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Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja testfies in Tayali’s case


Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has testified in a matter in which he has sued former Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali for defamation.

In this matter, it is alleged that Mr. Tayali posted a statement on his facebook page that was defamatory.

When the matter came up Mr. Kanganja said the statement by Mr. Tayali alleging that the Inspector General of Police was incompetent and failed to protect the President was injurious as people started calling for his resignation.

But the defense argued that calls for Mr. Kanganja to resign started way before Mr. Tayali posted his statement on facebook.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kanganja told the court that he does not work on instructions from any politician.

He told Lusaka Magistrate Felix Kaoma that UPND leader Hakinde Hichilema disregarded the directive from police officers to give way to the Presidential motorcade in Mongu.

Mr. Kanganja said there was going to be mayhem if police officers had reacted against Mr. Hichilema and others that refused to give way to the Presidential motorcade.

He told the Lusaka Magistrate court that officers had to restrain themselves in order not to lose any life.

Mr. Kanganja says it is standard practice for people to give way to the head of state every time when his motorcade is using the road.

He was responding to a question from Defense lawyer Keith Mweemba who wanted to find out why Mr. Hichilema was not stopped by the Police officers so that the President could pass.


    • Even when the this man has a chance to tell Zambians, HH committed treason, he not even able to explain. The only reason is “disregarded the directive from police officers to give way to the Presidential motorcade in Mongu.” He has not answered any of the questions that Zambians have raised, such as why they opted last minute to drive instead of flying, why there was no Police Sweeper in advance of the Presidential motorcade overtaking HH, if the President was in danger, why were windows open, etc…
      None of those questions are answered, but we are being fed with one sided story that the life of the president was in danger.

    • PF is terrible, such a high ranked officer dragging and testifying against a boy like Tayali? If it was Kapyongo its understandable, not Kanganja.
      Who will testify for Lungu then?

    • @ General Kanene Why should they fly? who told you that there was no police sweeper. you can answer those questions yourself thats if you have brains.

    • What’s wrong with these Upnd lawyers, is it LT misreporting again? Who is on trial in this matter, HH or Tayali? Why bring up questions on the Mongu matter?

  1. They were even fortunate! Go do the same in any developed country and obstruct a presidential motorcade, Hazaiona Heka would have been sorry.

    • I once drove in opposite directions with VP Jo Biden in DC were I live and nothing happened to me. It was a mistake on their part. I knew something was wrong because their was no traffic on Massachusetts Ave as I drove into it. They forgot to block my entry into the road.

    • Give us some examples, don’t just type lies here.
      In developed and developing countries, police motor bikes sweep clean the streets before their presidents drive through.
      We are talking about incompetence and lies/tricks here.

    • The difference is that in developed countries, they do not close roads and they do not use a thousand motor vehicles to escort heads of state and the do not entertain a clouds of party cadres dancing for them whilst on empty tummies. In the United Kingdom for example, sometimes you wouldn’t even notice that the prime minister has just past heading in the opposite direction simply because they do not over dramatise. We respect our head of state in the UK so as all road users.

    • Such cannot even happen in the developed countries you are referring to because they are more organized and respect each other. Considering his position, HH would be granted a lot more respect and protection from the police as well so the two teams would have been communicating and verifying who is where. This was a trap set up for HH, that’s all.

    • This of course wouldnt happen in developed countries where you have highly trained personnel who plan and direct presidential motorcades. The president has no say on how he will be transported. The personnel in charge assess the risik factors and employ appropriate method to safe guard the president. Lungu was not in danger and thats why he had his window down just to let HH know that I have overtaken you….VERY CHILDISH. Lungu was the instigator of that Mongu debacle and not HH.

  2. This is what happens when you have political appointment in police. A guy like kanjanga whose only qualification is a birth certificate and soon a death one in the future is given top command of a national police force. Look how selective and biased he has been in supporting pf. He is a mad dog

    • Are you telling us that the up and down party will not appoint anyone to any position if at all (God forbid) they win. Kanganja has over 30 Years in various positions in the Police and Ministry of Home Affairs. Don’t just yap like a rabid dog check you facts if your head is functioning properly.

    • @ Tantwe, please educate us on the education background of Kanganja if he has any. Serving in the the service for 30 years says nothing, all we know is that he may have been licking boots for that long….Whatever the case this Kanganja has very low intellect. His IQ must be around 70 which is borderline retard.

  3. I guess Keith “Bebeto” Mweemba got it from Mr Kanganja that HH and his team refused to give way in mongu.a lot will be heard once HH’s treason case hearings start in High court though now we dont care whether HH is released or not because he has already spent enough months in jail for his arrogance mongu!!MOREOVER,ALL IN UPND HAVE NOW KNOWN WHO IS THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT BETWEEN H.E.EDGAR LUNGU AND HH!!SO HE CAN BE FREED FROM MUKOBEKO BY THE JUDGE!!

  4. Lusaka Times is truly pro PF…..Why are they not reporting what Kanjanga said about Mumbi Phiri in Court today.The man clearly stated the Mumbi Phiri instructed him to charge HH with Treason and not a Traffic offence to the bewilderment of everyone in court.The man was in a different world.You would expect a seasoned police officer to be calm and consistent in court

    • You @independent Kanganja just acknowledged what Mumbi Phiri said as her opinion and did not act because Mumbi said so. He had to act according to his professional requirements and the law. That baffon is now chilling in mukobeko and the way courts are conjested with cases, it might take a year before his case is disposed

  5. In ansswer to amquestion by counsel why GBM was nit granted bail but detained in jail over the long weekend the IG answered… the COURT is doesn’t work over weekend.
    Now how does this impact on the quwstion of 14 days in the petition hearing ny upnd.. Has the IG opend up another can of worms


  7. the idea of a trap is stupid.. if you knew it was trap why did you walk in it? It’s the ***** that walks into a trap. Its in your script that jail is part of a requirement to be president. You set the trap and got trapped yourselves. HH is not a martyr he is a criminal suspect.. TILIZON solution Article 31.. you must admit you guys are dull and lag behind in strategy. You are even willing to take in KAMBWILI

  8. Hazaluza Hagain thought he was the Zambian President in his ridiculous head. My foot….. I can not risk voting for him, he has absolutely no idea of how to run a country going by UPND comments on issues and behaviour. That is why they keep on scoring their own goals. Vote NO NO for UPND.

  9. IG Kakoma disclosed that in Zambia Courts do not operate during the Week Ends. This means in the Petition Case 14 days are working days and not week days. It follows therefore that 14 Working Days only Expired on 8th September 2016. Concourt erroneously and illegally abandoned the Petition on 2nd September 2016. The Petition must be heard without Fail. Why is Lungu blocking the Petition? The guilty are very very afraid.

    • Great point my friend….The ConCourt even contradicted itself by passing their ruling on day 16 of the petition.General Miyanda asked where the Court got its mandate after 14 days had passed.

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