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Mongu District runs out piped water

Rural News Mongu District runs out piped water

Concerned Mongu residents are up in arms with the Western Water and Sewerage Company (WWSC) for its failure to provide water in the provincial capital and the rest of the province.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues , Mr David Makai accused the Utility firm’s management of only concentrating on administration issues instead of sorting out the situation on the ground.

Mr. Makai who once worked for the utility company has since called on government and the Firm’s management to involve stakeholders if the water reticulation system is to improve.

The demand follows a critical water shortage that has hit the people of Mbikusita compound commonly known as Kapulanga in Mongu District.

A survey Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) in Mongu, yesterday, revealed sporadic water supply in the area.

And a Mbikusita compound resident Kingsley Nyambe explained that the erratic water supply was forcing the community to draw water from neighboring compounds kilometers away.

He explained that, despite the development , the community has continued receiving water bills from Western Water and Sewerage Company, a situation he referred to as pathetic.

Mr. Nyambe lamented that people are losing a lot of money because they are left with no option but to buy a 20 liter container of water at 50 Ngwee a situation which is very retrogressive in a modern world.

Meanwhile Western Water and Sewerage Company (WWSC) Public Relations Officer Henry Kashoki said that the company has been supplying water to all parts of the province despite facing challenges such as outdated water reticulation network .

Mr. Kashoki further said the water deficit experienced in the last three days was due to a malfunctioning valve which he said has since been repaired.

He has since assured the people that with the coming on board of the donors, the situation will soon normalize because more water pumps will be procured to arrest the situation.

Government and WWSC recently have signed a 42.2 Million US Dollars On-Lending and Grant Agreement for water and sanitation programmes in Mongu, Sesheke, Senanga and Kaoma Districts in Western Province.

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  1. African awe sure. Why should we not have water 24/7 surely all this time after independence. Zambia is a blessed land with fresh water both open bodies and underground. Compare to a country like Australia, even if it is big, most of their water is salty water open bodies and most of underground water is highly contaminated due to too much iron. They depend on rain water collected in dams and a few fresh water sources but never in my 11 years have I had no water ku pompi. Water flows at high pressure 24/7. For us we continue to wait for chinese help.

    • African countries need to understand that there really is no such thing as “transfer of technology”. No nation will willingly transfer its technological know-how to others because that knowledge is the basis of competitive advantage. Industrial nations can at best give a developing country a shallow surface insight into their know-how, and even then only in the context of foreign investment deals in which developed countries that host foreign direct investment inflows skilfully negotiate and secure such agreements, and have skilled workforces to absorb and expand on such prowess.

      This is easy to say, but hard to do. Nigeria has developed a national science and technology policy which recognises the strategic importance of this sector for the country’s development. Nigeria’s…

  2. It does not take many brains to get water trucks to deliver water or put in a water pump and plastic pipe to a water tank from the Zambezi that flows nearby.

  3. We’re are a third world country because of the manner in which we think. It’s water ? It’s life. Everybody should have access to it. Instead, we are spending millions of Kwacha on refurbishing an old parliamentary motel.

    • This mentality of LESA FYE EUKESA WAMYA ICHALO, is the major causer, i don’t think God came down on earth made other countries more developed than others, but the used their medulla bongos to be were they are in terms of development.

  4. In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty! Why cant they stock standby critical spares for such a critical service?

    Or do they have a Disaster Recovery plan?


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