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Zambia’s school curriculum has been ranked third in Africa

General News Zambia's school curriculum has been ranked third in Africa

Minister of General Education Dennis Wanchinga
Minister of General Education Dennis Wanchinga
ZAMBIA’S school curriculum has been ranked third in Africa attracting St. Jeff College Primary School of South Africa to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) to offer it examinations.

Minister of General Education Dennis Wanchinga is confident St. Jeff College Primary School will not be disappointed with the quality of service and assessments its learners will receive from ECZ.

Dr Wanchinga said this in a speech read for him by Ministry of General Education acting permanent secretary Lewis Mwape during the signing ceremony.

“The ECZ certificates, which will be offered to the successful candidates, have strong currency or value as it has been demonstrated by our people who have excelled wherever they have gone to study abroad. This is a good reflection of the standard of education which has been provided in this country,” he said.

Dr Wanchinga said ECZ is also in communication with private colleges of education in Botswana who also would like to sit for the ECZ teacher education examinations.

St. Jeff College Primary School chief proprietor Jeffrey Chikandi said the school has a capacity of 1,500 learners.

“After revision of the curriculum, Zambia is one of the best in terms of offering high standards of education even in the world,” he said.

Mr Chikandi said the Zambian curriculum does not only give a child academic credentials but also moulds their character.

“Since the introduction of the Zambian curriculum at the school, parents are very happy and some have already enrolled their children for grade one for the 2019 academic year.

“I can assure you that a child who is in Grade Six under the Zambian curriculum is able to challenge a Grade 12 pupil using the South African curriculum,” he said.

And ECZ director Michael Chilala said preliminary results under the new curriculum have shown reasonable improvement in terms of the performance of learners.


    • I don’t believe this statement from the minister I have proof to show that Grade 12 in Zambia is equivalent to Grade 11 in South Africa this has been rated by SAQA. Right now a student with O levels has to Predegree program’s to enter university in South Africa and the ones with A levels or Cambridge have direct entry. Mr Minister don’t fool people this is very annoying.

    • The lie about the South African Grade 12 being equivalent to Zambian Grade 6 should be debunked. Zambians are travelling to study at South African universities and are performing ok. There is no marked superiority that has been noticed. Some pass very well, others don’t. The only thing you notice is South Africans black students are normally not very strong in Mathematics and Sciences because of historical issues or a lack of emphasis by their government.

    • Mind you, most of those excelling abroad are those tutored by private schools who have their own private curriculum. In my line of work I meet many students from public schools and I must say, the level of education is deplorable.

  1. I hope that is the true picture. Because some of our grade 12 graduates can neither write an application letter nor express themselves in English.

  2. This is lip service. These politicians send their children to school abroad. What is this rubbish about Zambian curriculum be effective? How can it be effective when there is too much cheating in the exams , typical of Zambian culture?

  3. I’ve also been looking for the 1st and 2nd too. Does Dr Wachinga know that after SAQA evaluation the Zambian grade 12 certificate is equivalent to S.A. grade 11. He needs to work on this otherwise ni lip service of not political service chabe!

  4. This cannot be true. Is it maybe bottom 3. Just read this LT paper or check the grammar and coherency of Zambian bloggers here and you will quickly find out the truth.

  5. This ranking is bogus. Which authority has done the ranking? Go to RSA and approach the South African Qualifications Authority with your grade 12 certificate and reality will sink in. It’s the Zambian High Commissioner cadres peddling this nosense.

  6. How come our secondary graduates cannot express themselves in plain English? This should be the true measure of educational quality and rankings.

  7. It is not the curriculum you d*ck head Wanchinga. It the quality of teaching and teaching resources. How many schools in Zambia have a broadband internet connection? What has he been smoking? If your curriculum is so good, why are some private schools in Zambia offering Cambridge School Certificate Exams? Take your curriculum and stick it up your a^se!

  8. South Africa education system is well below of Zambia’s! You guys are pathetic! You always downgrade your country! Sometimes I am appalled at my people! “PHD” syndrome!

    • It’s not downgrading our country , it’s the truth that you should be able to handle don’t just make yourself feel better with half baked information. Do your research.

  9. @gluteus m., that is why you are a butt! We had great education in Zambia even before internet came into being! Having internet does not necessarily translate into a good education! It is you who are taking the hard stuff including glue! Pathetic!

  10. For those that think South Africa’s curriculum is better than that of Zambia. Check the link above. About time Zambians started blowing their own trumpets. Else no one will blow it for you.

  11. All i know is that sku mu zed ni yokosa,its true take a Zambian any were they are able to adapt,we only luck the practical part but theoratically,mawee we are good…
    Atleast,50% of the people in zambia have an educational back ground(thats my statistics). I hear in some countries,sciences and maths are an option,kuno thats no school certificate if you dont have those subjects.
    All we need are practicals and research to better improve the system. Education in Zambia can make one adapt to any education system anywhere in the world,that i know and its proven.

    • I totally agree with you. The other thing we are taught is to be someone else’s workers and not our own employers.

      Even a person who has studied agricultural science, would prefer being a clerk than working in his own farm.
      That’s the area where Zambia needs change.

  12. Confusion in Zambian curriculum is a result of lack of research and mushroom of private schools that focus on teaching literacy on one hand and overcrowded public schools that focus on teaching…well, abragadasio

  13. The donkeys comments here are really annoying.
    The Bembas say- he/she who hates you will never say you are beautiful.
    Most airplanes in Africa are flown by Zambians. Most teachers in SA, Botswana and Namibia were at one time Zambian.

    You fools who were born yesterday want to be negative in everything.

  14. @workman, those are illusions, the only country we have exported to as much is Botswana but not as compared to zimbabwe, Malawi and just to add though south Central – congo. After Zimbabwe , our education system is better yes but we should realise we are solely trained to work only as compared to our friends in Zimbabwe, Malawi and yes Congo…

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