Monday, June 17, 2024

CEC spends US$5 million on Mindola Sub Station


Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) Head of Project and support services Benny Simukoko says his Firm has spent over US$5 million to complete the construction of the current substation at Mopani Copper Mines Mindola Shaft in Kitwe.

Mr. Simukoko says the seven month project to be completed in December this year will be supplied to Mopani Mines by CEC.

Speaking to journalists during a tour of the substation, Mr Simukoko said CEC budgets between US $15Million and US $ 20 million for the refurbishing of the run down and upgrading of the new equipment every year.

He added that CEC provides and supplies electricity to mining companies based on the Copperbelt and it also supplies emergency power to ZESCO when there is an unexpected national power blackout in the country.

Mr Simukoko said CEC owns 42 substations on the Copperbelt and the Mindola project was as a result of a request its main client, Mopani Copper mines Plc which wants increased power for increased capacity.

Mopani is sinking a shaft to access some new deposits of copper hence the need for CEC to enhance the voltage at Mindola Substation that will meet the new requirements needed in order to increase their production, he said.

The Head of project and Support services said the upgrading of the infrastructure at Mindola substation project will bring in about 40 megawatts of the addition power required at the substation.

He said CEC owns over 1000 KM of power with high voltage transmission ranging from 220KV to 66 KV and over 500 KM of optic fiber network.


  1. Only RETIRED engineers can spot the typo error but as usual Engineers dwell on petty issues we all know its just a typo error why comment? Very useless engineer maybe u are a sewerage (amafi) Engineer

  2. Anyone got any info on the closure of Ndola Lime Company by ZCCM Pius Kasolo?

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