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83 percent of projects are done by Chinese companies – Mulusa


Lucky Mulusa speaking at the 'Invest in Zambia' business forum held at Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3rd November, 2016
Lucky Mulusa
Government has disclosed that China holds the largest contracts in the infrastructure sector amounting to about 83 percent.

National Planning and Development Minister Lucky Mulusa says over 10 years from 2011 to 2021, Zambia is envisaged to spend about US$20 billion of which 83 percent will be undertaken by Chinese companies.

And Mr. Mulusa says in as much as Zambia has enjoyed the relationship with China, there is need to fine-tune to make sure that beneficiation is not skilled towards one partner against the other.

Speaking during the China-Africa Trade Development and Impacts Dubbed: Case of China-Zambia relations Policy Consultative Forum, Mr. Mulusa says it is important to learn how Zambia can learn from her relationship with China especially in terms of enhancing its productive capacity to grow and nature the investment in a manner that reduces stress on the repayment obligations.

Mr. Mulusa says there is need for China and Africa to establish a common platform such as a Sino-Africa stock exchange through which investment vehicles, companies and equity options offered.

He says in order to prevent a potentially divisive scramble for Chinese financial resources among African countries.

And Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming says China enjoys the bilateral economic exchanges it has with Zambia.


    • Some Chinese should be appointed ministers please. Especially;
      Ministry of National planning and Development.
      Ministry of works
      Ministry of information

  1. The problem is that PF Govt allows the Chinese Govt to give loans to Chinese companies with conditions that the tender be given to Chinese firms.

    We are creating jobs for tu ma chinese whilst indebting our country due to PF’s appetite for Kaloba. Jona & his PF00Ls have no clue to improve the economy apart from Eurobond, IMF & chinese loans & then wait for copper price to go up.

    The country has been auctioned to tu ma choncho-lee.

    • The problem is not only the Chinese. But our local entrepreneurs who tend not to complete the projects. Yes the Chinese are supported by their Banks or Govt. you do not expect the Chinese Govt. to fund a foreign company, they would rather fund their own, it is common knowledge. It is undisputed fact that the Chinese are willing to fund African development while other countries are taking a wait and see attitude, but also they have the money. The rest is history.

  2. Lungu has SOLD Zambia to the Chinese and gone on permanent holiday with his ill gotten gains!

    That is all this drunk convicted embezzler knows how to do! Steal our money and have a party in another country.

  3. We all know the reason why many Zambians are not winning Gov contracts…. “We buy latest pajero’s before completion of tasks and shun our employees on site”…. Very typical and yet complain when foreigners are given contracts. We need to change and show confidence 83 percent is just way too much for one country!

  4. Mr. Lucky Mulusa: This is very commendable thing. We Zambians are lazy so we should reap what we are sowing. We have CBU Engineers, University of Zambia but see the roads in our townships. Come to Kitwe and see for yourself. The road at Changa Namai, UCZ church, East of Kwacha T/ship to mention a few. Twalikwata ba Roads Engineers at Kitwe City Council but? Just bring many Chinese as possible and give them 100% jobs. Ifwe ma Guest Houses, Bottle stores and Bars.

  5. That’s because 83% of the contracts are via EXIM Bank…all that money goes back to China and this fat frog is very proud of that!!!

  6. Hmmmml…..why is this so? Are the Chinese the best in the world? Are they the cheapest? Are they the ‘most user-friendly?’ These are honest questions begging honest answers.

  7. Comment:
    Problem is Chinese finished/jobs are below standard. For instance, their tarmacs have short life spans and are of inferior quality compared to the roads that were built by Phoenix Construction some while ago.

  8. Mr Mulusa statement makes Zambia proud that 83% of our national projects are managed by the Chinese.
    Is this record to be proud with, or ashamed with that our national development is managed by foreigners.

  9. OK kanshi try the Japanese, British, Americans, Germans, French and Russians. Nga teifyo give contracts to Congolese, Malawians, Somalians to do

  10. From a historical perspective, China is the new development partner for Africa. Today it is fashionable to bask in the limelight of an emerging world giant. China is a development partnership alternative that resonates well with national leaders here in Africa. However, the great escape from the Western cooperating partners is expensive. Instead of adding Chinese development assistance and investment to Western assistance and investment, the continent has taken the easy way out by aligning with China. What went wrong with Western partners? Are Western partners compatible with Chinese cooperation? It is necessary to engage with both Western partners and China instead of choosing one partner. It is the same old Non Alignment Movement that needs to be improved. Or is it “Exist the Tiger,…

  11. If I remember correctly, this all started in the days of Kaunda. Many European countries did not want help with projects that meant minimizing their will to exploit Zambia. For example because of Kaunda’ s stance on S.A. during the apartheid period when he closed borders with S.A., getting petroleum into Zambia became a problem and he asked many European countries to assist with the project to transport petroleum via Tanzania into Zambia they turned him down. He had no choice but to turn to the Chinese, they agreed. They are the ones who built the TaZara railway line that joins Zambia Tanzania and the pipe to transport petroleum via Tanzania into Zambia. I think that was the first introduction of Chinese into Zambia, though now it’s too much to tolerate.

  12. I am glad that @HaJayJay #6, has confessed today that he is a frog! It is not a typo when I refer to him as “It!” Sometimes, and at everything it stands for! That is how low it is! And how low UPND is!

  13. Awe 83% is just to much.Who can we blame?We wait first try to look at the way things have moved from Kaunda to Chiluba.Who sold the country?Privatization what effects has it left us with?Its actually during Chiluba era that have made this country to be the way it is.All that are going through eminented from privatization.We gave all strategic industries especially the mines which had all type of engineers,technologists,technician,architects,draughtsmen just to mention a few and you expect Zambia to develop.So it could 90% or even more than what Musara attributed to.


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