UPND retains the Itezhi Tezhi Council Chairperson seat


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has returned the Itezhi -Tezhi Council Chairperson’s seat in a bye-election in the central province based district.

UPND’s candidate Stephen Shaloba polled a total of 7,215 votes against his closest rival Namakau Kaingu of PF who polled a total of 2,188 votes.

Returning Officer Stanley Shikabone announced today around 12:54 that UPND candidate Stephen Shaloba has become the duly elected Council Chairperson for Itezhi -Tezhi Town Council.

Independent candidate Oliver Sitengu was third with 601 votes, followed by Party for National Unity (PNU)’s Irene Shilupizhi who polled a paltry 103 total votes.

Shikabone said the total number of people who voted during the 14 September by-election was 10,206 and the rejected ballot papers were 103.

The total number of people registered in Itezhi -Tezhi district’s voter roll is 39,563.

Before the counting of votes was completed UPND’s Shaloba was leading in all the 41 polling stations and was being followed by Namakau Kaingu of the PF who beat UPND in three polling stations namely Choongo with 189 votes against UPND’s Shaloba with 118 votes .

At Kasaka polling station PF polled 54 votes against 34 votes for UPND and at Kataba polling station, PF polled 46 votes against UPND’s 33 votes.

PF’s Namakau trailed in second position and Independent candidate Oliver Sitengu was trailing at third position and PNU’s Shilupizhi was the least.

The by-election was held in an incidence free environment compared to last year’s recorded pockets of violence in Mbila ward.

The September 14 by election were being held to fill the vacant left by the death of Gift Luyako who died in April 2017.

And Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Mwansa Chipalo, has scooped the seat, in the Kanchibiya Council Chairperson election with a landslide victory.

Mr Chipalo has been declared dully elected Council Chairperson for the newly created Kanchibiya district Council after pouring 3,746 against his UPND rival Kanjela Syvario who only managed to get 1,251 votes.

A total of 5,103 ballot papers were cast and 106 rejected.

In Lavushimanda Council Chairperson election, PF candidate Humphrey Katemba has been declared winner after getting 2,757 votes against UPND candidate Mwelwa Mupanda who got 748 votes.
In Lavushimanda Council Chairperson election, a total of 3,603 votes were cast and 98 rejected.
In Chama’s Mabinga local government by-election Blackson Mkandwire has won the seat with 1,166 votes beating UPND contestant Mathews Ndhlovu who got 403 votes.

The Mabinga ward seat was declared vacant following the arrest of the incumbent Jane Sifia Zimba who stood on PF ticket for allegedly forging a Grade 12 certificate.

Muchinga Provincial Electoral Officer, Adam Jere told ZANIS in an interview in Kanchibiya today that though the polls in all the three districts were characterized by apathy, the process was generally peaceful.

And Muchinga PF Provincial Chairperson Mwansa Kapeya has said the win by the PF in the three districts is testimony enough that the party is still very strong in the area.

Mr. Kapeya said Muchinga is still a stronghold for the PF adding that the area is a no-go for the opposition political parties.

Mr. Kapeya has since thanked the people of Chama, Lavushimanda and Kanchibiya districts for voting for the PF candidates saying this goes to show how much confidence people of Muchinga have in the PF party.


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    UPND’s candidate Stephen Shaloba polled a total of 7,215 votes against his closest rival Namakau Kaingu of PF who polled a total of 2,188 votes.

    2188 we thank God

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      So each party retained or wins their seats in there respective strong holds? I guess this tells us how 2021 will be like

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      Don’t thank God but tribal voting. Just observe areas that have been scooped by upnd and Pf respectively. It’s a pity that people are still voting on regional and tribal bases. The upcoming generation will do much better than this.I Hope.

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    Everywhere else PF has won my brother. UPND is still far away from possibility of wining in the whole country.

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    Meaning the voting pattern is still the same, UPND will lose the 2021 general elections again. Looking at the picture given by the by elections were UPND scooped only one seat in their stronghold whilst PF still remains untouchable in its strong hold also. It will be 6.5 provinces vs. 3.5 again in 2021…… just analyzing the results, I am a Tonga.
    HH should set up proper ground work to penetrate these areas if he wants to come out victorious in 2021, no wonder why CK doesn’t want to divorce the PF party, he knows that it still remains a force to reckon with.

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    A Tonga born and raised in urban area, who knows how to interact and leave in harmony with other tribes, I know that my elder brother HH is very far from achieving his dream, he needs to do something that will make the Zambians to change their minds, they still support PF like no man’s business. They would rather remain in the boat than disembark to join the minority group who follow HH.
    HH should capitalize on the weaknesses of PF and gain political support rather than wasting time the way he did by running to DA…… I am those DA party MPs have read the outcome of the results, meaning a small number or corner of the nation support HH whilst the bigger part still supports ECL as can be seen by the by election results……….. Pricilla Isaacs was not their this time around to be…

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      You know very little then, in the last general elections it was UPND against PF and GRZ supported by state sponsored violence against UPND.. .

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    We hope these guys will bring Larry to explain why he chose to cheat them with fake and unreasonable results. None existing results.

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    Ba Zambian Observer, what’s your take. Your stupid MPs have just attended the opening of parley by ECL. The election results are also saying it all. Priscilla Isaac’s and Justice Esau Chulu have stolen your votes. Mbuzi. Petition the results.

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      It is not about the bye elections. It says a lot about the bigger picture. PF is still intact in its strongholds just like UPND.

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    The emphasis should be on the change rather than on the norm. I mean let’s look at Chilanga and another ward where PF has taken over the seats previously occupied by **********. In Chilanga I expected it to happen, why? Because people were disenchanted with UPNDonkey violence. Mwebantu if people don’t attend your rally just accept that they dont want you.

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    Ba LT you are fair. For Itezhi-Tezhi you just said ‘UPND has returned the Itezhi -Tezhi Council Chairperson’s seat in a bye-election’ but in Kachibiya you said, ‘PF has scooped the seat, in the Kanchibiya Council Chairperson election with a landslide victory’. You are segregative and bias towards PF

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    Next rally will be in Gwembe Valley! And they will be showing the world of the large crowd! Few know that it is Namwala District!

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    pf has also scooped luansobe ward (Zimba compound) in Mufulira. the seat fell vacant after the demise of a upnd councillor. most of the residents in luansobe are chokwes,luvales,mbundas as well as mbundus from Angola. it was the only upnd seat in Mufulira. pf 608 and upnd 318

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    We need developmental priorities, guys. Let’s develop Zambia for poor Zambians to enjo, not for rich Zambians only.

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