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UPND cadres accused of attacking PF Camp in Chilanga

General News UPND cadres accused of attacking PF Camp in Chilanga

Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
UPND Cadres have this afternoon attacked a PF Camp in Chilanga near Kalundu Primary School, badly injuring one youth in the process. UPND Cadres armed with machetes, catapults and stones, descended on the PF Camp, and in the process a member of the ruling Party was left badly injured and lying in a pool of blood.

Eye witnesses say that while the Police were guarding the main tarmac road, the UPND cadres used the back route to the PF camp.

And the PF Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has condemned the violence and called on the UPND leadership to caution their members against such evil acts. He says that while it is not in the interest of the PF to reiterate, the incident is totally unacceptable and provocative. He has urged UPND’s top leadership to condemn this violence as Zambians do not want to see a repeat of the new Mapatizya formula where human life is lost without any regard for the sanctity of life.

The Secretary General who has called for restraint by PF members, asked the Police to investigate the incident and bring the culprits to book. Further, he further called on the Police Service to guard human life and property during this period.

It is suspected that a very sharp object was used to injure the PF Youth.

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  1. Scotland is to blame for this. From April to the time he was released zambia experienced peace. This buffoon needs to be caged again .

  2. We all remember the bweengwa kidnapping lies , the GBM militia training lies……the 11 UPND suspects arrested for the Lusaka fire….the UPND youths caught with a match box and vaseline

    PF are habitual liers. When you see these lies just know they don’t like UPND having rallies

    • Prime time tv reported the very opposite of this. we hear some pf cadres are even in police custordy. who is telling the truth kanshi?

  3. Tonga’s are criminals, heartless, I know them! Zambians please don’t give them chance to rule, they are very tribal and rough! They will want to change national language to Tonga!

  4. The Aggressors are now playing victims to fool the Commonwealth mediating Team presently in the country. Who doesn’t know the Panga Family? PF’s DNA is violence and no one is fooled.

  5. The ugly face of pf violence. It’s not a fight contest it’s a fight for ideas. But because they lack ideas in how to run a country they simply resort to what they know best violence. It’s like arguing with someone with a speech problem, once they fail to articulate themselves the next thing they will do is throw a punch. This is the habit the ruling party is exhibiting. A party without morals. A leadership lacking integrity. The lowest form of human intelligency. Just because we share DANA with monkeys doesn’t mean we are monkeys, this jungle behavior of scavenging like hyenas should stop.

    • It’s the selfish behaviour of tongas in work places that has made it hard for Zambians to vote for hh. This is a fact which everyone knows. Hh is not a problem but his tribesmen. That’s why I don’t see hh becoming president soon unless the tongas gave up their selfish behaviour.

      Spaka will argue this but it won’t change that fact. Majority voters can’t take that risk trust me.

  6. You chap pretending to be manga l want to warn you that tribal sentiments are a crime if didn’t know .And we are working round the clock to ensure that people who commit cyber crime like you are brought to book and this a warning to all those who are fond using such language the government is on firm ground on such people and we are coming you know that such is recipe of genocide in other so be surprised when you’re called any let me assure you

  7. be truthful in your reporting..it’s the other way round..PF cadres are the brainless and cruel thugs..they ve been attacking their friends for a long time now..

  8. Manga @5 and HH Oval head @8.1 You are 101% correct. These chaps are wicked and should not rule. You Ka Moses @9 Who are you threatening,? What crime? Crime is burning property and failing to give way to Eagle 1.Just leaking your wounds quietly.

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