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President Lungu intervenes: All UNZA students to be allowed to sit for Exams

Headlines President Lungu intervenes: All UNZA students to be allowed to sit for...

UNZA students are currently mobilizing at monk square
UNZA students

Academic Affairs Secretary Cornelius Daka has disclosed that all registered students will be allowed to sit for exams provided their sponsors or guardians sign commitment forms to clear the debt. This follows president Lungu’s intervention

“UNZASU would like to inform the student populace that senate held an emergency meeting yesterday concerning examination and fees and a concordance has been reached, all registered students will be allowed to sit for exams this academic year 2016/2017 provided their sponsor or guardian sign a commitment to complete payment of fees for the affected student, this came as a directive from H.E President Edgar Lungu through the minister of higher education, ladies and gentlemen we have won the battle,” Daka stated.

He said results of owing students would be withheld.

“We urge students to continue making further payments as results will not be published for students who will still be owing the university at the time of publication, and all graduating students still owing will not be allowed to graduate. We further urge all registered students to collect new identity cards and latest exam slips as they will be used to gain access to exam rooms,” stated Daka.

“Furthermore deffered exams will be given to all students that are registered and missed mid-year exams, a deffered exam timetable will be published immediately after the final exams. Lastly we urge all registered students still owing the institution to get in touch with their sponsors and guardians to travel to the University of Zambia and sign commitment forms on their behalf before exams begin in a fortnight to avoid being inconvenienced.”

Last month, UNZA management announced that over 8,000 students were owing the institution K58 million and they would not be allowed to sit for exams or access university services.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo has welcomed the formation of the Association of Universities and College Administrators ( AUCA).

Prof Luo says the initiative to establish the association is an important milestone in enhancing the quality of education offered in high learning institutions in the country.

She expressed optimism that the newly formed association will supplement governments efforts of promoting excellence in the education sector.

Prof Luo said this in a speech read for her by the Director for Planning and Development, Succeed Mubanga.

And speaking earlier, Zambia Society for Public Administration (ZSPA) president Kelvin Esiasa said the association was formed with the view to promote networking among higher learning institutions.

Mr Esiasa said the interest of the Association of Universities and College Administrators is to strengthen the capacity of the office of the office of the registrar.

He noted that the successful running of any higher learning institution lays in the office the registrar.


    • Ebupuba uyu why should everything be at the mercy of the President what sort of country is this? The presidency in Zambia is a small god. This is what has been at the core of corruption and politics of patronage. Total Nonsense if you ask me.

    • Case closed. The greatest African president presiding now.

      He has a heart of mahatma Gandhi. The fitness of Mandela. The will to succeed of winston Churchill and the brains of Einstein.

      We are lucky this era is that if Edgar Lungu.



    • @shameless, it’s not the president who made these students to pay their fees. He’s just shown compassion otherwise he could have simply looked the other way.

    • It’s in their DNA, they will even praise their MP for providing a bole hole to them, when the fellow used tax money.

  1. That is the way to gain popularity with the electorate, not by sending your opponents to Mukobeko Maximum Prison.

  2. Funny how people now want to praise Lungu when it’s, in fact, him and his govt through Nkandu Luo who banned students from sitting for exams. Now, you will see people queueing up at ZNBC for walk-in interviews praising Jonathan the Great Leader. Some Zambians can be gullible!!!

  3. flip flop government! This meeting should have been held before the pronouncement of banning students with dues from sitting for exams. There is too much interference from head of state whether for good or bad. Doesn’t he trust his cabinet to run affairs? A strong government is where it seems the president is doing nothing but levers of government are flowing! If he doesn’t have confidence in them, reshuffle!

  4. President Edgar Jonathan Lungu, you are now a president of the people, for the people, by the people. A personal thank you to you.

  5. Like he will reverse the mandatory testing of AIDS. In as much as i applaud this move, waiting for reactions before proper decisions are made is not good. Knee jerk reactions

  6. The damage has already been caused. The affected students weren’t allowed to attend lectures since this pronouncement was made, neither were they allowed to sit for the end of term tests (or whatever they call them), marks which go towards their final grades.

    When they revise the floor price of maize upwards, you will see people giving praises to President Jonathan. Those in favour of the current floor price will be the first to dash to ZNBC to congratulate the “Listening Government”

  7. PF ministers are hopeless , it seems they only work when mr lungu farts……what a waist of space this bunch is…..

    • We the topic is about allowing students to write exams , not about HH……your lust for HH is becoming embarrassing. Hope you are not a married woman.

  8. All registered students. What does it take for one to register . It means someone who has paid 50% of tuition. Fees. Playing with words, semantics …Give the students bursaries. We don’t want last minute father Christmas stunts.

  9. They still have to pay the fees as they have to have a guarantor sign a deed of guarantee.
    This is how the education minister should have negotiated. Why is everything so confrontational in zambia these days

  10. @Shameless indeed you’re shameless! you are just acting dirt politics here.Has the president really done the wrong thing here? We can’t progress with people like you in Zambia……. You’re such a disgrace to the country

  11. @ Dondo Stop insulting Mushota. Have respect for Women. Ask your self where you came from.
    May be you came through the anus because your comment stink.

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