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UNZA will only allow 4 009 registered students to write examinations

General News UNZA will only allow 4 009 registered students to write examinations

The University of Zambia says it will only allow 4 009 registered students to write examinations.

University of Zambia Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba says this will be on condition that they sign commitment forms of paying their outstanding fees before results are given out in the next academic year.

Professor Mumba says students that have not registered with the University but only attend classes are not going to be allowed to write examinations.

UNZA Vice Chancellor Prof Luke Mumba

He has explained that management has engaged all stakeholders, students, unions, parents and sponsors in a consultative dialogue over the matter.

Professor Mumba was speaking at a media briefing held in the senate chamber in Lusaka.

He said management has observed that after threatening students over tuition fees, the number of students that have paid has reduced from eight thousand to about four thousand.

Professor Mumba explained that this is an indication that some students can afford to pay even if they have been reluctant to do so.

And Professor Mumba says for the 2018 academic year; the university will only admit students who will be ready to pay and will be required to have commitment letters from their sponsors.

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  1. Bwana Vice Chancellor, how do you allow a system where unregistered students attend classes? That simply exposes you as a highly incompetent administrator, Mr. Vice Chancellor. How can you fail to put in place some system that would help ensure that only registered students attend classes?. There’s absolutely no accountability, and little wonder UNZA is perpetually broke and ever in problems. Tefyo twalebomba naba Kasuka Mwauluka.

    • @Ken
      But how do you pay tuition fees without being registered? It then means that money paid by unregistered students is not accounted for….. somebody pockets it away. Every student who attends classes(distance learning or onsite) needs to register with the University.

    • Let everyone write the exams, your inefficient system allowed them to attend classes. You will then hold their results until the full amounts are paid.

      Or maybe you want Mr Lungu to intervene again so he looks good. ? Ok let’s try that again.

    • A very crazy University. The highest learning institution in Zambia, cannot even account for actual number of registered students? How would students be attending classes yet Not registered with the institution?? There must be corrupt practices whereby students attend classes yet write exams with other universities. Zambia seems to be messed up at all levels..

    • Surely how can someone just walk all the way from Kalingalin ga enter a lecture room sit down and start learning when he’s not even registered? No wonder we have these never ending riots and protests.

  2. Get an administrator to head this institution so that the professor can concentrate on research. A lot of them are struggling with the administration part which most of us find less challenging. My thoughts

  3. Make them pay at least half of exam fees and pay the balance before giving them results. It costs money to run every institution

  4. Loan, bursary and scholarship schemes need to be put into focus. To correct the socio-economic injustices of the past, the Letter of Admission to UNZA needs to serve as a basis for funding. The fees basket needs to cater for various funding schemes, including self sponsorship. There is no need to exclude capable but less privileged applicants. To get out of poverty, university education is the key. The voters will punish the ruling party if student finances are not approached with political sensitivity. Public education is a viable project but it calls for imagination.

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  6. What useless educated fooools who run this uni. who are just giving themselves unecessary workloads…why not allow them to sit and then release certificates when they pay!!

  7. Very fooooooooooooooooooooolish is the one calling university admin foolish. You know that 70% of university income comes for running costs comes from student tuition. You also know that the administration was trying to be humane when it allowed students who had not finished paying tuition fees to attend class. Most of them have paid something but have failed to complete their payments (installments). they knew they needed to pay if they have to sit for exams. The same admin you are insulting needs that money to print exam papers, produce answer booklets, pay markers, publish the same results. So if Mr Presido wants all to write, let him cut the trips and channel the same money to the university bursar and the student populace shall write their good exams.

  8. This Mumba man must be fired immediately. He makes Nkandu Luo look bad because of his inefficiency. Some workers went on strike last time demanding his resignation because he bought himself a big car and a big generator at his house but he is extremely incompetent. Remove this man ASAP!

  9. These HaLombe, Ha JayJay and Ha Nose demon, must be fired! They are delusional forces who believe that a small man from Namwala can become president in Zambia! Under fives with evil hearts!

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