Prices of Mealie Meal begin to fall


Some of the donated bags of mealie meal
mealie meal
PRICES of mealie-meal on the Copperbelt have started falling. About three months ago, a 25kg bag of breakfast mealie-meal was fetching between K96 and K106, and in some cases as high as K120.

But a check in retail outlets in Kitwe yesterday established that the prices of mealie-meal have fallen significantly.

At Olympic Milling wholesale depot at Chisokone market, a 25kg bag of breakfast mealie-meal was selling at K73 while the same quantity of roller meal was going at K57.
A 10kg bag of breakfast mealie-meal was being sold at K35.

At G and G retail shop at Parklands Shopping Centre, a 25kg bag of Jamas breakfast mealie-meal was pegged at K72 while roller meal was selling at K46.

A 20kg bag of Jamas breakfast mealie-meal was pegged at K58 while a 10kg bag of breakfast and roller mealie-meal were being sold at K32 and K22, respectively.

However, at Buchi-Kamitondo market, a 25kg bag of breakfast mealie-meal was still pegged at between K80 and K85.

According to a trader Enelesi Mwanza, most mealie-meal dealers at Buchi-Kamitondo market are still selling old stock and that is why the prices are still high.

The Zambia National Farmers Union -ZNFU-on the Copperbelt has predicted a further fall in mealie meal prices in the country.

ZNFU Copperbelt Regional Manager Micheal Zulu has predicted that a 25-kilogram bag of breakfast mealie meal that is currently trading at between 60 and 67 kwacha in most Copperbelt towns might drop to between 55 to 58 kwacha.

Mr. Zulu has told Znbc News in Kitwe yesterday that the drop in mealie meal prices is due to the maize bumper harvest that the country has experienced.

He has explained that the current drop in mealie meal prices is also due to market forces of demand as supply as most millers are now buying maize grain from farmers at lower prices.

The ZNFU Regional Manager is however worried that buyers are now exploiting farmers as a 50 kilogram bag of maize is now pegged at 60 kwacha in most Copper belt Towns.


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      Am reliably informed that the drop will reach even k30 by October and rise again to k45 in Dec to march.

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      Lucilia sericata, the common green bottle fly in simple English , green fly.

      Checteristics similar to the Resident PF sponsored kaponya bloggers on LT like HH oval head, terrible , kudos , njimbu et al.
      They seem yo swarm anywhere they sense a chance to loot like the green fly congregates around feasces.

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    All a gimmick by PF after starting market fires now forcing a reduction in maize meal prices to try to force and cosolidate public oppinion against UPND and reduce the negative perceptions of their SOE….but these fake gimmicks won’t last…..2021 is a long way away and fake gimmicks and gymnastics won’t hold for long against the true picture.

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      @Spaka like a donkey: You are beginning to sound deranged, mentally unstable I must say. Your economic collapse doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. We will pray for you so you don’t have BP…so that you can live to see ECL/PF’s success….kwekwekwekwekwe…..

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      Just wait and watch………when lungu thinks he has gotten away with the SOE prices will shoot up again then you will see lungu in church……

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    @ Spaka like lilo
    Be patriotic for once and give credit were it is due. President Lungu’s Government has been very systematic in their work and developmental activities of our country. What we need is all regardless of one’s political affiliation to rise above politics and heed the President’s call of hard work because it pays in the end as you will be seeing now and near future.
    Its very possible that mealie meal prices of 25 kg breakfast can even be stabilized at K35 a bag.
    Viva PF Viva President Lungu.

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    We are not hiding! This has nothing to do with PF. Didn’t you read the reason? BUMPER HARVEST! So ba PF, the vikopo that you are, you don’t understand what bumper harvest is. Google you dunderheads.

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    Well done PF Govnt!!i bought a 25 kg breakfast bag of mealie meal last evening here in Lsk at k68.load shedding is the thing of the past, 1$ dollar is at k9 droping to k8 sometime things are getting better and better for president Edgar Lungu while HH rot in jail!!!
    Note,on this kind of good news,upnd die hard tribalists fail to comment because they know that such nice news favours PF and pushes HH further from state house!!
    VOTE ECL-2021!!GO PF GO!!

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    These are market forces. When there’s a drought prices will go up and when there is a bumper harvest prices will go down but the opposition talk a lot when the former is the case.

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