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Court summons Kambwili for traffic offences after saying Kaizer Zulu only has birth certificate

Headlines Court summons Kambwili for traffic offences after saying Kaizer Zulu only has...

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili
Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili

Former information Minister Chishimba Kambwili has disclosed that Edgar Lungu’ political  Kaizer  Zulu only has  a birth certificate and that  the only other certificate he is waiting for is a death certificate.

In an interview with the Mast newspaper, Kambwili further says if you look at Freedom Sikazwe from Top to bottom you cant see anything to be called Presidential Affairs Minister.

The moment the paper hit the streets, a magistrate court summoned him to answer for three counts of traffic offenses.

In the first count, it is alleged that Kambwili was knowingly in charge of a motor vehicle; a Jaguar, bearing a false registration mark ‘CK900’ contrary to the laws of Zambia.

In the second count, he is alleged to have permitted someone without a driver’s license to drive his car along Dedan Kimathi Road in Lusaka.

And in the third count, it is alleged that the said car had no certificate of insurance contrary to the laws of Zambia.

According to facts before court, Chileshe Chileshe was the one driving Kambwili’s vehicle on August 13, 2017 and after Kabulo Chikowa, a Road Transport and Safety Agency inspector checked the registration, he discovered that ‘CK900’ did not exist in the system.



    • Here we go, another “impotent” case coming up. It’s either poor reporting by LT or it’s a witch hunting case?
      Again, skimming through what is written above leaves one in doubt.
      Who knows, the car might have been registered a few hours before the inspector pounced on that driver, synchronization between the systems might not have occurred yet. The Transport depart must have a savvy system for instant synchronization, which I doubt. So I am not convinced on the first count.
      On the second one, I would think the responsibility lies with the driver. In third count, again, depends on how long CK had the car, if its new car, those things might be in process at the time the driver was stopped.
      All in All, I don’t see a big deal with this case. The timing makes it sound, this is being…

    • So Kambwili is going to jail for 4 months like HH?
      These PF at state house don’t learn anything.
      So dull indeed.

    • Silliness at all levels. Even the public workers are not professionals, with no privacy for personal data/ citizens information?? They work with Cadres’ / witch hunters just to find faults at people. Chishimba is also stupid, he thought he was above the law, during his tenure. Let this be a lesson to many others who abuse office when in power.

    • 1. There is no way CK can make up a number plate and go on the road with it, I am sure RTSA deliberately lost the records on CK’s Jaguar. But registration documents will sought out this.

      2. Shouldn’t the driver be charged for driving without a license? you don’t charge the car or owner of the car if the driver has no license, you charge the driver.

    • @crusher lusambo, so when it’s suits your narrative, kambwili is not Bemba. How come then there is a national claim that bembas are the largest grouping in zambia? Because all bemba speaking people are counted as bembas. And yet not all Tonga speaking people are counted as Tonga, why, because then the truth would come out, i.e. that there are more tongas than any other tribe in zambia, stretching from copperbelt,central,lusaka and southern.But of course this fact is too painful for the ruling bemba clique to accept.

  1. Ironically, what does a traffic offence have to do with derogatory remarks? Two stories have been merged here, but unsure which one is correctly reported. Now that tells me something is wrong whith the way facts are gathered.

    • I thought Lungu went to Mukuba Secondary School in Kitwe. Is there another Mukuba sec school in Mufulira or you are dealing with ‘alternative facts’ ?

    • Lombe (MA),

      For one with such an exaggerated of his educational attainment, you surprise me with such a high level of ignorance. ECL was brought up in Kitwe and attended the following schools in Kitwe: Mutende, Chimwemwe A, Ishuko at primary level and Mukuba at secondary level. Please do your research before needlessly embarrassing yourself.

    • I meant to say: “For one with such an exaggerated sense of his educational attainment, you surprise me with such a high level of ignorance.”

  2. Waste Of Time, Look For People Who Attacked Mourners At Leopards Hill Memorial Park.
    It Is His Car Leave Him Alone, Jealous People Never Win.

  3. Next Charges:
    Having no neck and wearing a garish orange outfit suspected of west African origin and attempting to attend ukusefya ba ngwena ceremony without invitation. Throw in the one about attempted sexual molestation of the Muvi TV Interviewer at his home be ensuring that she sat on the same couch as he during that “…I can fly to London for Tea…” interview. And the other charge is his failure to declare his relationship to Idi Amin, a former Ugandan leader.

  4. Leave the bafoon alone. But let me ask. ..didn’t Kambwili know that Kaiser had only a birth certificate? That’s what is cheapening this man…talking like a headless chicken. Why can’t uphold some dignity by not commenting and debasing his former workmates.

  5. That Kaiser Zulu is drunk with power that’s not his own, former convict Richard Sakala needs to give a word of advice to this full.

  6. Hmmmmmml…..this is unprecedented !!Receiving a summon from the court and appearing in the same court on the same day??

  7. This is ridiculous.these courts and police forces we have in Africa very unprofessional. So this will end up like hell underneath on this unprofessional behavior of our police officers.

  8. This is ridiculous.these courts and police forces we have in Africa very unprofessional. So this will end up like hell underneath on this unprofessional behavior of our police officers.so we are waiting to hear nolle proqui

  9. This is ridiculous.these courts and police forces we have in Africa very unprofessional. So this will end up like hell underneath on this unprofessional behavior of our police officers.so we are waiting to hear nolle proqui

  10. Chishimba Kambwili is a disgrace…….a foo1…..an 1diot…………why cant he just keep quite? He is is so full of hatred because he was sacked. Shame on him….even those supporting him are 1diots. He is behaving like a person who goes out with a girl for a long time and after the girl dumps him, he starts calling a girl a prostitute…..HOW? ATASEEE FUSEKEEEEE…….UKOOOOO

  11. Unfortunate, that Comrade Kambwili’s relationship with PF has descended to this level of personal name calling and rancor.

    Again I compare his case to the Rainbow Party Leader, who demonstrated what was the best exit out of and elegant resurfacing back to the political stage. His conduct as a politician was at times questioned and at the time of being expelled out of PF, he laid low. Comrade Kambwili is ricchochetting from wLl to wall like a loose bullet.

  12. @Nose demon, HH committed a more serious crime and he is fortunate his pants are out of Mukobeko! Kambwili if true also did commit serious offenses but not at par with the Chief Namwala’s! You got it in that head of yours, right?

  13. Ba Kambwili bikeni bola panshi. Muleimweneshamofye. We thought you are a man and half kanshi awe. You are exposing yourself unprof.

  14. Who says that every court case must be a conviction? in any functioning system these things happen. And when a case is dismissed in some cases it is just on technicality and does not always mean the offence was not committed. Let us give the prosecution authority, the defence lawys and the courts do their jobs. Some us who judge these institutions do not even understand why they exist. So let those who are grieved, like in this instance the state feels agrieved, the proscution authority will proscute and the courts will test the case and those defending the accused will do their job.

  15. Comment:
    @ Crusher Lusambo.

    He isn’t at that. All that talk about ukusefya pa ng’wena, etc, is unnecessary as Kambwili is NOT Bemba at all.

  16. The serious enemy to my brother Kambwili is his mouth which seriously lacks coordination with his brain. Worse still, he easily forgets that he was for a long time part of this same team he is now calling illiterates. Mature up bro and find better means of building your name.

  17. Kaizer Zulu,RB,Mumbi Phiri, E.Mwamba etc played key roles in rigging the 2016 Election for Lungu. These very people will collapse Lungu’s Chipante pante govt. KZ wields so much power and has directed the Courts to persecute CK thru Prosecution. This abuse of power will be punished soon. Sad to see that Lungu cannot control or restrain his thuggish and criminal adviser.

  18. We learn that Chishimba Kambwili once boasted that he is so rich that he can fly to London for a cup of coffee/tea and return to Zambia the same day. Such utterances remind us of how boastful Mobutu Sese Seko family was at the height of Mobutu Presidency in Zaire. His family (wife) had the courage of insulting the people of the Congo by stating that “MOBUTU’s FAMILY CAN FLY TO HAVE LUNCH IN EUROPE AND ONLY RETURN TO KINSHASA TO USE THE TOILET”. It is possible that the rich Bwana Kambwili’s statement was sparingly “incomplete”. History will always repeat itself.

  19. “Power corrupts good morals”
    This is what ECL/PF should know. I think the idea here to these charges ,and many more to come ,is to make this MR RICH FOOL bankrupt and then throw him in the streets of luanshya.

  20. whatever has happened , let the court rule it out. And what has the police done? leave the men and women in uniform alone. when are we going to appreciate the work our men do, they work under difficult conditions and sucrifice for our mother zambia. stop troubling them *****s

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