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Zambia Vs Algeria Highlights

Videos and Audios Zambia Vs Algeria Highlights


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  1. Ngonga is useless the player must be dropped we should have won 3 – 0.Goal difference will matter at the end of these games

    • Well done boys. Shame on those PF 1diots who wanted to politicize the first leg (3-1) claiming that Mweene let in the goal because he is an incompetent Tonga goal keeper. Didn’t he save the penalty?? What have got to say now? Why do we want to politicize everything? why not just enjoy a game? One Zambia One nation, and well done once again chipolopolo.

  2. I found this place to be a bit lonely. So I decided to be the first to comment… where is BB2016? The one with an honorary PhD.

    Otherwise, well done Chipolopolo. With this kind of spirit, the sky is surely the limit.

    Solola Bye!

  3. Mweene kept our team in the game.
    OF Haters like oval head are now ashamed after their Bemba tribal remarks.
    Mwene lubemba ibange!

    • It’s you who is ashamed because you thought there can never be a tonga who can be patriotic to Zambia under pf. Shame on you. Mweene is not like you 1diots who are busy scandalising zambia because of the hate for Ecl. Ecl never voted his way to state house but we voted for him. Target your bitterness to us voters not ecl.

  4. Ngonga… What a useless player. I wonder how that player was really picked for national duties. Am not being malicious but calling a spade a spade. Ngonga has not been performing well even in the local league. One on one with the Mbesuma…Mbesuma is by far a better player. I know we want to give younger players a chance but that should not be at the expense of quality… Congrats to Chipolopolo.. However not time to relax we still have alot of home to do.. Can Wada bury the differences he has with other player and give them a chance to prove themselves….

  5. WADA be fired ASAP , He is corrupt and keeps hate so much at the expense of the game, NGONGA AND KONDWANI becuase they are tumbukas he has to field them ATASE. Now that MWEENE WAS A HEREO let the election petition be HEARD PLEASE. WE CAN HAVE ANOTHER KENYATA /RAILA . LETS GO TO NIGERIA IN HUGE NUMBERS TO SUPPORT THE TEAM , OUR ECONOMY IS GOOD NOW SO MANY ZAMBIANS CAN AFFORD AIRTICKET TO AND FROM

  6. These tribal remarks are really sickening. Is this how zambia has degenerated into lowest country to live in. Why is it that Zambians are so scared to engage in meaninmgful discussions without resorting to insults and tribe talks? Is poverty to blame? May be …poor nutrition has serious effects on the brains. Government must look into this. Am concerned about the state of minds of rural zambians if those who have access to internet and obviously able to afford one meal per day can think like this.

    • @PM, look at the flags of most !d!ots who like this TRIBAL [email protected] on LT. I assume most of them aren’t in or live in Zambia. You would think living abroad and seeing how people in other parts of the world get along, or don’t, would enlighten them…..but Nooooooo….!

      Alas, even the opportunity and privilege of TRAVEL is not enough to wash away the “tribal backwardness” in some of these tribal nincompoops. Until one day this idle and loose tribal talk turns ugly, people will think “a Rwanda” can never happen to us in Zambia….don’t say you were never forewarned!


  8. Congratulations chipolopolo team, coaching bench, Pastor makembo’s supporting team the FAz executive and all Zambian football soccer lovers. My advise is fuse in more under -20 strikers and before the last 2 games let’s camp the team in Europe twice. Be serious on this request- YOURS TAX PAYER.

  9. @ Zemwila I totaly agree with you what is Ngonga doing in that team? He is clumsy, has no ball skilsl and can not even shoot accurately or intelligently. Just how he even went into football is a puzzle to me. He is so uncoordinated. How he scores at his club must be mystical indeed!

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