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Thursday, February 27, 2020

IDC appoints new boards for ZESCO and ZAMTEL

Economy IDC appoints new boards for ZESCO and ZAMTEL

THE Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has appointed new board of directors for Zamtel and Zambia Railways Limited in an effort to transform the two companies into competitive entities.

IDC director general Mateyo Kaluba said in a statement yesterday that the corporation expects the new directors to drive the two companies into profitable units that will regularly declare dividends.

The appointed directors for Zamtel are Claire Limbwabwa, Misheck Lungu, Justin Chola, Bob Musenga, Danny Luswili and Francis Musonda.

Those for Zambia Railways Limited are Gordon Zimba, Nicholas Chikwenya, Gertrude Akapelwa, Evans David Chabala, Linyama Lubinda and Robert Mtonga.

Mr Kaluba said chairpersons for the two boards will be decided in line with articles of association for each company.

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    • A bunch of PF sycophants again appointed. Just a reminder Chairman at Zambia Railways is Davis Chama, former PF SG, Chairman at Lusaka Water is Paul Moonga PF Chair for mobilisation in Southern Province, recently he asked the Board to buy him a VX Landcruiser and they declined he fired the CEO, and need we remind you that Chairman at ZESCO was Frank Bwalya now PF spokesperson…and you wonder why we have load shedding!

  1. IDC has got it wrong. Let them advertise these positions and only the best with a clear vision for such companies must be selected. It is shameful that after more than 50 years of independence, we cannot have the best to run our affairs especially in important sectors of our economy. Wake up IDC.

    • @ Thumbo, you comment is too advanced for the dunderheads at IDC. If they did as you suggest , this country would be very advanced in development

    • Since when did you see the board being advertised? Even BBC just appoints the board of directors. All you can say is that you’re not happy with some of the board members.

  2. Ndanje Khakis, in RSA, there is no one appointed the way IDC is doing it here. These positions are advertised and only the best picked, mostly dependent on the vision they have in the sector of the company’s operations. Zambia has qualified, exposed and experienced (EEE) citizens. If we picked the most suitable, in economics they say you can maximize resource use, a factor that brings in cost reduction and profitability with good downstream effects/impact. From Kaunda’s time to date, Zambia has been running at low levels in all sectors of our economy and it is high time IDC woke up folks!

  3. The worst is appointing cadres whose priority is amass wealth. Parastal Companies will never progress in this way. We need people who have company interest at heart and those who want to uphold and protect their professional integrity.

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