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Low levels of tax compliance due to the poor quality of tax education-Mutati

Economy Low levels of tax compliance due to the poor quality of tax...

Finance Minister Felix Mutati interacting with tax payers
Government has attributed the low levels of tax compliance to the poor quality of tax education. Minister of Finance Felix Mutati says tax education has a direct bearing on compliance and onward enforcement.

Mr. Mutati says this is evident in the achievements of countries such as South Africa. He says Zambia will replicate the modernized approach to tax education through clearer messages that would make people understand the value of paying tax.

And Mr. Mutati says Zambia has set a target of increasing domestic revenue earnings beyond the current 17 percent, a move inspired by South Africa. He said this after touring a South African Revenue Service -SARS- Branch in Pretoria, South Africa.

And Zambia Revenue Authority Commissioner Modernization and Corporate Strategy Dingani Banda, said ZRA can learn from the SARS integrated operational structure which is linked to other government departments and banks.


  1. As it stands ZRA under the directives of Mutati is just killing businesses in Zambia. Why are investors leaving after 5 years? Please be honest and ask that question! The regulation is just too much in Zambia, we are trying to apply first world standards in a third world country.
    Ati “E -services” are you normal??? Is a marketeer in Chisokone market going to access a computer and internet and when they do even for a computer savvy person as myself I can’t tell you that the Ascuda system is not user friendly!Most Zambians would want to pay tax in a simple and straight forward manner! Don’t make life difficult for business! If Mutati is not capable let’s have Mama Magaret to steer this ship!

  2. Even in first world economies they allow for manual filing of Tax returns and manual payment of Taxes. But here in Zambia we want to run before we can walk- no more payment of taxes manually and as a result people end up with tuma mindless penalties- sending a tax payment via bank incurs a K50 charge even if you are paying K20! May God judge these guys accordingly!

  3. The real reason why there is low levels of tax compliance iwe Mutati its because of too much abuse of our tax money by the pf government especially Chagwa Chakolwa Kadansa Lungu not poor quality of tax education.Too much corruption, thievery…lol

  4. I love the colonial government. Everyone including loafers paid tax without fail. …failure meant the defaulter would be jamoked in front of his wife and children. Even bicycles had taxes and the white man knew exactly how many bicycles, adult men and dogs were in his area of administration. Mind you there was no Internet, no computers, roads were bad and everything was up to date.

    • When you want to pay for goods or services by cheque they refuse saying Govt will collect tax, some outlets even charge you for using credit card. This is why malls are making more money as they do not charge anything on your credit card. Govt should ensure that all these install Point of Sale.

  5. 2020 we dont always see eye to eye but i agree wholeheartedly with you…. Africa is unique so politicians please introduce policies that are uniquely african.
    This emphasis on tax now is so that the IMF is appeased….. Mr Mutati even if you introduce all thses taxation measures there still wont be enough money in treasury tommeant our repayments on loans from 2020 onwards

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