Nkana chairman Kabila banned


FAZ has banned Nkana Chairman Evaristo Kabila and Secretary Mutale Kapwepwe from all football related activities for six weeks for ridiculing Football House.

Kabila and Kapwepwe recently issued media statements in which they accused FAZ officials of trying to secretly sale Nkana striker Walter Bwalya outside Zambia when he was suspended.

FAZ has further fined the two K2, 500.

“The FAZ disciplinary hearing chaired by Joseph Jalasi, found the two guilty of putting the image of the Association and the game into disrepute through media attacks contrary to the FAZ disciplinary code 7.10,” said the statement issued by FAZ spokesperson Desmond Katongo on Thursday.


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    FAZ of Kalu is no different from this FAZ is AK. We blamed Kalu for this hoping to have a better FAZ but it has turned out to be the mediocrity from FAZ

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      Mambala I agree with you totally! Its the perks that they want to enjoy not the hard work and organisational skills we thought Kamanga brings to the table! Enen CAF is having problems find their feet! Worse is FIFA! No deals so they can’t go around ”assisting” clubs and associations!

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    If anybody needs to be banned, it’s Andrew Ndanga Kamanga. He’s very lost, soon he will end up in jele, what with the court case? He’s very petty and seems determined to punish those clubs that didn’t support him and Simataa’s earlier motion to impeach Kalu. Nkana has been on the receiving end. Grow up Ndanga

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    But it’s true someone at Football House was negotiating to sell Walter abroad. It’s just a matter of time his name will come into public.

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