Truck driver crushes head of a 17 year old boy

One of the trucks from South Africa at Elections House for verification
One of the trucks from South Africa at Elections House for verification

The police in Solwezi have detained a driver of a freight liner truck registration no BAB 7321, BCA 7308 T, BCA 7309T for causing a fatal road traffic accident which has claimed a life of a 17 year old boy.

North western commissioner of police Auxensio Daka confirmed the accident to Solwezi FCC radio this afternoon.

Mr Daka identified the driver as James Katai aged 37 of suburb area in Mufurila who whilst driving a freight liner from east to west hit a pedestrian Philip Samona aged 17 yrs of Mitec area whose head was crushed and died on the spot.

He said the accident happened this morning opposite Prompt spare shop mitec area when the driver was avoiding a small pot hole and in the process lost control of his vehicle and hit a pedestrian who was standing by the side of the road.

The accident angered members of the public who began stoning all passing vehicles and in the process a few were damaged.The police can not confirm how many cars were damaged as the owners left the scene in fear for further damage.

The driver of the freight liner has since been detained at Solwezi police station for causing death whilst the body of the deceased is at Solwezi general hospital mortuary.


  1. This is a tragic and sad accident.It’s unfair to cut a young life short like that..and whilst all anger will be poured on the driver,I think the local government should shoulder some blame for allowing potholes on roads. Enough money is collected from trucks to maintain roads properly.We Zambians have become so accustomed to local governments that don’t work that potholes are seen as normal.

  2. Roads in Solwezi are bad. In July 2015 the president came and cut a ribbon commissioning construction of township roads. The provincial minister announced at the same occasion that funds were ready but the following day machinery was removed from the site two years now these roads have not been done. January 2017 the local authority said they were waiting for rain season to end and they will work on roads and this end of July there is no sign of works starting. Pot holes is real

  3. Reckless drivers ,corrupt policemen taking bribes,vehicle owners skimping on maintenance and incompetent transport authorities all have blood on their hands.

  4. I am in Solwezi right now and am here to stay. People please come and see the district we call PROVINCIAL H/Q for North Western Region supervising other districts. Solwezi has NOT EVEN ONE TOWNSHIP ROAD TARED. I have gone round. I know Znbc can’t report the state of of roads in here but this Council is very careless and they charge the highest in terms of Trading Licences K5,000 to K10,000. These same business houses are paying K1,000 to Councils in Kitwe, Ndola and Lusaka. These are FACTS. TRADING LICENCE CERTIFICATES ARE DISPLAYED in shops and others FOR ANYONE TO SEE.

  5. Sorry for the loss of life. If the council is not able to tar the roads they can at least patch up the potholes.

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