Michael Kaingu retires from Politics


Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu
I HAVE officially retired from politics to concentrate on other ventures as I have done my part, says former Patriotic Front (PF) Mwandi constituency Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu.

Dr Kaingu, who is former minister of Higher Education said that he no longer had anything to do with politics because he had officially retired.

He reiterated that he had played his part and that it was high time he concentrated on other undertakings.

Dr Kaingu said that there was still life beyond politics and that there was no way he could spend his whole life in it.

He emphasized that he had retired from active politics to pursue other undertakings as he had served for over 10 years.

The former minister said that he could not even comment on the current political landscape as doing so would be tantamount to engaging in politics.

“I have officially retired from politics, I have done my part, 10 years of service is not a joke. There is life beyond politics, there is no need for me to be in politics anymore. I don’t want anything to do with politics,” Mr Kaingue said.

Meanwhile, the Livingstone High Court last year dismissed the electoral petition filed by Dr Kaingu, who had petitioned the 2016 election victory of UPND’s Sililo Mutaba.

The former minister had petitioned the election of Mr Mutaba alleging corruption but the court said the people of Mwandi voted for him.

The Court ruled that Mr Mutaba was validly elected as Member of Parliament of Mwandi Constituency in Western Province.


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    What of Uncle Daniel Munkombwe, the most honest politician around. when is he going to retire from Politics?

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    Bo Kaingu, since when do you ever become a Politician apart from marrying and marrying countless women? Please Politics to Politicians and mind you ‘doggy’ businesses.

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    Kaingu the man who tore President Sata’s speech but went on to be appointed Minister of Education in the PF Government. Wondersw shall never end.

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    @ PHIRI, please rephrase your contribution as it does not seem to make sense. After Kaingu tore Sata’s speech, he went on to be appointed Minister. Did he appoint himself, who appointed him? How can one go on to be appointed???

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    Bo Kaingu where is Iris? She is ripe for marriage no movies of late.

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    Correction Dr Kaingu was not PF MP for Mwandi but MMD and served as Minister in the PF government. Anyway the decision is entirely his right and must be respected by all.

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    The court rules in favour of a UPND MP, there is no whining. I hope they should learn to trust the independence of the courts, even if the ruling is not in their favour.

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    I’m no writer but these articles could be summarized a lot better as short reads. All that lengthy article was carrying one point repeated “officially retired from politics”

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    The man was rejected by the voters and now he claims he’s retiring from politics.
    He was already retired by the voters last year! No need for the announcement.

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      That’s exactly what I was thinking. If he had retired as a sitting mp or minister then we would have given credence to his retirement

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    Bo Kaingu mu tuhela buhata, retire ifi kanti luna lu utwile kuli mu nyezi kalanjo kakanca kona kakami lobile mukokoto. Ona mitenya yamwa bucembele ye iswana wa kutundamena ku fuluha mukolo ka muhala, hausheng’i!

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