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Arrest me or leave me alone, Kambwili dares ACC

Headlines Arrest me or leave me alone, Kambwili dares ACC

Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Former Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has dared the Anti-Corruption Commission to go ahead and arrest him if indeed it has completed graft investigations against him.

Mr Kambwili was reacting to a statement issued by Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga who clarified that only one police officer was trailing Mr Kambwili because the ACC had concluded its investigations against the former cabinet Minister.

But the Roan MP asked why the Commission would need to follow his every move if indeed they have concluded investigations.

Mr Kambwili further questioned why Presidential Spokesperson Amos Chanda on Tuesday evening contradicted the police command on the Copperbelt by claiming that not even one officer was sent.

“If the magic 25 we saw were from any government institution then it would be the ACC, the reason Amos Chanda gave was that the ACC had concluded their investigations and thus are now trailing me to further conclude their investigations, when have we ever heard the ACC following a following a citizen accused of corruption?”

Mr Kambwili added, “The bigger question is why is the presidential spokesperson getting involved in a matter between myself and the police, and why does he have a completely different version of events as compared to the police command?”

He maintained that on Sunday morning, he woke up to a horde of police officers right outside his house adding that this happened in full view of three other people who were equally shocked.

“On Sunday afternoon I called the police command in Luanshya and asked them why they would deploy so many officers at my house and what would the reason be for such drastic action, the command refused and stated in no uncertain terms that they have no idea of any such operation and that not a single officer came from them,” he said.

“On Monday morning Copperbelt Police Commissioner attempted to cover up the unnecessary police presence outside my house. In order to do so and whilst intending to paint me a liar or lunatic the police chief claimed only one police officer was sent. One still wonders why a police officer would be sent to spy on me before I wake up. Furthermore, how come the command in Luanshya had no idea of what was going on under their nose?”

He said, “It is quite clear that we are not running mad, the police did gather outside my house, they weren’t sent by the Luanshya command, but one was sent by the police commissioner because I was about to hold a press conference which I had no idea about. The level of inconsistency is alarming, I would appreciate if the police or the ACC could either leave me alone or arrest me.”
Mr Kambwili also castigated PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba for condemning his press statements.

“On Tuesday morning I received a warning from a junior member of the party Kamba. Warning me not to drag the PF through the mud, Kamba forgot that the police service does not belong to the PF and I did not address the PF because it was not the PF marooned outside my house, this kind of excitement and inexperience is likely to dent the image of the party because this scenario had nothing to do with the PF,” he warned.


  1. Pombwe tuwe nokatalize hahulu kutwanga niku honona wa mukalani o shukezi ku hwela when you were still in office. This year kano Chagwa mwine Chipata abalya imichila ya mbabe akwipaye! Lungu will no doubt kill you this year ka, two fatal road accidents already and many more planned.

    • Didn’t Lungu say he will fire corrupt ministers?
      Didn’t he recently say he will fire indispline party members?
      Didn’t he say PF will create 500,000 jobs?
      Anyway why bother he is Mr Didn’t!
      He didn’t do anything about corruption he won’t do anything and will never do anything!
      Kukamba kamba chabe! No action sure.
      Ikona man!

    • Sounds like those were organized by state house. State of emergency.
      You see that issue had nothing to do with PF. Kamba feels his balls are bigger than Kanganja. He continues peeing on each investigation.

    • Kambwili talks too much and the last person to have sympathy for, he insulted and abused fellow Zambians when he was in Power, just like Wynter. These people are Devils, they should never be given chance to lead again. The prayers of many Zambians are being answered, let Kambwili Suffer, actually he should be locked up.
      This is a lesson to many Zambian Leaders. When in Power, remember that you are there to “Serve the people” Not people to SERVE YOU. Be humble and Humane. Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, and many other PF members have an evil Mind. They deserve Punishment.

  2. I told you people, Kambwili has 3 aces, Lungu has only 1. He will never be arrested. As a matter of Fact, Kambwili can set a market on fire and he won’t be arrested. Now any other person, Mumbi Phiri and her hordes of cadres would be queuing at the offices of Daily Nation and ZNBC to give their statements. This time around, not even a fart from Mumbi Phiri, why? This is Chishimba Kambwili.

    • Are other tribes blessed than others! He is a luck man no wonder he might just be secretly taken under cover.

    • He probably has loads of dirt on those trying to harass him. They have to be careful what course of action they take – it may just backfire on them.

  3. Life yamu pf they are fighting amongst themselves. Soon we will find out their dirty secrets alot of which their own secret agents have already told us. Lungu will have a horrible downfall. He is very unpopular and now he even attacks LAZ . A guy who stole client money and was suspended by laz is now calling in question their credibility. Lungu is a bellend. Please Google that if you duno

  4. According to Kambwili, Lungu is just akakunkubiti. No match! No person alive in Zambia today has dared the police as CK has done. Full honours to him. Now let us hear from this feeble cohort of corrupt [email protected] and [email protected] Come out now! CK has exposed your corruption.

  5. I m sure kambwili has learnt a lesson,u were too excited as minister to an extent of comparing JESUS and a certain tribe.But JESUS is Lord who oversees every creation and sets good time for everything,never be so excited with earthly riches.

  6. The ACC have concluded corruption investigations against Kambwili.Are they going to tell us their findings?

    • ACC are waiting for Lungu to tell them to go ahead and disclose their findings, but i don’t see this happening. KAMBWILI WILL AND CAN NEVER BE ARRESTED. NOT WHEN LUNGU IS PRESIDENT. It is just talk to excite gullible people.

  7. I am not going to hero wow CK but want to express my disgust on our systems(not just the current one ) tendency of always wanting to use state machinery to silence perceived enemies of the system.I mean if indeed Kambwili has been found wanting by the ACC yea why not arrest him and present him before the courts.I am sure all well meaning Zambians will support government’s fight on corruption but certainly should not be done selectively but on merit.After all we expect the current regime to fight corruption right?I think every Zambian wants to know how CK built all those villas from his salary and allowances.Otherwise if government is out to get CK based on the fact that he has presidential ambitions then…..I also echo his words leave the man alone!

  8. They have no teeth to bite Kambwili……. Go Kambwili go..

    Tough ones for PF: Linda Kasonde and Chishimba Kambwili

  9. Dear Lusaka Times,
    Please, Kambwili is not a headliner.

    He is not headline news.

    Is he a shareholder in LT?

  10. Leave Kambwili alone.We love kambwili in PF.Kamba can’t be insulting kambwili.Ba Amos Chanda nabo baleletumwenashamo saana.We know that ba Lungu is scared of kambwili to challenge him hence the intimidation.We PF member are in govt coz kambwili helped the president win elections.60% of PF members are dissapointed they way Ba Lungu is treating Kambwili.Kambwili is well respected in PF strong holds(CK,luapula,northern and muchinga and parts of lusaka).What PF members should know is that we PF members who choose leaders have seen leadership in Kambwili.The rest tapali and mark my words u can’t compare Sampa,GBM & Nevers Mumba to Kambwili.Go to luapula,kopala,nothern & muchinga u’ll what will happen when something wrong happens to Kambwili.We love ba Lungu but he should work with…

    • Spot on @ Moscow(op), this harassment of Kambwili will not take ba Lungu anywhere, a lot of grass roots in
      in PF strong holds know what Kambwili is politically, he is fearless and if ba Lungu and a few of his cohorts continue on this path I can assure you that in 2021 PF will kiss dust. If indeed Kambwili has been found with a case to answer let him be arrested and presented to court otherwise a lot of us PF supporters think he is being victimized because of his presidential ambitions. Is it a sin to have ambitions? Let the man be rejected by the pipo at the convention if he is not popular.

    • I am loving lungu taking on the bemba thieves one by one.
      Go lungu pleas rid us of these potential theives with presidential ambitions.

  11. I wonder why Amos Chanda comments on issues that are not part of his jurisdiction. He forgets that he is the legal mouth for the president and what he says is the president’s view. SILENCE IS GOLDEN!

  12. Kambwili you are trading a wrong path. HH was doing exactly what you are doing. Where is he?

    Very soon you will cry!

  13. The guilty are afraid! But look at this man what do you think.
    He still stands up and speak there must be where he is resting his back.
    Bemba people say mumbwe ukulila pali uko ashintilile.

    • Guilty or not guilty you can not be following someone for 12 months…its either you have evidence or not.

  14. BUFFOON CK is not going down quietly …Lazy Lungu has to cease misusing Police and cowering behind them just challenge CK to stand for Presidency surely if its so dangerous in Zambia why is the Lazy Sausage touring in Swaziland?
    This has just exposed ACC who are taking orders from State House…how can you investigate someone publicly without ever questioning them for 10 months.

  15. Kambwili should just wait for the police to arrest him instead of talking like he’s got cerebral malaria. If the police are wrong we’ll know in time. Personally I don’t whether Kambwili is guilty or not but like anyone of us he can be a suspect and subject to investigation.

    • But why following suspects where ever they go if you have enough evidence? Ba Lungu is scared of his own shadow, he is deviding PF big time and eastern province wont make him win elections in 2021 if he continues on this parth.

  16. Chishimba Kambwili is very childish!!he talks rubbish oftenly.wise men are such people like Hon.Given Lubinda,Davis Mwila,Nickson Chilangwe,who after being dropped from Cabinet kept quiet and came back very strong.now they are enjoying in PF.but Kambwili has taken the evil route which Miles Sampa & Mulenga Sata took.by the time CK will come back to his senses,it will be too late and he will be out of Mighty PF!!CK IS DIGGING HIS OWN POLITICAL GRAVE!!look,Egar Lungu is where he is today because of PF.even CK himself, its because of PF!!minus PF,CK is nothing-the earlier he realised this fact the better for him!!

    • @Njimbu! To you political office is not about service delivery but ‘enjoyment’. What cadre mentality!

    • Kaputo davis

      Exactly, these are the shameless caders who claim it rains money around Mr lungu.

      IMF should never give them a dime.

  17. Mukananga kuzumera udindo wau minister of information that was a bite to diminish your fortunes koz you really made a lot of enemies esp the media e.g the post newspaper,and they just used you to defend any unpopular decision and policy pronouncements.So it is very difficulty for people to sympathise with or believe you.

  18. This tribalist must surely have his day in court. One does not become a property magnate overnight. He really worked hard in dividing the Zambian people during campaigns leading to the election- google dununa reverse PF rally in Chingola. I have NO SYMPATHY with this thief/ tribalist.

  19. The founder of PF was never a peaceful man.Remember when he was MMD national secretary suspensions warnings and firing was the order of the day. when he left MMD and LPM was at the helm there was some sanity in the party. Cadres started understanding that money had to be worked for and not given to one who shouts the highest.The marketeers understood that they had to be in the markets and not the streets. The rule of law was cardinal during this period. In came Micheal Chilufya Sata and everything disintegrated free for all land grabbing to name but a few. In short Peace in PF IS A FAR FETCHED DREAM. The anti MMD and Pro Kambwili’s faction are behind the fires

    • [email protected] Kaluba, what has Sata got to do with this? Let the man rest in in peace, if you don’t have anything sensible to post, better keep quiet you moron. Every right thinking PF follower knows that Kambwili is being targeted purely because of his ambitions to stand as PF president at the convention if they don’t hound him out of the party before 2020. We are watching very closely ba Lungu will cry if he is not careful.

    • @30 & 30.1… you must be UFOs, bafi colour leave BA SATA alone and talk about your retard parents. your low life fathers will never get anywhere near what BA SATA achieved in his life.

    • Lol Akashambatwa, I’m actually a woman. Typical of PF cadres to insult, the truth is my father was a wealthy man who has never involved himself in politics. Continuing praising Sata who is making you buy electricity at increased price at 75%. Mind you his children will never suffer

  20. President Edgar Lungu is destroying the PF. Let the members tell him on Saturday when the Central Committee meets that his obsession with 2021 will destroy the party. There is one thing humanity agrees on.They hate an unappreciative person. Don’t show hatred to people when its the same people who gave you love.CK worked hard for PF. And people know this. And once people see thru your schemes of hate, they drift away from you. you can try with your road projects, with your media spins, with all the power , the bottom line is that you have betrayed human virtues.And we won’t see your works. This is who we are. Human beings.

    • @20 Njimbu, my brother we are also PF die hard supporters but what is happening is not right, if the same trend continues our party will be torn apart. CK commands a sizable following such that if he is treated unfairly they decide to pull away from PF, then rest assured that you are giving more chances to UPND in 2021.The obsession for 2021 by ECL as @Vito has alluded to will just destroy our party, let ECL work if he satisfies us ,then we can easily give him 2021 and not the way he is doing things.

  21. CK should have championed for better policies and systems when he was still a vocal PF minister.
    So, let him eat his own medicine.

    These scums never learn – what happened to the once vocal PF messiah Wynter Kabimba – the same thing will also happen to Chanda, Mumba, etc.

  22. The pattern is shaping up. Chishimba Kambwili, Savior Chishimba, Mwenya Musenge, Lupando Mwape, GBM have formed an interesting alliance to revive Kapwepwe’s UPP that would like to ride on the people of Bena-Chimana (Luapula people) and the Tongas as their horses. Read Sikota Wina’s book: A NIGHT WITHOUT A PRESIDENT.

  23. Tell Kambwili that he is wasting our time, we have no suitably sized prison cell for him and GBM, not yet. Those who are properly sized, like our handsome underfive, we have locked up….


  25. Kambwili take it easy and take advantage of the central committee meeting scheduled for Saturday. Go and air out your grievances with your perceived enemies. Remember that PF is bigger than you!!!!

  26. WHO IS KENNEDY KAMBA? This fool has grown big headed, YY?
    Kamba needs to slow down. He needs to watch his mouth.
    These police officers , and all defense forces should be totally NON PARTISAN in politics.
    Police officers , and all defense forces should not bend down to any political affiliate

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