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Government Reaction to Fires should result into curtailing human rights of citizens-FODEP

General News Government Reaction to Fires should result into curtailing human rights of...

FODEP Executive Director Mweenge Chimfwembe
FODEP Executive Director Mweenge Chimfwembe


Press Statement- “On the Inferno of Lusaka City Market’’-For Immediate Release-7th July 2017

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has regretted the incident of fire that gutted City Market in Lusaka in the early hours of Tuesday, 4th July 2017.

The organization has noted that the loss of property by the traders is a very sad development and insurmountable especially that most of them are bread winners who look after families and school going children and have invested millions of kwachas over the years. FODEP would like to lend its solidarity and stand together with the victims of this disastrous inferno.

However, FODEP wishes to advise Government to refrain from contemplating any measures that would culminate into curtailing human rights of citizens by invoking a state of emergency as proposed by President Edgar C. Lungu. FODEP strongly believe that such measures are premature and may simply precipitate unnecessary tension in the country. FODEP urges Government to tighten security especially during the night. FODEP further wishes to advise Government not rush into making presumptuous decisions but allow thorough investigations to be conducted by relevant security wings to establish the cause of the fires. FODEP further wishes to remind Government that a state of emergency would be detrimental to President Lungu’s global crusade of attracting foreign direct investment to Zambia.

In conclusion, FODEP would like to appeal to members of the public and the Zambians at large to remain resolute and demonstrate the spirit of unity despite such disasters and discourage finger pointing until investigations are completed.



  1. It is the job of the elected Government to ensure there is Security in the country…So all these useless NGO’S yapping should limit there comments and leave security matters to security agencies which will advice the President for him alone to make a decision and not any Jim and Jack…

  2. Zambia is already under state of emergency conditions – Enforcement of the so-called “Public Order Act”, curtailing of free private media, and suppression of dissenting voices from opposition parties.

  3. Zambia is now all sh!!ty
    You let the Riff-Raffs run government and all they dream of is more money and more power.
    Fire was stage managed to put blame on the opposition and then try to disband them.
    Remind Lungu he lives on borrowed time.

  4. Shut up you FODEPdonkeys, what do you know about government? Chimoneni ifimenso, umona, icimutwe, akanwa – you can see the donkey traits in it.

  5. Please you NGO’s we are fed up of you.Leave Lungu and his government work.Your role now is to help those helpless marketeers.

  6. I thought you were already saying ECL is a Dictator…Now the Dictator has acted and you are fearful why? If you are law abiding why fear…HALEYA HALENYA

  7. Ukutumpa! Government should refrain from what again? You think Under Fives are up to anything good! Arson in Zambia is treasonable too! Let the culprits join him there!

  8. a ngo imwe what and whom do you represent by the way ,you are a let down to this nation and dont hide in the name of ngos just join active politics you bunch of fools

  9. chachine wemwipwa wandi wasosa, your uncle here in USA is following this sad situations happening in Zambia.

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