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Police intercepts six trucks laden with the prohibited Mukula logs.

Economy Police intercepts six trucks laden with the prohibited Mukula logs.

Mukula Tree
Mukula Tree

Police in Senanga district of Western province have intercepted six trucks laden with the prohibited mukula logs.

In an interview, Senanga district Commissioner Vivian Mubukwanu said the trucks bearing Zambian registration number plates were intercepted by police at Senanga round-about enroute to Namibia from Kasempa district of North Western province.

Mr Mubukwanu said that upon being intercepted by the vigil police officers on Monday around 18:00 hours this week, the drivers of the trucks abandoned the trucks for fear of being arrested.

He said the six trucks are laden with undisclosed number of mukula logs as the contraband is parked in containers.

The DC said the stance of government is to ensure that the country’s natural resources in protected from being exploited.

He said at the moment his office has handed over the report to the task force in Lusaka mandated to handle the illegal harvesting of mukula trees in the country.

Mr Mubukwanu said police officers are manning the trucks for fear of being damaged by unknown people and that the marooned trucks will only be cleared once the task force carries its thorough report on the impounded trucks in the district.

The senior government official said some of the company owner’s contraband has so been contacted to appear before Senanga police station in order to clear the marooned trucks in the district.

Mr Mubukwanu has appealed to business companies in the country intending to deal in mukula logging to follow the stipulated procedures of the land to avoid being in conflict with the laws.

And Senanga Central Member of Parliament Mubukwanu Mulowa has called on government to stiffen laws in order to stop the rampant harvesting of the country’s natural resources.

Mr Mulowa said people in the country are sitting on the abundance of natural resources but the citizens are benefitting less resulting in alarming levels of poverty especially in rural areas.

The law maker said the illegal cutting of timber in Senanga district by unscrupulous dealers is unbelievable and that the situation should be brought to book by the relevant authorities.

Mr Mulowa said the security wings should not relent in impounding all trucks especially with containers in order to bring the smuggling of the country’s natural resources to manageable levels.


  1. Please I beg you ba government stop these people cutting down trees. Put them in prison with longtime hard labor sentences. It is very sad to see our beautiful land from google maps it is finished and looking ghost town like.

    • LOL!! But it is the same people in Government you are appealing to that are actively in this Business. Despite all the trucks they are impounding laden with Mukula please tell me which trucks have been forfeited to the state and how many people have even gone to court to answer Charges. OPEN YOUR EYES PLEASE.
      Most of these people caught are there workers the big fish are never mentioned and all these cases are only sang about but you will never hear there natural conclusion I feel sorry for you Juliet of having such faith in Government to curb this

  2. there must be someone with a title who feels they are above the law behind this. I hope the journalist will not stop by informing us of this only but will report the outcome of this scourge and the people involved.

  3. Yes shameless, you are right. During the illegal export scum the same people were pretending to be helping police and ZNS to stop the scum and yet they securing their trucks so they cross without police interference. Shameless chaps.

  4. Mwebantu this is big deals in China. The Chinese will pay anything for Mukula. I dont think your police can cope with this smuggling

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