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HH says his Life is in Danger in the latest post

General News HH says his Life is in Danger in the latest post

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema at at Chimbokaila prison
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema at at Chimbokaila prison



Good evening fellow countrymen and women,

It is my sincere hope that you all are doing fine out there. I wish to thank you all for your growing concern and prayers over my health and treatment during this period.

May I also take this opportunity to confirm that indeed this morning I was picked from Mukobeko Maximum prison in Kabwe, Central, Zambia around 06:00hrs to Luanshya Magistrate court on the Copperbelt to attend a court case in which I am charged with unlawful assembly and seditious practices.

I wish to state here that I was picked alone in the midst of the state officers who drove me to Luanshya and back to Mukobeko, I understand this made it difficult for my family, party members and friends to know my whereabouts or indeed my wellbeing.

I did appear in Luanshya Magistrate court for a case of unlawful assembly and it has since been adjourned to 28th August, 2017.

However, I understand that you were all wondering about my whereabouts, well! just to also let you know that the State Officers picked me, alone, early in the morning from the cell room. I queried on the whereabouts of my legal team but I was duped that they were outside the Prison cells awaiting for me to come out so they can accompany me to Luanshya for a court case.

When I came out of the prison, I just discovered that my lawyers were not even present and available to accompany me to Luanshya contrary to what I was told inside the prison cell. I then realised that I was going to be moved without my lawyers or anyone close by.

I have now been re-joined with my fellow 5 co- accused in the treason case and now at Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe’s Central Zambia.

And yes, I understand your anxieties and emotions about what is happening in our country, just like you, I am also concerned.

I am concerned even on how people are living both in here and out there, and really this is an opportunity for me to even identify better solutions on how our country can fight poverty, reclaim our democracy and our freedoms.

We must as a country stand firm and lead the way to good governance, democracy and development.

We must as a nation join hands and stand together for the good of our country, just like we united to end one party state in the country.

At this stage, yes, just like everyone else out there, my life is in danger, in danger because just like you, my rights to health check ups are restricted and am sure even our people in Kashinakazhi, Mbangomba, Chilubi Island, Sikongo, and several other places may have no access to better health care.

I sympathise with them and can only assure them that we are not far from eradicating poverty.

Our vision has always been that of channeling the scare state resources to sectors such as health, education, agriculture, and not political persecutions.

Fellow citizens, when in such times, always say to yourself this biblical quote: “He who is in me, is greater than the one outside”.

God bless you all,

God bless our country.

Hakainde Hichilema.

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    • Stop addressing us as fellow countrymen. We are on Treason Row with you! Address your fellow inmates! Ala!

    • Do you people go to church and carry bibles on Sunday/Saturday wishing a fellow human being dead even when deep down your heart you know he is presumed innocent until proven guilty just because you hate him and his tribe?? What is all this HH phobia about? Do we know something some of us don’t know? Why can’t he be treated as a true remandee that he is instead of a convict? We should be careful or else we’ll become worse that the so-called Satanists we sing about. This is a human life for heaven’s sake with a family. Let the one-Zambia one nation slogan be real and a uniting factor and not just a weapon to suppress others when we need their support. A wrong should be a wrong regardless of what tribe the perpetrator belongs to, even when him/her and I belong to the same ethnicity. Lets…

    • I believe thats the way prisoners are treated and you HH you are one of them the only deference is through your UPND members you are able to issue statement like this one soon you have to be moved to lusaka for another case then back again in August the same thing so don’t complain just get down and be humble you will adapt statements like this will not in way help you because most of your supporters don’t even know the internet so they can’t read this stay quiet and they will be the one to speak
      lastly there is no democracy to fight here but poverty yes so stop telling people to fight your fight which is to be a president you started this fight and its you to end it.

    • “…we are not far from eradicating poverty.” Mr HH, stop dreaming, poverty will NEVER get eradicated from the face of the earth – more so that we have people like you who steal from the same poor people that you pretend to care about? By the way, Mr. HH, how are you able to charge your facebook garget from a prison cell – in a dictatorship?

    • He is just politicking. Once he gets that orange flag, he will be the biggest dictator on earth. Once HH becomes President, there will be a shortage of the letter ‘[email protected] at government printers. and every keyboard in government will have an overused H key.

  1. The abduction of our president by a Malawian Evil Dictator should be condemned by all peace loving zambians.

    We can’t afford being ruled for another 27 years by another malawian Dictator only to destroy our democracy & economy all over again.

    The sooner we CUT OFF the head of the evil snake, the better.

    • HH is a satanist. He feels so desperate for power that he is ready to sacrifice lives it. HH should know that he will remain in prison until after 2021

    • Edgar Chakolwa Chimbwi Chakolwe Lungu is a satanist in this country.How have died in his hand from the time of elections to-date? He pretends to be a christian yet deep down in his heart knows he is not.Bishops and Reverends have been deceived by the agent(Chakolwa Chagwa Lungu) of lucifer because of the love of brown envelops…

    • @ Mulenga: Does it mean the deaths u have been having in your family were caused by you? ECL is just the leader of Zambia for everyone including yourself. Do u want him to be following buses on long routes. Think twice before u utter unsorted lies and u must stop using Mulenga, hiding in that name shows hw cowadice you are in your real nowonder oh! ulinamwayi nasiya chabe unganichimwise!

  2. Read these comments of this self-proclaimed messiah:

    “I am concerned even on how people are living both in here and out there, and really this is an opportunity for me to even identify better solutions on how our country can fight poverty, reclaim our democracy and our freedoms.”
    This man may die a bitter person if he comes out and does not manage to preside over our affairs.

  3. Thank you for the update Mr underfive donkey. Of course we all know that there is a devil inside you, but we also know that the devil in you cannot be greater than our God.

    Kikikikikikikiki….and you say tgere is no democracy in Zambia? What else does this statement prove? Where else in the world do they enjoy such abundant democracy?

    Need any further proof that that UPNDonkeys are real donkeys from head to foot?

  4. How is HH able to get access to facebook on a daily basis? Have Zambian police cells improved so much that people are no longer asked to “chosa nsapato, vula belt”?

    • I don’t think The Zambian Police can allow one individual to abrogated the Prison code for inmates to have that access to address the nation from the jail on FB. Whoever is helping this hh is just wasting his o her own resources cos this man is a reject to most Zambians. There’s no noble cause to fight for us cos we didn’t ask for him to temper with Eagle One. The battle now it is his and his family, he should stop hallucinating that he has the back from all Zambians.

  5. Why is it that HH is able to communicate with the cell phone? Are the rules changed? What is going on?

    Is he different from other persons in prison?

    • …but I was duped that they were outside the Prison cells awaiting for me..

      In a nut shell, the Under 5 adult was duped. He’s not politically fit.

      Kaponya (HH) is a political impotent

  6. Should anything happen to hh while in the hands of pf dictators. Lungu will be taken out by the same secret police who work for him

  7. He is raising an unnecessary alarm. “At this stage, yes, just like everyone else out there, my life is in danger, in danger because just like you, my rights to health check ups are restricted and am sure even our people in Kashinakazhi, Mbangomba, Chilubi Island, Sikongo, and several other places may have no access to better health care.”
    We are building clinics everywhere

    • you’re building clinics for more bloodshed which will start soon should anything happen to HH our president be assured…lol

  8. Yaba this guy HH,wen pipo nd govrnment said he put the life of the president in danger ale seka ..aisanga muli mwamoneni.kosa nijele iyo.

  9. We are praying for you comerade. Good things never come that easily. We are praying that God preserve your life and your vision.

  10. The amazing thing about Zambia today is that we have many educated young Zambians lacking in foresight and wisdom. Open your eyes and see that these same illegalities, brutality and unfairness PF is using against HH and UPND will visit you all regardless. We claim to be Christians in a Christian nation but it is hard to make out anything Christian going on in the manner HH and group are being falsely accused and dehumanized. Be careful what you wish others. The tragedy of mankind is ignoring history and living to repeat mistakes in history! Good luck!

  11. Your wellbeing is very important that’s why you’re now a “moving target ” so that those who wish to harm will find it impossible to touch you. May God protect you.

  12. HH will never rule Zambia considering his earlier tribal statement when he was introduced as a new UPND president, and the reason Tongas for his succession to the UPND throne

  13. Prisons are there for all of us. If you are afraid of them, do not be found on the wrong side of the law.

  14. A very big AMEN! … to you Mr President … The Lord himself will serve us from this persecution in his own way and time!

  15. When u are dealing with a Dictator and Sadist of Lungu’s Calibre the danger is real. They absolutely have No evidence for Treason thats why they cant even allocate the Case to a Judge and set a Trial Date. Lungu is so scared of HH hence he wants to keep under lock and key. The 2016 Stolen Election and the Petition haunts Lungu and wherever he goes he is seeing HH’s shadow. Lungu is having Nightmares and hopes they come to an end by physically eliminating HH. God and the whole World is watching.

  16. HH, u said u are ready to die for mother Zambia but why are you scared of your life. Let whatever come be accepted just as u were mentioning death. Remember the power of the long, life and death so watch what you are saying.

    ADVISE: Just humble yourself and plead with the president of Zambia whom you are not recognizing to exercise some lenience with you but make sure you promise the nation to respect governing authourity. Romans 12,12:1—-

  17. In Zambia people love money that their soul .i wonder why Zambia is the Christian nation. Assuming hh was your father how can you feel.minister are saying no state of emergency but the ecl want it .pf we beg you in the name of god

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