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Parliament adjourns, Vice President urges MPs to explain the invocation of Article 31 to electorates

General News Parliament adjourns, Vice President urges MPs to explain the invocation of...

UPND MPs boycott opening of PArliament
UPND MPs boycott opening of PArliament
Parliament has passed a motion to suspend standing orders to enable the House complete business and adjourn sine die.

The motion was moved by Vice President Inonge Wina and seconded by Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo.

Speaking when she addressed the house, Mrs. Wina urged Parliamentarians to use the time when Parliament will be on recess to visit their constituencies.

Mrs. Wina also advised the MPs to explain to the people the invocation of Article 31 of the constitution by President Edgar Lungu among other things.

She further urged Parliamentarians to be at the center of promoting peace and unity.

Mrs. Wina called on Zambians to embrace the country’s national values and make them part of the culture.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wina has commended Parliamentarians for their hard work.

She observed that Parliament has accomplished a lot during its sittings.

And speaking when he seconded the motion to adjourn sine die, Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo thanked the Speaker of the National Assembly for ensuring that the decorum of the house is maintained.

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    • …all because HH’s silly lawyers raised nothing but “preliminary issues” as guided by Miles, Mwaliteta, Charlotte and non other that GBM… Mxxm


      I have a current model Toyota Land Cruiser GX-R

  1. – Treason exists only in the brain of the Malawian Muslim Dictator & his worshipers. That’s how they have imprisoned without trial of our leader HH over fake traffic offence.

    – State of Emergency exists only in the brain of the Malawian Muslim Dictator & his worshipers. There’s no investigation that has found that the Soweto market fire was arson or not.

    The rush to take HH back to mukobeko just shows that they can’t wait to lock him away by whatever means even by death. You can silence one freedom fighter, 100 more will be arise. You can then silence the 100, then 100,000 more will arise. A painful demise awaits the Malawian Muslim Dictator & his fake christian PF00ls.

  2. So the main achievements of this Parliamentary Session was to suspend UPND MPs and pass the SOE law. It was all planned. The target of SOE is HH and UPND. Lungu wants to finish off HH and UPND and consolidate his newly found Dictatorship. The greatest casualty of the Persecution of HH and UPND and SOE is the Zambian Economy and its People. With HH in Jail and SOE declared the IMF Loan is dead and No Financial Assistance will come from Western countries. No loans,grants and investments to Zambia under the Watch of Sadist and Dictator Lungu. Zambia is doomed!!

    • HH himself opposed the IMF loan. So… had he been the one calling the shots today, we wouldn’t have had the loan anyways.

  3. I am currently in Glasgow Scotland where I inspected the house I am renting out. Everything seems good. This is what having a secure government is all about. I am based in Zambia but have confidence that my investments are protected here. Where as in Zambia I am so scared with the lack of security under pf. It is sad that the only blacks I can see here are are struggling. Am sure mushota is suffering here.

  4. All this was planned by Lazy Lungu & crooks, just look back through the timeline; untimely suspension of MPs, State Of Emergence, even the desperation of burning the City market even if a new one would cost $20 million…the empty tins are now rounding everything to $20 million.

  5. The crooked lawyer lungu trying to make like we have a functional democracy…….with the zombies in parliament running like sheep when he farts…

  6. In politics one has to be ahead of opponets, you think before you make a move, those who are crying let them do so. We lived in the same situation under KK’s PIG/Regime, in fact it was more dangerous then becuase Zambia was faced with internal threat from Admson Mushala on one hand and the unfriendly white regime South of Zambezi River and to some extent Zaire under Mobutu. Protecting Zambia from enemies is better than singing freedom of this and that.

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