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Parliamentary Chief Whip writes to all MPs asking them to attend the opening of Parliament

General News Parliamentary Chief Whip writes to all MPs asking them to attend the...

File: Traditional dance troupes and choirs perform within Parliament grounds during the official opening of the National Assembly

opening parliament

Parliamentary Chief Whip Richard Musukwa has written to Members of Parliament requesting them to attend the ceremonial opening of the second session of the 12th National Assembly on Friday, this week.

Mr. Musukwa says during the opening ceremony, President Edgar Lungu will make major pronouncements that will form the basis for policy formulation and implementation.

He has told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the head of state will also use the platform to inform Zambians what his government has done so far and where he is taking the country.

Mr Musukwa said this session is important as it will also see Minister of Finance Felix Mutati present the national budget.

He said parliament is the apex of Zambian politics hence the need for parliamentarians to ensure that they attend.

Mr Musukwa said parliamentarians need to save their people by participating in debating the President’s speech and the National budget.

Meanwhile, preparations for the ceremonial opening of parliament have heightened.

A ZNBC News crew that checked on Parliament grounds found various dancing groups, media houses and Zambia Army officers conducting rehearsals.


    • ****ad hominem**** Just like you don\t add value to Zambia.The Honourable Minister has done his duty well and i know it is with full support from the Head of state, his excellency president ECL. Bombwe, think like a mature patriot and democratic zambian.

    • …eerrr, remember they swear under oath to abide by the rules of the house??? Why convince people to vote for you so that you can stay away from the very institution that gives you those powers???

    • …eerrr, please read very CAREFULLY !!!

      “Musukwa has written to Members of Parliament REQUESTING them to attend the ceremonial opening..”

      The RULES do not say MPs MUST attend. They are REQUESTED !!!

  1. I hope he did not invite the Dull UPND chaps. They are nothing but in mature. Let them attend the SA Parliament, They irritate me so much. Useless, useless useless. Chi Mulenga he is not your President but he is the legitimate president of the 50+1 who voted for him. Wow to you. You are so dull, you cannot even successfully present your petition. Go and learn from the Kenyan guy, you dada heads.

  2. UPND MPs, you are caught up now. It’s tricky both ways. To attend or not. Attending means recognition of. ECL and the other way will warrant suspension. See how stupid the 46 of you plus Oval Head are.

  3. Just as well we have representation from the commonwealth. It is in order to boycott parliament in commonwealth countries

  4. He who fears GOD shall use good language. GOD is for all. Your thoughts are not GOD’s thoughts. Trust the Lord not the arm of flesh or your tribesmen. Mushota calls all Zambians as dull…. is that a language of a person worshipping GOD. Some people call others donkeys yet they claim to be Christian….
    GOD help Zambia……
    Imagine your father’s sister is married to a Tonga and you call all Tonga as evil, you will boldly tell your aunt that her husband is evil?
    Personally I don’t support tribal dominion whether LOZI,TONGA, BEMBA or NYANJA. We are all equal before GOD. No one is perfect before GOD and we all need salvation . Heaven shall not be for Nyanja only or Bemba only but for all… Let us watch what we write because angels record everything we do and say. The day of…

    • Please take note Rob Mwale that there is no tribe called Nyanja. If there is such a tribe who is the Paramount Chief? Nyanja unlike the other languages in Zambia is not a tribe. Know your history. It was meant to be like the swahili of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. It was the language spoken by civil servants in Malawi (Nyasaland), Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) and Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia). In Zambia it is still being spoken by the police and the army. So please speak Nyanja freely it does not belong to any tribe. Dont confuse it with Chewa and Ngoni. Nyanja should actually be the second national language in Zambia second to English.

  5. reckoning is coming…
    Redeem your time and repent before GOD…. There is no excuse for sin… who is HH or ECL that can separate us from the love of GOD? why should your love for ECL or HH cause you to sin against GOD? is ECL or HH your GOD? Shall HH or ECL grant you eternal life? be true to yourself and live right before GOD. why should you die for the sins of other people? why should your tribe cause you to sin?
    REPENT before you die in your sins… YOu DONT OWN YOUR LIFE … FEAR GOD

  6. Tonse tu upnd MPs tu.fi.tushi are now living scared. They will be the first to arrive. They have learnt a lesson. Twaba ama shi.nsha pamo naka jail bird kabo

  7. Unfortunately no other opposition seems to offer alternative positions, leaving the violent party talking nonsense daily! Yes, Zambia is better and peaceful without UPND.

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