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Three die after consuming diseased pork in Luwingu District

Rural News Three die after consuming diseased pork in Luwingu District

Three people have died after consuming carcass of pigs dying of unknown disease in Lupososhi constituency of Luwingu district in the Northern Province.

Mufili ward councilor Justine Mulenga disclosed to Zambia information services in Luwingu today that the unknown animal disease has broken out in his ward which is killing pigs only.

Mr. Mulenga said the deceased experienced severe purging and vomiting after they had consumed carcasses of pigs dying from unknown disease.

He explained that he was one of survivors who was sold carcasses of dead pigs in the area.

Mr. Mulenga survived after he was rushed to the nearby clinic yesterday.

He wondered why veterinary official were not taking the matter serious after villagers reported about the unknown disease two weeks ago.

The disease was first reported from senior chief Shimumbi area were several pigs died but the veterinary department had doing nothing to avert the situation.

Mr. Mulenga has appealed to people in his ward to desist from eating carcasses of pigs dying from unknown disease.

And effort to get a comment from veterinary department and hospital authorities proved futile as both institutions referred all queries to their superiors in Kasama.

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    • That PF councillor might be imprisoned. He admits to selling diseased “carcasses”. He survived, we miss that by-election.
      And why ” Carcasses ” and not pork?

    • *****… you are dying fromeating rotten pork. Starving diots….you will die in numbers if south province people decide not to sell their animals You will resort to eating dead carcsses. As for the ***** called Nostradums, Mr Mulenga did admit to selling rotten pork but admitted to having bought . By the way Iam from Northern province…before you engage the dim brain into tribal gear.

  1. Sibbuku its not about that. Just see how many people have died from bus accidents, suicides, murders etc since HH came out of jail. Open your eyes. Nothing wrong with carcasses. Everything eaten with prayer and thanksgiving is clean. Here its just sacrifices.

  2. Who do the Vets there report to? This is a clear case of insolence and negligence of duty on their part. he minister of Agric ought to he a stick to wield against ineptitude if we are to be responsible civil servants in her ministry. .instead of being preoccupied with dishing out land to foreignes at the expense of our future generations

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