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Kitwe City Council remove Chinese street vendors after complaints from local vendors

General News Kitwe City Council remove Chinese street vendors after complaints from local...

Kitwe CBD after the street vendors were removed
Kitwe CBD after the street vendors were removed
OFFICERS of Kitwe City Council (KCC) yesterday confiscated goods belonging to Chinese traders who were conducting business on the streets in the central business district.

This follows complaints by local street vendors who were recently removed from the streets by the local authority.

KCC assistant public relations manager Dona Mbalwe said in an interview yesterday the officers confiscated phones and phone machines from the Chinese nationals who were conducting business on the street.

“We had a meeting yesterday with the street vendors who were complaining that we have allowed some Chinese nationals to operate on the streets. So this morning [Wednesday], we raided the central business district and confiscated their goods,” she said.

Kitwe has recently witnessed an increase in the number of Chinese nationals selling merchandise on the streets.

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  1. I have never seen a country with stup1t people like Zambia where foreigners are tolerated to do business illegally; i have been warning you about our Chinese friends; soon they will outnumber us and take over over from sleepy Zambians if we are not careful;

    • These Chinese people coming to Zambia to sell merchandise on the streets, what kind of immigration status do they have? I mean a Zambian can’t just go to China, and begin to sell on the streets with no proper papers. Where’s Zambia’s immigration? If you tolerate this behavior in Zambia, you will regret it. Begin to round them up and sending them back to China. Wake up before this problem spirals way out of control. Zambia needs real investors, not ba Kaponya.

  2. These Chinese people should have be screened thoroughly before entering Zambia, some of them are just hear to take away small scale businesses from us. Look at the Chicken rearing business, they have taken over and most of the reared chickens are from their backyards. As if not enough the block making is also taken over by the same Chinese. On the other hand we are busy encouraging people to venture into entrepreneurship business and yet it is taken oven by the Chinese, they off course have a upper hand as their fellow Chinese provide them with equipment which can’t be manufactured by us. They have even penetrated into other business ventures such as quarry mines knowing that crushed stones on high demand, these are the jobs which were supposed to be done by us Zambians to benefit from…

  3. Why jsnt immigration invikved to see what tyoes of permit they have, a permit to be a street vendor, a permit to grow chickens in the backyard. Whete are immigration…. Masai get depoeted for hair plaitng what of chinese.
    If a job can be done by zambian then immigration refuses a foreigner a permit, why isnt it happening to chinese ministry of home affairs where are you

  4. I have been to Guangzhou china on several occasions, to the many places I have visited there is no street vending in China,

    Most goods are sold in specific places, hardware is in foshan, electronics at the electronic market, vitenge, West African attires and other stuff at stuff at Tian xiu, counterfeit products at the copy market and so on.

    In China you are charged for not paying tax, and trading in a not designated place.

    And moreover let’s protect our vendors from foreigners, it’s very difficult to engage in business as a Zambian even in our neighbouring countries, Tanzania has a policy of not allowing foreigners to establish businesses in the low income sector.

    But these foreigners are the majority at comesa market and yet Tanzania is not a member of comesa. It is a…

    • The audacity for foreigners and especially Chinese to do things like this is a clear testimony that we have serious problems in this country. When vendors are removed from the streets, the Chinese then think that the area has been cleared for them, how stupid.

  5. Racist inferiority Complexed Police! They had to wait until some blacks had complained. Couldnt they just act according to the bye laws?

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