Zambia leap on FIFA rankings


Zambia has made its strongest rise on the FIFA rankings in 2017 that were released on Thursday in Zurich.

Wedson Nyirenda’s side jumped 18 places up the FIFA rankings from 96th to 78th as of September 14, 2017 after spending most of the year on the brink of 100.

Zambia’s gain comes after a fruitful 2018 FIFA World Cup Group B qualifying campaign in September when they recorded back-to-back victories over Algeria who have dropped out of the FIFA top 50 as a consequence.

Algeria lost 3-1 away to Zambia on September 2 and 1-0 at home on September 5 as Chipolopolo extended its unbeaten run to seven successive matches under Nyirenda.

Algeria slips from 48th to 62nd in the World on the latest rankings.

Zambia is now 16th on the CAF Rankings, rising from 24th on the continent in August.

And the top 10 CAF zone teams on FIFA rankings are led by Egypt (30), Tunisia (31), Senegal (33), and DR Congo (42) while Zambia’s next 2018 Group B qualifier opponents away on October 7, Nigeria, are 5th and 44th in the World.

Cameroon are 6th and 4th 45th in the World, Burkina Faso are 49th, Ghana 52nd, Cote d’Ivoire 54th and Morocco 56th.


    • Follow the story please, the writer is starting with Africa then the world rankings. So Cameroon is 6th in Africa (CAF) and 45th in the world. When we wallop Cameroon in November they will slip to 14th (CAF) and we shall take up their place.

  1. After the Nigeria/Zambia game we will jump into top 10 in Africa. No petition or dialogue. My subjective opinion… we need to remove 2 senior players from the current team and we are on our we to Russia…

    • I always love the way Zambians have been dreaming. You will beat Nigeria? Algeria that you defeated is the weakest Team of the Group!You will beat Cameroun. Let me say this and I want each Zambian to note it: Zambia will come third on the table at the end of the matches against Nigeria and Cameroon. The day of the match against Nigeria is just some few weeks away from today.

    • ,@Nija boy the day when soccer was won in dreams has never arrived. Nigeria will play Zambia and no matter what their fans wish the game will be won on the pitch

  2. Even Wada knows that its impossible to beat Naija at home. A little motivation to our players in form of money can do. Give them K100 000 each if they beat Nigeria.

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