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I have been squeezed financially-Kambwili

Headlines I have been squeezed financially-Kambwili

Mr Kambwili posing with some of the donated hospital equipment
Mr Kambwili posing with some of the donated hospital equipment

Out of favour PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has opened about the financial stress he is currently undergoing at the hands of the PF administration.

Mr Kambwili claimed that the PF administration has financially squeezed him admitting that he is going through serious cash flow problems.

In April, Mr Kambwili using his contacts in Europe secured some donations of school and hospital equipment for his Roan Constituency but the shipment is yet to arrive in Zambia after he failed to pay freight charges.

Riverwalk School in the United Kingdom provided Mr Kambwili with 500 chairs, 250 desks, 20 head projectors, 25 interactive school boards,150 computers, 50 laptops,150 lockers, 45 cabinets,10 printers and a 20ft container containing assorted stationery and library books.

The Roan Member of Parliament also secured 120 beds, X-ray machines and various medical equipment for Section 25 Clinic in Luanshya which have also not arrived in Zambia.
In an interview, Mr Kambwili admitted that he is failing to raise money to fund the shipment of the donated items.

He said he is not ‘liquid’ these days and points the finger at the PF administration accusing it of withdrawing contracts and holding up his payments to his company Mwamona Engineering Services.

Mr Kambwili revealed that he has failed to bring in a consignment of hospital equipment sourced from the United Kingdom for a local clinic in Mpatamatu, Luanshya because he cannot pay freight charges.

“Things are not going well for me cash wise. This is the reason I have failed to ship the donated hospital equipment and sadly government doesn’t seem to care. I have failed to raise the financial resources to pay for freight,” Mr Kambwili said.

He accused the PF government of financially squeezing him because they consider him to be a political rival.

“Right now, I am not very liquid and a lot of things have suffered but I am just putting things in the hands of God. I am sure things will be Ok,” he said.

Mr Kambwili inspecting some of the donated school iitems
Mr Kambwili inspecting some of the donated school iitems

The school equipment which was sourced by Mr Kambwili
The school equipment which was sourced by Mr Kambwili


    • This man is the richest in Zambia with the ability to fly to England just for tea with the Queen.

      He has secured useless equipment meant for malabo in England and he wants to dump them in Luanshya. Tiyo oko!

      Tighten the squeeze PF

    • Those will make a lot of difference to those Zambians who are not accorded a better education.

      What I’m perplexed about is they way CK talked of his finances and I wouldn’t have thought his finances were in any way reliant on his company.

      When he talked about he would definitely win the elections when held there, he probably had these donations up his sleeve.

      Either way not many Mps go to these length to make their constituency a better place. Those medical equipments as well could save many people.

      I have a lot of admiration for men who about looking after people outside their means.

      My thoughts with you CK



    • You absolutely right. He has gathered decommissioned equipment that should be incinerated. I see an overhead projector that was in use decades ago. If he is so rich why look for donations- why not buy new stuff and donate your community.

      You can donate only three of the flats to the hospital to house their interns – How about that.

      This politician is hyper unstable and he is making wild allegations.
      Kambwili was recently boasting that He just finished his mansion in less than 3 months. That he has worked for his money which he keeps in his bank. That the ACC audited his millions in the bank. That he spent a cool K3million kwacha to campaign for ECL. CK is truly looking for attention forgetting that it is on record (on youtube) that he told the Zambians that he is a rich kid. Like most politicians, you get to politics to increase your financial taps through corrupt means of acquiring contracts at the expense of genuine contractors. You used the Government position to gain contracts te?

    • The point is that its either your are lying or you did not plan well. Where is the connection between donation freight and contracts?
      “This is the reason I have failed to ship the donated hospital equipment and sadly government doesn’t seem to care”
      So where do you want the Government to help? That they pay freight charges for you or they help you win contracts so you can raise freight charges?
      I can not connect the two else you did not plan well yama.

    • so now he understand what people meant that he got rich from being in power or he benefited.people did not necessarily mean that you stole from the treasury,but your contracts with the government moved a lot smoother because you were part of the system at the expense of others.you were always paid on time while others had to wait leading to the failure of their businesses.this is what you didn’t understand when people said all politicians gain monetarily from the govt.i hope you can now acknowledge this ba mdala.Speak this truth and in as much as i dont agree with what the system is doing to you,you should speak also to those that might have suffered at the behest of your comrades,then,when they saw to it that your businesses catered to first before others.

    • I hope baby cobra has learnt his lesson(s). Or has he??

      But CK, what has happened to all those housing estates you built while serving as minister? Maybe the PF have told people not to rent from you? Do you still own the Range Rover(s)? And your house(s) abroad?

      I actually think you are playing politics (again) this time. Yes you have been squeezed (as we all expected), but you still have capacity to splash.

      In the case of these donations, PF will not help you as this will simply strengthen your stronghold on your constituency. ECL would never allow that, unless you lose the bye elections.

    • His wife in England is behind this.
      But what happened to having breakfast in Zambia, lunch in UK and back for supper in Zambia, Kambwili?
      That is what he was boasting about just a couple of weeks ago.
      What ‘engineering’ services has he done for the government?

    • Kambwili, donate container to another PF MP.
      Or let me buy items for my own benefits. I will sell beds to UTH, $500 per bed, and that’s cheap.

    • @Mushota I wish you can do something for your village in Kashikisi or even for your family! They are always complaining that since they sent you to Scotland to study, you have told them for 20 years that you are still studying! Be like CK at least he has brought landfill computers to save the British taxpayer from contaminating their shores with radioactive waste! And it is a better way to recycle!

    • Forgive him Father, for he knows not what is feels like to be like him who goes to Mununga for katata in he morning and back in Lusaka for njungula in the evening. Lol

  1. This is the reason why we will never develop, the Zambian government favors foreigners and not local people. If Kambwili was Indian or Chines, GRZ would have even offered to pay for the shipments of the donations.

    This is not punishment to Kambwili but the people that would have benefited from the donations.

    • Not at all. Even any where else in the World, no government can support any one who sets himself up as an enemy of the government in power. The same goes in every home. Kambwili is scandalizing the government, how do you expect the same government to help him promote his name AGAINST the same government? Kambwili is not as smart as he wants to portray himself. Be humble then you can rise. His political career has been ruined by his belittling and jealousy of President Lungu. Not long ago, this same Kambwili was boasting that he started business long time ago and so he has money, where has all his money gone? People, BOMA NI BOMA!

    • Mr Kambwili bragging was not long ago that he had contracts with KCM,LCM and that he could fly to London just to have a cup of tea….where has that money gone…he is just seeking attention let him ship those thing the people are waiting for those items …

    • Mr Kambwili was bragging not long ago that he had contracts with KCM,LCM and that he could fly to London just to have a cup of tea….where has that money gone…he is just seeking attention let him ship those thing the people are waiting for those items …

    • Bwana these are African politics. Ck new exactly what was going to happen to him as an individual. In as much as that the donations were meant for his constituency Ck was going or is going to benefit indirectly in a big way. So its not about the common man really. They normally say that don’t insult the crocodile before you cross the river.

  2. It sounds like a joke. You mean aside from contract inflows your monthly sitting allowance at parliament cant enable u clear those second hand gadgets?

  3. Why condemning the PF government? CK should just raise funds to enable the transportation of the medical equipment to his purported constituency. Gone are the days when he used to utilize government facilities for his personal vendettas.

  4. Sad. But if God didn’t have a hand in the acquisition of the contracts, then HE won’t have a hand in your tribulations.

    Honorable, looks like you’re falling on your own sword. As per the saying of the wise: AS WE MAKE OUR BED, SO SHALL WE LIE IN IT.

    Tame your tongue and repent. Only yesterday you proclaimed to the world thus: “I was rich even before I came to govt. I deal with mines, so I am unshakable.”

    Lelo mwachinja futi. So your fingers were dipped into the govt purse? Our suspicions have been confirmed.

  5. As much as donations are encouraged but come BUFFOON CK…how can you put 500 chairs, 250 desks and cabinets in a container this is junk…really laughable no wonder freight is high.

  6. Sad. But if God didn’t have a hand in the acquisition of the contracts, then HE won’t have a hand in your tribulations.

    Honorable, looks like you’re falling on your own sword. As per the saying of the wise: AS WE MAKE OUR BED, SO SHALL WE LIE IN IT.

    Tame your tongue and repent. Only yesterday you proclaimed to the world thus: “I was rich even before I came to govt. I deal with mines, so I am unshakable.

    So your fingers were dipped into the govt purse? Our suspicions have been confirmed.

  7. What has happened with that popular social media brag- “from what l have made from the mines, l can go and have breakfast in the UK, lunch in N/york, dinner in Zambia, dissert in Pretoria””???

  8. This is the same big elephant who was busy boasting that he can fly to London for tea in the morning and comes back in the afternoon. Lucifer failed down from heaven because of pride. He went to beg for finished computers so that he is now promoted as Professor Chimbwi……kikikikikikikiki

    • I bet you would say the same about those big 32 inch box tvs with stands. They are things that can be made right at home moreover you will be empowering local carpenters.
      This is the selfsame reason you see nothing wrong with those billion dollar EXIM Bank loans where you simply get nothing but casual jobs.



    • If people are fine with salaula and pay for it, why should is the issue for him to collect second-hand computers for a school?
      Equipping the school is the government responsibility, so CK is helping the government and you are busy castigating him.

  10. Typical Tenderpreneuer! Why do my Bemba tribes mate allow themselves to be used by our sly mbuyas only to be thrown at the deep end after being used? PF is the architect of tribalism. Tongas are not tribal going by CK’s confessions and Lamentations (I wish someone can write a book with this title Kikikiki. Be like HH. Even when he was in Prison, money continued flowing. But seriously, HH must call for the long awaited UPND convention now otherwise UPND is doomed. You need to refresh and rebrand!

  11. Not long ago, this clown claimed he could fly to London just to drink tea, now he cant pay for freight for a container full of second hand stuff?

  12. CK if you are too proud to beg lungu and your convictions are right, just join forces with GBM and HH in UPND…….Rember the truth will set you free and lungu and PF are not forever.. …

    • And of course UPND will conveniently ignore all those lurid allegations of corruption made by their mouthpiece the Watchdog and your wanton tribalism against Tongas as they did with that other overweight buffoon GBv

    • Ck knows that “AKANANI KANTU KALI PA BWALI” in literal terms meaning “the relish is the one which the nshima has been accompanied with.” What this means is that he can not think of UPND AND HH now because they not yet in the driving seat. So he would rather dilly dally with with PF and ECL in case they change their mind and call him back as a prodigal son, and immediately he will be able to dip his fingers in the GRZ pockets, at least potentially there is something to write home about.

  13. Developed countries export millions of tonnes of electronic waste annually into developing countries.The electronic waste leaks lead, mercury, arsenic, zinc and flame-retardants. They’ve been found in toxic concentrations in the air, water, and even on the fruits and vegetables at the wholesale market

  14. I can’t help but notice a mixture of envy and delight at the difficulties someone is facing in trying to achieve something good.

    A small reminder for those jumping for joy: it is a shipment of hospital equipment and not of ballistic missiles or La Cocaina.

    Just enjoy the situation you helped manufacture “Dr K”

    • This is the life of these suddenly rich businessmen of Zambia where wealth is linked to abuse of office….even Lazy Lungu will one day suffer a similar fate.
      A genuine business man who does not relie of govt contracts does not complain.

  16. Is this not the same man who was boasting a few days ago that he’s able to fly to London and have some tea and come back same day?

  17. Welcome to the club my dear.Ise tinajaila kunkala mu poverty. And this is just the beginning. You are yet to see the worst of Boma ni Boma.By 2021 they will have squeezed you to your last ngwee

  18. I’m getting convinced with each passing minute that this Kambwili is not normal. No day passes without him making some kind of accusation or allegation. I’m sure now it’s non stop mouth that put him in trouble with Edgar. He must have said something to someone about Edgar without choosing what to say. All his friends have moved on since they left government.

  19. It’s sad to see the Zambian mentality of punishing their own people. PF officials when they get sick they will run to South Africa or India for treatment. People donate stuff to help your own poor people who can’t afford to go to South Africa for treatment and you dunderheads are talking nonsense. After 53 years of independence what progress have you made. Everything has to be done for you. What inventions have you made so far. Too much kachasu and utujilijili in your brains. Rise up people and don’t defend corrupt leaders.

  20. I am shocked, astonished, perplexed, baffled by what I have just read. This man was claiming to be the richest Jerabo in Zambia. He even said what most bloggers have said already. He is a proud man and now pretending to be bankrupt. Let him ask the funds from his counterparts U.P.N.d and U. Nip. And stop blaming the GVT

  21. Being an MP was he not supposed to co-ordinate with the government? even if those things comes he is going to be permitted to distribute in government hospitals and schools? or did he source those things for his campaign as the in coming president for his party?

  22. Mr Kambwili , lets fly to London for breakfast tomorrow. It’s not squeezing, its called KARMA. You should know better , even with the bogus PHD.

  23. Let us not laugh at Honorable Kambwili.Let us learn something from him.Many of us who are running companies/busines because of our connections with people in power will end up worse than Honorable Kambwili.The truth is anything you do that has not blessing from God will scatter.Do not boast in any thing but only boast in the Lord.
    The man did not respect any one including our president,but God will humble him.Give him a few months and he will be sensible.
    Most of the people in our country are not businessmen.They are chancers.The open a business /company when one of their relative is a minister or top Government official.That is not being a businessman,but an enemy of progress.If the relative is relieved of the position ,then the company closes.We are going to see a lot of those…

  24. yaba, so those second hand things were meant for campaigns. Now he can’t even bring them to Zambia. How do you insult the crocodile while you are still in the water??? Bakuvalila tu migodi banzako??? Ubuteko buteko, mune!! Fisanga abaume, ku kosa no kukosa…kwekwekwekwekwe…..

  25. In addition to those London and New York teas and lunches he has been boasting about, is this not the same CK, when he visited Saviour Chishimba who was in police cells and both wept uncontrollably like babies, boasted that he could pay Saviour Chishimba’s bills for the time his friend was incarcerated. Now, all of a sudden he is squeezed financially? Is he not only seeking publicity and trying to smear the government. By the way, how has he become a Good Samaritan soon after falling off with the government? Is it another bribe to the people of Luanshya? I have noticed the vehicle registration and the background in the third picture is in the UK, is it your daughters who picked the equipment from charity shops in the UK?

  26. There goes everything wrong with Zambian politics. First of all a government minister should never have a business running and getting contracts from the same government. This is illegal, it is corruption of the worst form and there’s massive conflict of interest. Business owners who choose to join politics and serve in government should either sell their businesses or put it under private hands.

    2nd why can’t he use constituency funds? He should never use his own money. Or he can fundraise.

    Finally those second hand equipment can make a huge difference in Zambian hospitals or schools. So please don’t condemn this initiative. A friend I know just shipped state of the art hospital beds to donate to Lewanika hospital in Mongu where patients sleep on the floor. Second hand yes but…

  27. Continue reading…
    Second hand yes but they were still fully serviceable; the donor hospital and their local govt just built a new hospital with new equipment and they were going to destroy the old hospital building and equipment. For the record the Veep Inonge Wina helped facilitate their shipment alongside the donor hospital.

  28. A few days ago Kambwili alleged on Prime TV that Chitotela and other ministers received 5% of the total cost of each contract that they sign. So could it be he’s broke because he’s no longer signing contracts and can’t put his small fat hands on that 5 percent?

  29. This CK always make me wonder how functional his brain is. Few weeks ago he boasted he could go and urinate in UK and fly to defacate in Pretoria then connect to birth in Zambia. What has fine wrong?

  30. Many of you folks also drive salaula vehicles from either japan or other places. What problem do you have . Is it used equipment or is it kambwili. I personally dont think kambwili is leadership material, but if the equipment is something the poor zambian can use, i think he ought to be supported to bring it in

    • This CK always make me wonder how functional his brain is. Few weeks ago he boasted he could go and urinate in UK and fly to defacate in Pretoria then connect to bath in Zambia. What has gone wrong?

    • That’s not the point. ..point is why hasn’t got the money to pay for those goods or is expecting government to pay on his behalf?

  31. This CK always make me wonder how functional his brain is. Few weeks ago he boasted he could go and urinate in UK and fly to defacate in Pretoria then connect to bath in Zambia. What has gone wrong?

  32. Pride goes before a fall. Police warn and caution “you are not obliged to say anything as anything you say may be taken down and used as evidence against you in a court of law ” Ba Kambwili humble your self and give respect to Authority. God will lift you up. You reap what you sow. Otherwise you are ripping What you had already sewn.

  33. I feel pity for CK. The man is able to laugh and cry at the same time. A seasoned politician knows very well NEVER to talk too much when you fall out of favor with those in power. Its not too late to adjust.

  34. Please GRZ, engage the IT and medical practitioners to make sure that the computers and the medical equipment are not obsolete and fit only for dumping. Also ensure that the medical equipment is not out dated. It is very expensive for europeans to dump obsolete equipment in Europe so some “Kind of donation” may be cheaper since the blind politicians with “donated” honourary degrees cannot see . These people with honourary degrees do not understand these things so they will accept anything. Africa has been known to be a dumping ground for obsolete books, equipment etc. These good for nothing politicians will accept anything as long as they can save face or appear to be doing something. If these computers or medical equipment where worth anything they would have been made Govt to Govt…

  35. Kambwili has mastered the art of administering “CROOKS LAW” in politics. He claims to be a very rich man that he can afford to fly to London for a cup of tea or lunch and return on same day just to use Zambian toilets. Typical of Mobutu’s pride in Zaire. Kambwili has openly stated that Zambians who reside in shanty townships do not deserve to ascend to political positions of MP or Republican President. Since he has elevated himself to the class of Mobutu Sese Seko, therefore claims of such a boastful man that he has been financially squeezed by the Govt are incomprehensible because ZRA needs revenue from custom charges slapped on imported goods.

  36. Hahahaha so you can only afford to drive to Luanshya for breakfast, lunch at John Chinena and dinner at Devils Street. Kwena yapona ama levels boss !
    Ba Kambwili the bembas say “akanwa kamilandu’ hehehe wabiliva lelo !

  37. One European country was worried when the Nordic States planned the development of the Genetic Resources Centres in the SADC Region. One of its Institution tried to bribe a prominent national in Zambia with a proposal to donate a Refrigerator so as to recruit this Zambian to work against this development. Fortunately the Zambian whom they approached to oppose the project was patriotic to the SADC by refusing to accept this bribery through donation of a fridge when such assets were abundant in South Africa. Which Medical experts did Ba Kambwili engage to insect the purported donation of medical equipment? The best route would have been through the Ministry of Health via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We cannot rule out plots by the desperate Brenthurst Foundation.

  38. Only a few months ago,CK could afford to buy a 2017 Ronge Rover for the wife worth K2million.he also boasted like GBM that he can fly to London for a cup of tea and back in the evening and take a shower in Luanshya,so what has changed now?

  39. Kambwili should be ashamed of himself. How can he bring this junk which is obsolete and can’t even power up in a country he claims to love . Many Zambians need help , but not an insult of this nature. The Environmental Council and the Bureau of Standards should surely block the entry of these things into the country. Fat and stupid man.

  40. ck i found yo cries very unfortunate just day you were bragging you have got alot of money such that you can afford to fly to uk every morning to drink coffee and back if that is not enough so you mean GRZ should fund your personal programs ka ,ck mudala come on just humble yourself before you cry even more .

  41. Kambwili mwilatusebanya batata. Don’t expose yourself like this otherwise underfive will not give you a position, he has no time for paupers as Canissius Banda proved right on nomination day.
    Welcome to our street of paupers!

  42. Mr Chishimba Kambwili’s emotional outburst can only be bought by PF and Zambians with short memories.
    This is a man who has amassed wealth through unconventional means of corruption and office abuse. Chishimba has built houses shown in previous publications purely on undisclosed means – ill gotten money.
    Chishimba boasted that he earns huge income from his Mwamona company by collecting payments on construction jobs not excuted – theft by public office abuse. Today Chishimba claims emotionally is cash squeezed by PF. He should be ashamed that he can not even pay fright for his junk cleared in UK. Chishimba can dupe PF but the real trial will come later when he leaves office.

    • Surprisingly there’re some people who still believe they can milk some cash from Kambwili. You see them trying to recruit sympathyzers for him.


  44. From the coments above one can deduce that generally Zambians don’t like people who are arrogant,belittle others, and think that they know it all…What a great lesson bane…

  45. Just the other day,we said it clearly.
    CK is embarrassingly unwise.
    We still have 4yrs to go and yet u are having cash flow problems.
    Am hear watching just like the wise one at state house is watching your candle burn out.

  46. This is what happens when all you know is stealing money from the government. Now that you have been fired you don’t know what to do. If you had a business sense like you claim, your other businesses can generate this revenue. What happened to Kambwili Estates and the money you charge for rent? What about the bar in Luanshya that keeps people awake till 4am everyday? What about all the other businesses you bragged about? If you claim to have started businesses many years ago and how you got your money, then this is a piece of cake for you. But if stealing is how you got rich within a short time only proves you’re a big thief! This is what people have been saying all along. Kabolala! Ubungo bwachila!

  47. We may have our own personal weakness but i strongly feel on this one Kambwili has done a very good and Important job to the Zambian people of Luanshya. Hospital equipment and educational materials for our Zambian people . Excellent, that very very excellent keep it up . Giving a salaula or used property to someone who doesn’t have it , that’s excellent it will make a very big difference. CK i am not your political supporter but on this donation congratulation and keep the very good spirit of hunting good things for your people . I am just flabbergasted with these nincompoop and skunk people condemning CK after all they will benefit from the services of these same machines in hospital and their children in school . Ki an’ete batu babasina likute ni buitumelo kwa mpo ya mbuwa. Uyoye CK

  48. it is pure evil for PF to squeeze its opponents financially;CK helped to create the PF monster but no need for Lungu to target his business dealings;

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