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Open Letter to The Republican President of Zambia from Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda

Columns Open Letter to The Republican President of Zambia from Brig Gen Godfrey...

Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution
FILE: Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution


[By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda – 9th July 2017]


The invoking of Article 31 by the Republican President as the cure for the fires that have occurred in some parts of the country is a rushed and misplaced option. I urge the Republican President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in conjunction with the Right Honourable Mr Speaker, to suspend tabling and/or debating in the National Assembly the Statutory Instrument invoking Article 31 of the Republican Constitution. The Government has not exhausted operational methods for dealing with crimes that already exist under current laws. I call upon the President to meet with fellow leaders of political parties to brief and exchange views about the state of the nation. We are not his enemies nor enemies of the country; it is all our country and we have a right to be better informed so that if need be, we may then support the actions of the President. His Presidency does NOT exist in a vacuum nor is it a partisan assignment. At the moment there are no credible conclusive facts that support the invoking of Article 31 which may tend to curtail citizens’ rights. The issue here has nothing to do with challenging his Constitutional powers; the issue is that the decision is premature. If his rationale is accepted it will set a precedent where future Presidents would wake up one day and declare a state of war against a neighbouring country, without investigation, just because they heard some blank rounds fired close to our border!

I opine that under our written Constitution, as opposed to the unwritten English Constitution, it is unconstitutional to remove from office, even temporarily by suspension, elected Members of Parliament (MPs) whose primary role is to keep the Executive in check. MPs carry out this function by speaking in the House; this is their primary and fundamental role, the ONLY role if may say so – and people must hear them debate to believe that their interests are being addressed. Boycotts are part of the conversation!

The Right Honourable Mr Speaker’s Order suspending the 48 UPND elected MPs is unprecedented in the parliamentary history of Zambia and possibly in the whole Commonwealth. Since the thrust of the matters that led to the Speaker’s finding that there was a prima facie case of contempt, as well as his Order of Suspension of the 48 Members of Parliament, concerned partly the Speaker himself and partly his doyen, the Republican President, it is my view that the Speaker should have recused himself (Natural Justice) from presiding over the proceedings arising from the unprecedented myriad of points of order, some of them clearly vexatious and partisan. The Constitution as amended provides for the presence in the National Assembly of 156 elected MPs at all times. Suspending 48 MPs is akin to removing them from the House, albeit temporarily. The Constitution itself provides for how an MP may be removed or prevented from participating in the business of the House. But there is provision for MPs to be absent with leave. I contend that those who breach any rules should merely be punished by a fine or a reprimand. I further contend that the Standing Orders cannot and must not include suspension of MPs as this is tantamount to removing an elected MP.

I say that the intention of Parliament in establishing the presence of the 156 elected MPs, including those from Opposition political parties, is to ensure that the Executive does not ride roughshod over the Legislative Assembly. The MPs must also be available and open-minded to receive alternative views for their consideration, especially on contentious issues that may tend to infringe citizens’ human rights. The Standing Orders are merely administrative regulations for administrative convenience. Thus such Orders should NOT themselves usurp Constitutional safeguards entrenching the democratic system of citizens electing their representatives; debate and legislation of serious and contentious laws should precede such decisions by the whole House. To this end I recommend that if the Speaker considers that debate should go ahead, he should reschedule the debate until after the 48 MPs have returned to the House. It is imperative that, if not withdrawn, the Statutory Instrument be subjected to a robust debate by most, if not all, MPs and especially by those questioning the President’s allegations or pre-determined stance.

To hear the Minister of Home Affairs, a senior PF official, liken the National Assembly to a soccer team which must continue to “play” even when several players have been sent off the field of play depicts a lack of understanding the serious role of Parliament and is the gravest assault by a member of the Executive on our system of democratic governance which is well enshrined in the Constitution and is reinforced by the values I have reproduced herein.


The President’s invoking of Article 31 is premature. Long before the fires that have been used as the grounds for invoking Article 31, President Lungu had hinted that he was considering declaring a State of Emergency which he said, inter alia, could target some specified region which he did not reveal. At the time he was saying this, the City Market and Misisi fires had not yet happened.

There are more than a dozen pieces of legislation which have a bearing on the security of the State which should have been relied on BEFORE the President conjured up this S.I. scheme. These pieces of legislation cover, inter alia, the powers which have not been carried out, such as the power to investigate and prosecute crimes under the penal code, power generally to preserve public order or to deal with espionage, sabotage and other activities prejudicial to the interests of the State. They also have power to regulate and/or control the manufacture, use, possession, storage, importation, exportation and transportation and even power to control and regulate the funding of organisations by foreign governments.

Some of these powers exist without the need to invoke Articles 30 and/or 31. If, as it appears, our security services have failed, how will they do so now under the pressure of perceived “local terrorists” announced by politicians? To pay heed to unverified allegations is not the procedural way to invoke Article 31. Instead the President must let the current system of managing security issues to run its course. Although this system may have collapsed that is not the reason why the President should look for excuses to bypass the professionals (the Fire Brigade, the Police, the Defence and Security organs, etc).

It is not wrong for our people to begin asking or demanding of our leaders in government to provide clarity and justification for their actions. After all much has been made of our wonderful values that have been signed into our Constitution by the President with fanfare. Lest we forget, these include Morality and Ethics, Patriotism and National Unity, Democracy and Constitutionalism, Human Dignity, Equity, Social Justice, Equality and Non-Discrimination, Good Governance and Integrity and Sustainable Development. These values and principles were reaffirmed by the Republican President by signing them into the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act 2 of 2016. I believe and expect that all those in public office today and all who aspire to public office understand them. Suffice to say that these values are not meant to be decorations in office and home libraries but are meant to be applied and practised, lest we all qualify to be labelled hypocrites.

I am NOT saying that the barbaric actions by whoever are not real. I am saying that the action by the President is premature and has gone overboard. I was part of the MMD team in 1990/91 that had in its manifesto the removal of the One Party State and the expunging from our statute books of the longest State of Emergency we have ever had. That state of emergency lasted for close to 30 years, repeat, close to 30 years from the time the Colonial Regime declared it in 1964 to address the Lenshina uprising but the MMD succeeded in removing it, thanks to Dr Chiluba and his team at that time of dedicated democrats. So now what guarantee is there that this one, which has been creeping in slowly, will not be maintained until 2021 which some people are worried about or beyond 2021 to 2064? Because elections can be suspended when people are either desperate or are scared of their own shadow!

On my part I wish no ill for my country and Government but I continue to be a vigilant patriotic Zambian. However patriotism does not mean blind loyalty or condoning conduct that is less than noble, especially if accompanied by dictatorial tendencies, half-truths and actions that disregard the same values on which our nation is founded.

[9TH JULY 2017]

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  1. Good morning all. I greet you from wet London. I arrived last night. The news here is talking about the race row over an mp using the n word. All I can say is that am not black am nez. I will be meeting Larry mweetwa today to discuss party issues and seek more funding avenues. We thank our UK supporters for their financial and moral support. We raised 70000 pounds just from private donations. We thank you. As for lungu we hope that chap learns from hh maturity who loves this country. It had to take hh to tell him off about the importance of peace and unconditional dialogue. Lungu is a rotten rat.

    • Can you also meet with EU officials to see how best they can support regional countries to put a motion for independent inquiry of the August 2016 elections. I think Zambians deserve to know the truth. It’s not about HH but we need people holding the highest office of the land not to have question marks on how they got to power

    • So rational, balanced and to the point. Great advice and wisdom from the General. Hopefully the country will afford this man an opportunity to head it so that all can “Stand Proud and Free” under a government of laws and not men.

    • This letter is 5 days late.
      Anyway, unless Edgar has no ears. Ba Miyanda, HH, Catholics said even before any fire in Gomora. Lungu please don’t be lazy with your heart.
      Nga ni Saviour Chishimba ena was ready for fist punches with Lungu.

    • Brigadier,

      Those parties you are advocating the President to meet, do not recognize him at all.

      You are asking for a brainstorming to come from political parties who aside from UPND have nothing to offer.

      Yes the likes of Chishimba , Nawakwi, you name them are failed MP’s and or Ministers.

      Did the president press the panic button? yes. A panic button is not always the wrong choice of action.
      There had to be a reaction of some kind.

      You make valid points but shy away from making a feasible solution.

      I have a PhD



    • Why cant we have a president like Gen Miyanda? Very respectful and full of wisdom. Im tired of all these rookies and wannabes destroying our precious country. The man has spoken. Let those with wisdom hear what has been said, unless, of course, we just enjoy mediocre leadership.


    • He is a fallen hero! He can not come to terms with the fact that YES he may be a democrat as he claims to be but ECL is BOTH a democrat and a patriot. Again and Agan, he overlooks the 48MP’s behavior and launches ballistic attack on the MP who is using the constitution to discpline people under his HOUSE the peoples’ house. The Gen then launches another crude missile of on the president and accuses him of using dictatorial tendencies when the president is merely following the law in invoking article 31 of the constitution. Well if the president is privy to some information you’re not kindly shut the he.ll up. How ironic Brg. Gen., if you know something kindly let us in. It seems the all situation is riding deep down some skins of culprits. Maybe we’re about to discover some SYNDICATE…

    • DICTATORSHIP? AKA “My way or the highway.”
      If you tell me he is abusing the law I will hear you except that you need to convince me, if you say he is excessively using the law, I will ask you to substantiate but if you say he is a dictator, that will be too personal, yes that is subjective sir. Let’d define Dictatorship, shall we?
      A dictatorship is a government or a social situation where one person makes all the rules and decisions without input from anyone else. Dictatorship implies absolute power — one person who takes control — of a political situation, a family, a classroom or even a camping expedition. In government, a dictatorship leaves no room for input from anyone who is not the top guy or gal. The noun comes from the late 14th century Latin word,…

    • 1.3 @Nostradamus at 8.17 am: comments noted. But it is never late to warn and/or advice. Besides I am the one who suggested that ECL meets other leaders with NO PRE-CONDITIONS. Am glad my colleague HH has taken the same position.
      [email protected] at 8.24 am:I am disappointed you trivialise dialogue. I advised President NOT to sign Constitution with his eyes closed; he did and when he opened them he realised that there was something wrong with it and is now going to “fine tune” it. It is said war is another form of dialogue. Is this the alternative you prefer? I DON’T, hence my prayer is ECL re-thinks his fear of dialogue.

    • “dictare”, which means to “repeat or say often.”
      Definition 2;
      a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
      I am not PF but I think that it is an overstatement and oversight to accuse a patriot as dictator unless grudges linger.

    • [email protected] in the Flesh: I ignore your foul language. I comment separately combined with others who have raised very valid queries which I cannot properly cover in a lengthy blog///

    • Stupid Mushota is Back?? Welcome,, we missed your PF Propaganda. With regards to Article in discussion, The General is right, there is a bias in the House as the Speaker seems to be More aligned to PF. If PF MPs did what UPND MPs did? He would not even move an inch to suspend them. Just like the Judicially? They are all corrupt and termed by Lungu. If there was a way to fast-forward years, we would have done it just to let Lungu go. The man has messed up the Country.

    • Mr Intelligent,
      The General is an indecisive person.
      I used to be one of his many Constituency Secretary in the Heritage Party, the last political party in which I was a member.

      He simply cannot make decisions.

    • Unless you receive intelligence reports, the whole nation looks up to you regardless of tribe or status, you have to preserve the safety & property of all citizens & you dont have to wait for Shoprite where you shop to be burnt 1st, it’s easy to fantasise how better you are than the President. Relax. God’s in control. There will be 2021 when will all look back check how President performed without interference. In your eyes you think he’s dull & too poor to deserve that position. But God selected him twice already to rule a nation called by His name. If you are God fearing you’ll treat him with some respect & not try to micro manage him like a kid. He’s considered it worthy to protect not just markets but all Zambians with preservation order. Why not just behave? It will pass. God…

    • @ 1.12 flag Godfrey Miyanda July 11, 2017 at 12:29 pm
      Excuse else forgive my so called “FOUL LANGUAGE” instead of ignoring it. It was rather excessive I reckon that. I am only pleading for objectivity rather than subjectivity from your end on your articles. In the backdrop of lack of credible leadership, I at times dreamed -rather -dreamt that you would lead MOTHER Zambia one day. I was slowly buying into your VILLAGE CONCEPT ideaology. But God knows, it was not meant to be. I was thinking that YOUTHS should be looking up to you in that, whatever you say, carries some level of weight that I personally cannot withhold my comments. If you think your Articles are not DIVISIVE, continue. But if you do, stop it and be PATRIOTIC and STATESMAN. But why do you hate ECL? Besides, why the…

    • … why the bitterness? What would you have done if you were in that situation – in the president’s boots? With all the madness hauled at you, are you sure your way is the best way to advising the president? If you’re not undermining his authority, what do you think you are doing? Are you a UPND pundit? If so, since when? I refuse that you should bring yourself down to the level of UPND supporters on this blogspot. You’re too Senior and Honorable to my liking albeit you seem to sound like them.

  2. Great Piece General and certainly, I fully support your notion of the president briefing the opposition leaders or at least the leader of the opposition in Parliament if he wants to take executive action that affects us all, both those who voted for him and those who voted against him.

    However, I have a question on your assertion that is it unconstitutional to suspend an elected MP as has been done by the Speaker. If am correct, the courts have supported the position of the speaker too. And going by the rule of precedents in Law, the loquacious madam Mumbi Phiri, was also once suspended by the previous speaker.

    Could you kindly break down this dichotomy in facts on the ground? And what is this our written Constitution, as opposed to the unwritten English Constitution Did…

    • Could you kindly break down this dichotomy in facts on the ground? And what is this our written Constitution, as opposed to the unwritten English Constitution Did the two speakers use two different constitutions to effect their suspensions? You have confused me.

      From an academic point of view, I would be nervous to anchor the paragraph on this sentence The Right Honourable Mr Speaker’s Order suspending the 48 UPND elected MPs is unprecedented in the parliamentary history of Zambia and possibly in the whole Commonwealth.

      Many philosophers here will find enough ground to mount a serious challenge or assort on the soundness or basis of your argument. Consider hedging that statement. There has been a suspension of MPs in Zambia Parliament before. The whole commonwealth…

    • [email protected] Chief Bootlicker at 7.39 am: valid observations which deserve a full response instead of a mere sms or blog here. I regret I took things for granted and hence some have not grasped my arguments. For now let me make brief remarks on your queries:
      1. On precedents: I am aware that there were others in Zambia apart from Mrs Mumbi Phiri, such as Maj Wezi Kaunda if not mistaken and one or two others. But all these were single or individual suspensions. 48 MPs is NOT 1 or 2 or 3! 48 is unprecedented. For the Commonwealth I will need to research further.
      2. Of philosophers and academics: I expect them to be sharp and focus on the number 48 AT ONE GO -this is unprecedented, especially for the alleged offence of disrespecting Head of State! Thank you///

    • 2.2: General: You are confusing me as well. So in your case, if ten thieves steal, they should not be treated like the way one thief who steals should be treated? A wrong is a wrong. I note your sarcasm (although you will refuse) in your statement: “especially for the alleged offence of disrespecting Head of State! Thank you”. As far as you are concerned disrespecting the Head of State does not deserve such action from the Speaker. BY the way RSA parliament suspended the entire EFF membership of about 27 MPs last year. Just to give you some information. This is why people doubt some blogs. There is too much witch hunting and unsubstantiated intellectual analysis that does not help this country. Some foreign guy said: Zambians are too analytical and end up missing the basics of human…

    • General, I think your emphasis on the number has gotten lost in translation. I read it , and am sure the rest of people that emphasis was on suspension. @Miya above also also added a case of South African as I suspected that there are cases out there as the Commonwealth is just too big not to have cases like ours.

      I would love you to also really just explain in a sentence what you mean by “our written Constitution, as opposed to the unwritten English Constitution “ I think think will provide a good baseline for engagement on actions take in past sittings and the current sittings

  3. Thank you General. Lungu hope you read the wise words from the General. A name is better than power. The only reason people follow Lungu is because of the Office of Zambian President. Lungu must know the office of Zambia president is for Zambians not Lungu. Therefore, everything must be done in the interest of Zambia. Furthermore, he is the only president we have had even more he is worst. He has brought division, debt, crippled the economy, compromised the judiciary, and now elections can never be trusted

    • @Miya: you are spot on! the general has a thing against the president, he’s a type of telesphore mpundu who just issue things on social media with no confidence to meet with the head of state. Truly 10 thieve or two thieves should receive the same penalty.

  4. This man is in a dream world. You can just seek audience with Mr. Lungu and ask him for a job instead of being an opposition blogger at Lusaka times. You have chosen to oppose every important decision made by the government for political mileage. Maybe you are being paid for blogging as a work at home job. Talk to your fellow politicians one on one than blabbing hype everytime.

    • @Zillion! Don’t just be a blind cadre because of the stolen benefits you are getting from PF, reason with your brain and not stomach or is it that what the General has written is beyond your mental capacity to comprehend just like many PF cadres including the majority of ministers. Any reasonable person will see sense in what the General has said. You ought to feel embarrassed to openly tell the world that you are an illiterate PF cadre. Get a life and shut up, this is beyond your capacity. Talk about how many bottles of castle your boss can take in a night.

    • @Zillion! Don’t just be a blind cadre because of the stolen benefits you are getting from PF, reason with your brain and not stomach or is it that what the General has written is beyond your mental capacity to comprehend just like many PF cadres including the majority of ministers. Any reasonable person will see sense in what the General has said. You ought to feel embarrassed to openly tell the world that you are an illiterate PF cadre. Get a life and shut up, this is beyond your capacity. Talk about how many bottles of castle your boss can take in a night.

    • @Anita A.K.A. Kaputo Davis: It is you blind followers of hh and upnd who entertain anything that is contrary to ECL/PF’s view: IT IS THE REASON WE CALL YOU DONKEYS; Because you lack the ability to think outside of what your perpetual failed leaders tell you. It is ironic that despite your superior “intelligence and know how”, the people of the same country you aspire to lead REJECT you and your leaders over and over!! And don’t give us that rigged nonsense, you know your votes only come from the bantustans; How many seats in Lusaka, C/Belt or Eastern provinces do you have??? I wont even include the three Bemba provinces because it’s a non-starter for you there: SPOT ON, ZILLION!!!!

    • @Anita A.K.A Kaputo, I have smelled something from your behind? Let me ask you a question, are you Kaputi? I sense your reasoning is coming from Kaputi please use your brain and not your Kaputi. I have deleted your earlier response to my comment.

    • Zambian citizen

      you are the type we are calling Green flies of PF. You seem to follow anything from PF wether borrowing or democratic crackdowns with the speed of a green fly following faeces….

  5. Gen (rtd) Gedfrey Miyanda is right ,president Edgar Lungu has rushed into declaration of state of emergency much like a new policeman is trigger happy.
    Do not experiment with people’s lives Mr Lungu.

    • So what is it in your opinion if not DOE. The police will ve more powers to arrest & detain without warrants and can detain for as long as they wish. Curfews will be imposed in some or areas as determined by the state. Gatherings will be restricted or banned of particular groups and/or locations. The police might be assisted by cadres as instructed by the Minister Home Affairs. The list goes on…. And what is that equivalent to?

  6. I wish someone could have stopped one FTJ from declaring that state of emergency when KK got incarcerated.

    • [email protected] khakis at 7.54: I note the obvious insinuation that I was part of that regime and that I didn’t stop the incarceration of KK. I accept collective responsibility and I am thus guilty as charged. But for your info when KK was arrested, searched and detained I was NOT privy to the ENTIRE operation; further I was not in Lusaka on that Christmas Day and learnt of it on radio and TV news! Personally I do not support abuse of power, even when allegedly done in the public interest. I do not want others to go through some of my experiences hence my desire to alert people not sleep over their rights. Remember my LT article “A Right that is not Treasured nor Fought for and Defended is Soon Lost” Lt March 2017 archive///

    • @ndanjek again youve caught the gen unawres. You see gen thats why i always tell you not to be partial. Most bloggers here understands you very well because we were in the same movement. The only people who dont know you are the under 5s. Kiki Kiki

    • Kiki according to the General since he was not in lusaka then h was not veep at that time. Truly laughable. So you were only functioning as veep within lusaka.

  7. Sometimes l wonder why certain things happen the way they do, leaving us ALL dumb, shocked and speechless.

    Ba Gen Miyanda with due respect to you sir, l urge you to forget the past and quickly TEAM UP with these under -fives in government today and fight/advise from within the current PF administration and move Zambia forward for a better Zambia tomorrow. Take with you ALL your perceived enemies; the likes of bene Membe etc., to move Zambia our country, our home, our pride forward. Thank you Sir.

    • [email protected] at 7.59: Mune Chumbu, you are definitely lost; come back after reading the article. I don’t write to become popular, neither am I here to campaign or to seek your vote. I analyse issues as I see them; if you disagree say so and argue coherently so that we learn from you. So far I know not what you are discussing. I don’t practice hatred; it is actually you who has enemies you hate, like the one you have revealed. If you hate you will never be free and you will forever suffer from palpitations and ulcers. If you don’t understand topic keep quiet or you will end up doing what Catholic priest, Fr Komakoma, once described as “Argumentum ad Hominem”, Latin for “Arguing about the Man”. If you respect me and other bloggers discuss the topic instead of the me person.

  8. General Miyanda: You are right. Kwena fyaumfwika fyonse. There is wisdom in what you have said. God bless Zambia and all Zambians.

  9. I beg to differ with your assertion that the invocation of Article 31 was rushed or premature as it was done before investigations. Really ba General! I thought the Article was meant to ensure a desperate man made situation obtaining in the nation is brought under control; and I expect you to understand the urgency of the move even before any investigation is done. So if, in your considered view, the cowardly destruction of national strategic assets we’re witnessing now does not warrant such action from the President, what would? Dropping of an atomic bomb? I’m disappointed!

    • [email protected] Nkana at 8.20: Good to hear from you again. Valid observation but misunderstand aticle; I will respond separately with other observations today. For now just to show you how premature: President announced from Ethiopia for Zambians to be patient and await investigation; in less than 24 hours, upon landing, he announced at City Market insinuated that opposition people set fire to the market. A few days ago State House announced that the fire was the result of an act of arson; still no full investigation. ARSON is found in section 328 of the Penal Code which says “any person who wilfully and unlawfully sets fire to (a) any building or structure whatever, whether completed or not, or (b)…..is guilty of a felony and is liable to IMPRISONMENT FOR LIFE”. This does not need Article…

    • General as a security man yourself will appreciate that the President needed to first appeal for calm, and when fully briefed by relevant authorities, he needed to take action, right? Also, such action was dependent on precedence and briefings from security personnel, right? The President did not just wake up and invoked Article 31. I do not want a State of Emergency but if with Article 31 in place I have more security even from thieves, I have no problem.

    • Ba General, the seeming shifts in the President’s positions in the 24 hrs you’ve referred could logically be attributed to the flow of intelligence (there could have been a different reason, I don’t know). Changing one’s mind in light of available information is perfectly normal and only a foolish person would be afraid to do so. Two questions to you Sir: (1) why was Article 31 included in our constitution? (2) Given the clearly human motivated sabotage Zambia has witnessed in the recent period, if you had been our President, at what point would you have invoked the Article?

  10. A modicum of sanity,a breath of fresh air and this gives me hope that Zambia still has pockets of wisdom. But few remain and the General is one of the few reminding the Zambians of the need for high moral ground and true nationalism. The country is awash with party functionaries and cadres , community leaders in charge of the country with party and tribal mindsets.

    • [email protected] for a Group at 8.20: I hear you. More importantly Zambians must fight for their God-given rights. Hope you read my LT article of 17 March 2017 titled “A RIGHT THAT IS NOT TREASURED NOR FOUGHT FOR AND DEFENDED IS SOON LOST”.

    • 10.1: General: 2.54pm

      The God i know gave us freedom for free and nobody faught for the rights that God gave us. In the first place we can not fight for for us to receive anything from God. So fighting for our God given rights is misplaced in this context. We should instead fight for the our rights as enshrined in the Zambian Constitution. By the way General just a question: Since Article 31 is in the Zambian Constitution, to what extent has the President done wrong by using it to control or is it police the prevailing situation regardless of whether the investigations will reveal varying results?

  11. As usual, the Gen. doesn’t get it. If you are going to have an impact on national issues, you have to take a neutral stance. You are too biased, elder statesman. The invocation is as a result of repeated and gradual acts of sabotage, not just the markets, can you explain the bringing down of ZESCO pylons?? You call that a normal matter?? Do you know the economic and social impact these acts have on our country?? Yet you want to call the president’s actions premature??


    • [email protected] Citizen at 8.26: Sorry as usual you are offside. Am only responding to this irrelevant waffle to assist you to understand what is taking place on this forum. First read [email protected] munshululwa at 1.50 pm regarding the guidance by Fr Komakoma about “Argumentum ad Hominem”. You have fallen prey to that. 1. Fires or arson, damage to property: Section 328 of the Penal Code CAP 87 punishment LIFE IMPRISONMENT. 2. Statesmanship: Your understanding of this attribute is questionable. To you seeking audience with the President is statesmanship? Then by your standard I am a statesman because I engaged him directly by personally delivering a letter to SH and suggesting a meeting; he confirmed on ZNBC TV receiving my statement which concerned the Constitution but he rubbished my advice…

    • Statesmanship is when a more experienced person gives guidance on an issue that others have failed to resolve; He or she doesn’t take sides but instead shows neutrality such that the parties in conflict feel well represented and accept the outcome of the resolution. Right now I can give the example of Bo Mutukwa Wina’s handling of the church issue; Another is that of the Mwinelubemba himself, the Chitimukulu whose articles and guidance are life lessons to all including the politicians-he took no sides in the political impasse and instead called himself and fellow chiefs “fathers” who the rest of the country can look up to for guidance.
      Yours is that of a dictator, Gen. Miyanda. You believe that only what you know is the workable way, so much so as to almost set conditions even for…

  12. …RHETORIC WILL NO BRING YOU RESPECT (just look at your reasoning towards the suspended mps!). Sorry, General, poorly conceived motive!!!

  13. What the General says is always a breath of fresh Air. Lungu can ignore these words of Wisdom from General Miyanda at his own Peril. The SOE is Political,ill advised and irrational. Lungu and his dunderheads Advisers will not get it. Lungu must know that those who live by the Sword will die by the Sword. History repeats itself.

    • @ chibwe: your comments are misplaced. The general has personal hatred for president Lungu.


    • @Chisenga! Who is better between your Edgar Chagwa Lungu and General Miyanda? Want to judge if you are reasonable!

    • [email protected] at 9.16: According to you:
      1. U say that I should address the President in confidence and not in the open: I say he addressed us from Ethiopia in public; at City market in public and at State House in public. These are matters of public interest and we must move with our people when we speak in public to make them aware of what is happening. Why are you afraid the public being aware? Advice him to hold a transparent Conference with the media, live. He has not held one.
      2. I don’t approve of the the fires and I have NOT said so.

    • @Gen. Miyanda: There is a fundamental difference between yourself and Edgar Lungu. You are a former appointed VP while he is the current elected president. He occupies the highest office in the land while you are an opposition leader without a seat in parliament. There are procedures to engage the president; If you believe your proposed methods are endearing you to the Zambian people, look back at the election results of the past four elections and you will realise why you are not in that office or not even in parliament!


    • @Chisenga, the General has no ears and will not listen to your advice. Do you wonder that despite his many years in Politics, he cannot make a serious impression on the Zambians? He is simply a Chumbu munshololwa (forgive my bemba). The man has never done any post-mortem on his political career. Its very embarrassing that even new comers on the scene like Peter Sinkamba, Andyford Banda and Eliya Chipimo can beat him big time if he is to stand against them in elections. I really regret voting for the man when he was my MP in Kabwata and also when he stood as Presidential candidate in 2001.

  16. This is man is ab blessing to have in Zambia..I wish he was the Pf president..long live General..

  17. Ba General Miyanda, thank you for this message. You have said all that is needed to be said. I am pretty sure President Lungu has read and will definitely reconsider his action and that the MPs will be noble enough to reject the invocation of Article 31 of the constitution. This country belongs to all of us and we need peaceful solutions to our problems. Thank you.

  18. The retired Brig Gen is trying hard to sound smarter not knowing that he is opening his brain in the public domain to see through his thoughts.
    Gen I just have some concerns for you.
    The 47 mps have stated clear that they will never sit and listen to someone they don’t recognise. What is the meaning of the head of state opening the national assembly. Our vice president who is also elected sits in parliament almost every day and these mps feels ok to be present and not when the president is there. Don’t you think their behaviour is childish and selfish in nature. If they don’t recognise ecl they should as well not recognise inonge and the speaker. The best for them is to stay away until 2021. I don’t know why you always take one view when the coin will always have to sides. I…

  19. Too late General…Parley will uphold the President’s decision in National Security; neither in your interests or that of UPND. Period!

    • [email protected] Umona at 10.15: Yes because the voting has been pre-determined. Last night the Chief Whip of the Government announced that the Three Line Whip will be in force during this debate. This instruction means that the members of the Ruling Party must all vote for the motion or else. But it is NEVER TOO LATE say I told you, just like I said regarding with the Constitution that was signed with eyes closed but now after signing they have seen something wrong with it and will be “Fine Tuning it”///

    • Nothing fundamentally wrong with Constitution sir. It’s major improvement from what we had before & in same league as RSA & Kenyan 1. Very modern. No one said it’s a perfect constitution & it will never be refined or amended. Even American Constitution has gone through at least 27 different amendments. No previous president had courage of introducing 50+1, running mate, fixed date of election, authoritative constitutional court, constitutional decentralisation, independent BoZ, Public Protector, Christian based national values etc. You may not have personally desired all this but rest of Zambia submitted & wanted their constitution to have these & it was delivered. God Bless Zambia

  20. Uncle Miyanda we do appreciate your concerns as a senior citizen both politically and physically but however , i have the following issues i need serious clarity from you beloved uncle :
    It is in public domain that prior to 2016 Elections, uncle HH openly told the nation that he was not going to accept the outcome of the Election results if they went the other way and not his way.
    When the results went the other way in favor of Lungu , again uncle HH vowed never to accept the results even when international observers declared the results free and fair including the church that conducted PVT. In this vain uncle HH has sworn never to recognize the Election of ECL as President of the sovereign republic of Zambia and worse still we saw uncle…


    My question to you uncle is that do you in your own wisdom think uncle HH and his UPND will in any way easily agree to dialogue with PF led government ? Are they ready to soften their hearts and embrace reconciliation bordered on mutual respect of the majority Zambians who voted for ECL ? Are the UPND fraternity ready to embrace the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ by reconciling their hearts beyond regional politics or beyond tribalism ?


  22. Rtd. Gen Miyanda I often follow your articles and at times you are on point. For instance when you urged ECL not to accept the partial ‘amendments’ to the constitution. I recall you wrote with some measure on the 50+1 and the process for petitioning presidential results inter alia.Today I was once again moved to read your letter to the President, am not sure what the removal of MPs for parliamentary misconduct has to do with what you have set your mind to address. I would have expected you to write to the MPs in question notwithstanding in one of your articles you argue the Presidential Petition has not been argued. Gen you are in mid-afternoon of your life and I expect you to adopted a more balanced approach in helping our young nation.

    The rule of law on parliamentary code of ethics and the supreme law of the land ( the constitution of Zambia ) provides that elected MPs shall mandatory take oath of allegiance to the Republican President as they take oath of office for which they are elected .To take any oath one will hold the bible as they all did.

    Now my question to you uncle miyanda is that were these MPs in order to break the oath of allegiance for which they were sworn in ? I need your comment especially on this term oath of allegiance provided for in the Laws of Zambia

  24. Credential of BRIGADIER GENERAL MIYANDA are well known to us. Ba Miyanda rose to the level of Brigadier-General in the intelligentsia Section of Zambian Army. He once had an encounter with KK. Joined politics and rose to Republican Vice President under the Chiluba regime. He served in Chiluba’s Cabinet when KK was incarcerated at Mukobeko.
    As a Military intelligentsia, Ba Miyanda knows that UNIP Government sympathized with Ojuku’s Biafra (Igbos) when Obasanjo served under General Gowon (Yorubas) in Nigeria. This is the background for Obasanjo’s hatred for Zambia. Is General Miyanda being economical with Obasanjo’s links to the Brenthurst Foundation that funded UPND’s campaign? Let’s connect the ‘DOTS’ to appreciate the genesis to the spate of arson and sabotage of Zesco…

  25. If Zambia and the SADC Region were to fully comprehend the motive of the consortium comprised of UPND, Fred Mmembe, NUMSA, DA, with Obasanjo providing military tactics to the Brenthurst Foundation, we can connect the ‘DOTS’ to appreciate the genesis to the spate of arson and sabotage of Zesco installations. Let us pray and hope that Brigadier-General Miyanda is 100% ignorant of the invisible forces that have been launched to destabilize Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

    I would hasten to add that NOT all former Presidents in African States mean well for the welfare of the African continent. In this regard General Obasanjo, who is the product of military coups in West Africa, must be cast out of the African Union’s Institutions that administer the security of the African…

    • yes the colonial conspiracy nutcase.
      you don’t seem to understand that the largest diamond cartel in the world has nothing to gain in Zambia…..zero, what little minerals we have, have been auctioned off to the Chinese and Indians for the next 25 years…….. the Chinese have reached their spending limit on Zambia with regards to the max they can get out…hence lungu trying his luck with the IMF

  26. In this regard General Obasanjo, who is the product of military coups in West Africa, must be cast out of the African Union’s Institutions that administer the security of the African Continent.

  27. Thanks for your insightful observations and counsel, Sir. It is still a wonder why such a sparkly leader would continue to wallow at the tail-end of Zambian politics, next only to the likes of Mulongoti.

    By all means, you’re worth more than a perennial arm-chair critic, which sets you apart from the rest of us who are not knowledgeable on the workings of government.

    Two important questions to you:

    1) Have you made attempts to share this counsel with ECL in person? If not, then you’re unfair to the nation and a very unwelcome distraction.
    2) Wouldn’t you rather have addressed the MP issue directly with the speaker through another open letter, as opposed to lumping every tit-bit on Lungu regardless?

    Zikomo, mukwasu.

    • [email protected] Nkhanza at 12.04: Question 1: I wont attempt to share with him after he rubbished my advice on the Constitution (remember my statement “Why President Must Not sign Constitution with His Eyes Close” delivered to State House and confirmed publicly by President on ZNBC. But this year he announced that there was something wrong with the Constitution that he had signed. He has arranged to “Fine Tune”. I disagree with “Fine Tuning”. Q2: The Speaker has not responded twice before on other matters. You cannot force Big People such as ECL to pay attention. I will address the MP issue in the subsequent response because it is important to contextualise and clarify my arguments.

    • Where is leadership and statesmanship General if you wont share with him just because in your earlier attempt he rubbished your suggestions? Doesn’t that lower your status to that of us commoners?

  28. YES! We understand that too much security undermines the normal flow of operations. Security can be a menace sometimes but in the work of untold luciferian behavour, the president got to do what a president got to do. Heighten security to curb terrorists. It is happening world over. We need to feel safe in our own country. The voice of reasoning should give the sanity of lecture that mayhem and Armageddon was promised and that in the work of public order, water cannons and tear gases are used when the perpetrators of violence are known and visible. When the enemies of peace are playing hide and seek, constitutionally backed provisions are need to deal with the situation. Laws are made to be used to arrest the situation. This is the RULE OF LAW.

  29. General Miyanda, Annie Marie Morris, Conservative MP has been suspended in UK. Even before so many other MPs have been suspended before. So what is it that you are talking about General Miyanda. You appear intelligent with your jargon of words. But when someone analyses whatever you write, i find nothing wanting attention. The reason is that you very partisan. So stop it

  30. Sadly the voices of reason are getting fewer and fewer.. Its like cadreism and religion have cloned peoples minds and taken over all reason. All well..we will ‘survive’, in whatever state or condition.

  31. Gen won’t have time to answer the wise comments believe me. He doesn’t even swallow his pride and admit that you have challenged him. He would rather give feedback to nezs insults than respond to what can build him.
    My advise to Gen is that be impartial because the politics of yesteryear are different from now. By the way who has lost many elections between you and hh? Just want to know.

    • The general is being unfair to the public and to himself by shunning to answer important points put before him, he’s only to praise songs.

  32. If you are at war and the writer is your war planner as he used to be, then you are doomed. No one will fire a single bullet until you are all decimated. I knew what was the content even before I read the first word. If you read the so called letter to the president, it is not addressing the President. Rather just an article talking about his hate, bitterness and jealousy towards the President. He is talking to other people rather than the President.

  33. We are glad the Gen recognises ecl as his president and for the whole country including chimbwi no plan hh. I think it’s better explained but too late ba general.

    • [email protected] Edgar at 2.58: I have never said Edgar is not the President; whether the Petition that challenged the result declared by the Returning Officer was answered or not by the ConCourt is another issue. I am on record have argued that the ConCourt did NOT make a pronouncement as per the relevant Constitutional Provision regarding the remedies an election petition. This was inconclusive but this is NOT the TOPIC this time. Discuss the topic///

  34. Ba Brig. Gen. Miyanda, I am surprised you are talking about dialogue now. I was once of the Zambians who was excited at the formation of the FDD and joined the party with my friends hoping you can work with your friends and help stop Chiluba’s third term bid. But alas from the word go your interest was to be President of FDD and hopefully become President of Zambia at any cost. You refused to dialogue and compromise with fellow members and insisted on been the President. When other members insisted that you go for elections (mwalifwita) left and went and formed your own party. Ba Miyanda, Bembas say “Ubufumu buchindika umwine”. You can not aspire to lead this country when you have not respect for presidency because people wont respect you if you became president. I have never seen you…

    • [email protected] at 3.07: sorry I do not personalise responses but I have to call you a liar for the leis in your posting about the birth of the FDD. YOU HAVE LIED THROUGH AND THROUGH as I will show in
      a full response later///

    • Epo naine namusulile uyu Mudala. Chi Levy played a fast one on him by appointing all his MPS as ministers..that was the end of HP

  35. That Ediot Lungu wants nothing but power, but don’t forget he lives on “borrowed time”, He’s days are very numbered.

  36. Ahaaa…this man, he sounds intelligent and wise but you read:” I was part of the MMD team in 1990/91 that had in its manifesto the removal of the One Party State…… That state of emergency lasted for close to 30 years, repeat, close to 30 years from the time the Colonial Regime declared it in 1964 to address the Lenshina uprising but the MMD succeeded in removing it, thanks to Dr Chiluba and his team at that time of dedicated democrats. So now what guarantee is there that this one, which has been creeping in slowly, will not be maintained until 2021 which some people are worried about or beyond 2021 to 2064? HE HAS OMITTED THE FACT THAT WHEN HE WAS VP, THEY REINTRODUCED THE STATE OF EMERGENCY IN 1993!! Did it last forever?No, so let us give Lungua benefit of doubt too!!

  37. When he was “active” in the army he just used to give orders. Now he realizes it was dictatorship in a way. Decisions must be made and applied at the right time. In maintenance we say “applying first aid to stop the rot” and remove the potential for further danger. So for the brig. Gen. its OK to cry over spilled milk.

  38. To all: once again I have done my part by responding to as many relevant comments as possible. I am outta but hope to respond and follow up as promised to the part answers I have given. But I am listening to the debate on the Motion in Parliament. I am done for now. Enjoy – Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda///

  39. At your level, you should realise that the president is an accomplished lawyer who understands the constitution better than you. You would rather let these criminals continue burning properties until innocents lives are lost? What kind of a leader are you? Get real.

  40. Sir, I am so honored to converse with you on matters so dear to the well-being of our only country Zambia. I proceed as follows.

    I insist that you make it a point – no matter what – to address pertinent issues with powers that be before going public via open letters or similarly. It should not matter that you knocked several times before and was ignored, rubbished or repudiated. What should matter to our collective conscience is that you tried for time without number (as a statesman) to save the situation for all of us.
    But I guarantee you that at some point, your knock – backed by selfless motives and God’s help – will fling the door wide open.
    Didn’t Martin Luther King Jnr teach us that WE WILL WEAR THEM DOWN WITH INSISTENCE as he kept knocking on the door of the oppressor to…

  41. cont./-

    Didn’t Martin Luther King Jnr teach us that WE WILL WEAR THEM DOWN WITH INSISTENCE as he kept knocking on the door of the oppressor to demand civil rights? And it came to pass!

    With that spirit, you can put your hand on your heart, as you pen the next article, and proclaim with a crystal-clear consciense: I WRITE THIS OPEN LETTER TO SO-SO, FIRST HAVING TRIED AND FAILED TO SEEK AN AUDIENCE WITH SO-AND-SO. SO HELP ME GOD.

    Won’t that be pleasing to the eye of God, and encourage sanity in the way everyone politics?

  42. FOOD FOR THOUGHT for most Zambians. When Ba Miyanda broke away from General Tembo’s FDD to form his own Party, one of the academics he recruited on his campaigns was his tribesman from Chief Mumbi, namely Luke Mumba – a genetic scientist who is Unza’s current Vice Chancellor. Dr. Mumba was paid by Americans to support the importation of GMO-maize into Zambia. But President Mwanawasa, after a professional brief by Late Dr. Lewanika the Director of NISIR, banned the importation of GMO maize. Govt. later bought equipment used to detect GMOs which was installed at Mt. Makulu. We wonder the kind of patriotism Ba Miyanda displays considering that he was an intelligence Military Officer who could not detect the treacherous Mumba on his entourage.

  43. Ba Miyanda, I’m afraid you are indeed flogging a dead horse….. Take heart that this season too shall pass, perhaps not soon enough, but it shall pass. We will one day have our country back and breathe. Note that anything and everything is politicized even when there’s a modicum of truth in what you say, the underlying hostility is really about HH/UPND and not necessarily an attack on your person. It shall be well.

  44. Ba Miyanda,I think you cant make a good leader, leadership is a responsibility, President Lungu was elected to provide leadership on behalf of the Zambian people, the failures of his leadership will entirely be blamed on him,I don’t know where you get this idea that when he requires to make difficult decision he requires to call other political leaders in the nation to consult as you are putting it ,Ba Miyanda ba mukolwe ngabafula tabucha bwangu ,if anytime the nation has to make difficult decisions political leaders have to be consulted who will bear responsibility at the end of the day, you are a bad leader sir,that’s why you are even blaming your friends for decisions which were made by the leadership you were part of.

  45. Comment:
    Has to be referred to henceforth as Open letter Miyanda, for his penship on issues nobody pays any attention to.

  46. I think miyanda is exhibiting the very fact that his time in Z politics is long past. Miyanda, look around u, pipo of yo time either became presidents or those who were followers & election losers like u r either dead o retired & are quite. Please you r exposing yo irrelevance. Go quietly, please

  47. To be honest, Zambians are a confounding people, always reaching to find an angle of attack without offering alternatives themselves. The General “s letter to the President is simple yet the myriad responses are repetitively off point and boring at best .His letter is a form of dialogue or engagement with the President to reflect on the power of the constitution as well as the importance of inclusion and consultancy in decisions that are highly volatile.The presentation is highly articulate and well researched .I see no amphibious agenda or lack of patriotism in it. Nor does it indicate disrespect for the President. To the contrary it encourages the President to be more astitutely aware of the constitution in difficult decisions. You can disagree with the General, but it is uncooth to…

  48. To snide and denigrate General Miyanda as you love to do .The same manner you regularly degrade female leaders is how you politicians with different viewpoints from yours. The General actively served this country throughout the World, F.Y.I. So for some sorry, illiterate nincompoop to question if he is a real soldier is laughable at best .Parade your family and show us who was on the front lines of real battles. You are sitting there blogging away because of the sacrifices of the General and his great peers.Another country, those who have served are revered, respected and in cases immortalized. General Miyanda has chosen to continue to serve.That’s a bonus . Present us your own assessment of the current situation , we will read, digest, and respond.After all you are smarter! Right?

  49. LT why are my comments always awaiting moderation? I do not use foul language or insult anyone, but always my comments are under moderation, why

  50. The problem with bad historic is that it has a tendency of repeating itself. I remember how the MMD used the arrogance of numbers to enact a Constitution that barred KK from contesting the 1996 elections. The whole lot moved in one direction because they argued that they were bound by collective responsibility. Akashabatwa gallantly stayed on after UNIP boycotted because he he wanted his sentiments put on record. He didn’t support a Constitution that targeted an individual. But the MMD argued that it wasn’t the case, they just wanted to protect the presidency. Yaku! Soon after the Bill was assented, they were on the streets honking Kaunda alalaa! Today another Bill has passed through Parley with an overwhelming majority, whether 46 MPs were suspended or not it was still going to go…

  51. General Miyanda you are a good debater but a terrible politician. I don’t know whether you know this. What do you hope to achieve by these open letters? You wrote Mwanawasa , Rupiah Banda and Sata open letters. Now you are on to Lungu? There must be something wrong with that picture, don’t you? I like you but if you hope to be relevant to Zambian politics, then you need to change strategy. You were in government for how many years? You still think you can make a difference through politics? What did you do wrong that time you think you will do better if you went into government again? If you can answer me that one maybe I will start looking at your open letters in a different light otherwise I think it is a high time you retired and save us from all these open letters which go nowhere…

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