100, 000 votes. That is equivalent to 3 town ships in Lusaka.

      G12 forms were missing from polling streams accounting for more than 500,000 voters. Observers were chased from numereous polling stations by PF…

      Kiezer Zulu and mumbi phiri were reciving ballot boxes at city airport without ECZ officials….why ?.

  12. what you can not measure you can never control(correct) ,if our supreme leader ECL can not see anything wrong or indeed a crisis in this nation, then the solution to what is obtaining in the country is far from us. may i advise him to take a deep reflection and seek God for divine corrective action before the beautiful country is consumed by flames.

  13. A mimicry, an echo of controversial Donald Trump’s flabbergasting rhetoric. When is PF going to give us ministers who have at least attended grammar school?

  14. And finally and surely, how come UPNDokneys are the only one with their own view of the election view which is not shared by any other Zambian or international observer? Did Mmusi Maimane witness the election as an observer?

    • Kiezer Zulu and mumbi phiri were reciving ballot boxes at city airport without ECZ officials….why ?.

  15. DEPUTY Inspector General of Police in charge of operations Malcom Mulenga has warned citizens and Church bodies to desist from inciting citizens to protest the incarceration of Hakainde Hichilema as it has potential to cause anarchy in the nation.

  16. Mwaba ama to..le, fi..NY..o, bonse ba upndonkeys. U have still..nking mouths. U are to.t.t.en. ama.bo.lo kwati yambwa. Where is your pvt to support. The three mother bodies are I.d.I.o.ts who don’t think.




  19. Ba Mpundu naba Pena, limbi kukula! If Zambia was a dictatorship would they sit and open their big mouths like that! Let them go try it in neighbouring Zimbabwe, they will disappear before they even finish their statement! All those dull people talking of dictatorship should go stay in Zimbabwe just for 8 hrs and their noses will smell dictatorship! Not imaginary dictstorship! Why want something which will make your lives difficult?

  20. Hands-off Rev. Godfridah Sumaili, Minister of Religious Affairs. The Minister has NOT threatened the Catholic Church that wildly criticized President Lungu. But, it is the ordinary Zambians who have reacted to political machinations of an IMBECILE, LIAR and womaniser called Telescopic Mpundu.

    The atrocities planned and executed by Fr. Athanase Seromba, Fr. Wencheslas Munyeshyaka and Archibishop Vicent Nsengiyumva in Rwanda bare some resemblance to Bishop Mpundu’s activities in Zambia. We salute non-Catholic Christians who are members of such Churches as the Anglican, Pentecostal, RCZ, Salvation Army, SDA, etc for exhibiting true love to humanity. Bishop Mpundu must be cited for committing contempt of the Courts.

  21. Bishop Mpundu, you should act like clergy man not as politician, however we are all catholic but with different views that maroon HH should be kept there is just small cockroach

  22. where did you get this useless woman..she’s not a mopther..how and can you be happy if your hubby is arrested too..?God will judge you harshly..ugly face..

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