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Bowman slaps Kambwili at Parliament as Jean Kapata pours water on Roan MP

Headlines Bowman slaps Kambwili at Parliament as Jean Kapata pours water on Roan...

Chishimba Kambwili.
Chishimba Kambwili.

Roan PF Member Chishimba Kambwili on Tuesday told Parliament that Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo slapped him twice in the car park at Parliament Buildings.

Mr Kambwili also alleged that Lands Minister Jean Kapata poured a full bottle of water during the fracas.

Mr Kambwili rose on a point of order and reported to Speaker Patrick Matibini that he had been attacked by Mr Lusambo and Ms Kapata in the car park in the presence of Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba, Finance Minister Felix Mutati and MMD faction National Secretary Racheal Nakachinda.

Mr Kambwili said Mr. Lusambo slapped him twice unprovoked and started hurling insults at him.

“Mr Speaker, I stand on a very serious point of order, Mr Speaker when I walked out, I went and stood with honorable Kalaba and honorable Imakando. As we were talking, I was approached by Honourable Lusambo who came and told me ‘we are going to deal with you for your accusation against government’. I did not not answer him and he slapped me, two slaps. Two slaps in the presence of honorable Kalaba and the General secretary for the MMD Mr Nakachinda. While I was retreating, Jean Kapata came with a bottle of water,” Mr Kambwili narrated.

He continued, “Honourable Jean Kapata came where I was, she sprinkled a full bottle of water on me and started insulting me, some of the insults that I cannot mention on the radio. And the only thing I told her ‘if you are a thief, what am saying affects you but if you are not a thief why attack me?’ and I came back to the chamber. Are these two honorable members of parliament in order to start behaving like thugs at the National Assembly premises without taking due regard of their responsibilities that the people of Zambia have sent them to this house?”

“Are they in order to attack me at the presence of parliament? I need your serious ruling. Thank you Mr Speaker,” Mr Kambwili said.

And Speaker Matibini has reserved ruling in the matter.

He said the report needs to be investigated after which the House will be appraised of the next course of action.

Later, Ms Kapata also rose on a point of order and attempted to defend her actions.

“Mr Speaker, I rose earlier on a point of order and thats the point of order which I wanted to raise. Is the honorable member of parliament for Roan, Mr Speaker in order to go round every radio station, whatever the point of order he has raised has where its coming from, going on all the radio stations and calling me Jean Kapata that am a thief, I have stolen through Mukula?”

She said, “I have been a member of parliament for this house for 15 years to build one house, ‘you are a thief’ honorable Kambwili, I don’t have time to be going to court to waste time, this is why Mr Speaker when he walk out of the house after honorable Chitotela’s answers, he started insulting us and calling us names outside and you wanted us to keep quiet and watch him?”

“I need your serious ruling Mr Speaker, Mr Kambwili must be tamed as member of parliament, he must behave like a honorable member of parliament,” Ms Kapata said.


    • Every time I see Lusambo he minds me a guy I knocked down at Dolphines Night club in Ndola in 2006. He tried to bully me over a parking spot under a street light. He must Bowman.
      I kicked him in left libs, he clinched then I landed a knee on his head. A move I learned in grade 6. It sounded painful, as everybody moved away!!

    • Only two slaps??? Kambwili did not even feel it with all that blubber (fat) on his face. Lusambo should have made him bleed.

    • Time and again I have said, these masquerades have no qualities of even being referred to as Honourable, they have lowered the standards of Ministerial and Parliamentary positions to even below those of the kabovas, gonenas and mere illiterates. The word Honourable is synonymous with the following: truthful, sincere, candid, frank, open, forthright, ingenuous, straight, upright, moral, ethical, principled, righteous, right-minded, respectable, virtuous, good, decent, fair, law-abiding, high-minded, upstanding, incorruptible, truthful, trustworthy, reliable, conscientious. Do you see any of the foregoing in the conduct and behaviour of these fools? Or even in half of the PF Cadres in parliament? I think it is high time we stopped abusing the term by not using it to address these thugs,…


      I may be lagging behind on some latest developments in our Political System; Wasn’t Kambwili elected MP on a PF ticket? Why is he still an MP now that he has been fired from the PF? Hasn’t the Roan seat fallen vacant with his dismissal from PF?

    • Kambwili is right to report them to the speaker. He can go to police too, if he wants too. These MPs have a certain level of etiquette they are held to, but the are proving to be thugs. They can’t deal with real issues. They are so used to bullying others, but now they are cornered in their own web.

    • Sickening…You don’t solve national issues with thuggery. Kambwili is a brainless thug with a false sense of entitlement to plunder league. But the reactionary acts of 2 Government ministers manifests the kind of deep national leadership has sunk in. KK and Mwanawasa would have fired them immediately. What becomes of Zambia if cadres and our children have such scalawags in leadership? President Lungu needs to redeem himself from this siege of retards. Its time for nation and character above self. Ignoring this is a dangerous recipe for total anarchy in the land.

    • Kambwila is too exited for nothing. He wants too abuse other people without credible evidence. Kambwili is more corrupt than the people he is acusing. As for me, he should have been battered enough to end up in hospital.

    • Lusambo and Kapata should be suspended pending investigations on this! Indiscipline especially where it borders on physical confrontation should never be tolerated. Whether Kambwili is the worst crook ever because he has amassed over USD42million himself whilst being a minister so what a hypocrite this fat toad is but still its is good he has brought this matter to the fore so that we get to the bottom of the fire tender matter but Kambwili too needs to be thoroughly investigated! The chap owns over 200 housing units, 100 trucks, 50 latest high end vehicles such as Lamborghini, latest RangeRover and BMW X6!

    • I love it, I hope it was a bi.tch slap! Somebody had to slap Kambwili. This is a revolution and it took young Bowman! very good.

    • @Nubian
      ‘I love it ‘ my ass,,,,! I thought you left thug manners ku kumboni in Zambia!, and living in USA you should be a bit civilised!,, I hope Donald Trump deports useless thugs like you,,,

    • @Ndobo, please accept my apologies on behalf of Nubian. Any woman in USA is expected to behave.
      Before you deport any, let me see we can facilitate a maternity instead.

  1. She has admitted guilt. I’m not a Kambwili fan but pouring water on anyone is assault. Slapping him is even worse. An MP cant be committing this kind of crime. Matibini should rule like a judge not like a political cadre. if these two did this they should leave the house permanently

  2. why would you wrestle a pig if you are not dirty unless you have dirt on you then you can join the pig in the mud lol

  3. Bane tekanyeni bushe Kambwili is a person you can just pour water on without anything? I thought Kambwili promised to sort out Lusambo but instead the big DOCTOR was slapped. Its laughable. Kambwili you are a bully. If given chance naine kuti nakulangula ulupi mune. Fuseke fulunyemba iwe

  4. Jean just wanted mbwili thing to take a bath. She was just trying to help him take a bath after all its hot nowadays and some people smell badly you know. No case – next!
    A slap was just to make him wake up and not sleep with tonga hechihechi. Bowman was also just trying to help mbwili realise his mistakes in trying to enter the tonga den! hence the two slaps.
    What a disaster!

  5. Behaving like mon.keys in a zoo, just to silence poor guy, CK. This victimization should stop. CK as any other Zambian has the right to ask the politician, why are they getting so aggressive? Damn, who do you think can buy into these explanations like I have a wealth boyfriend who is an aeronautic engineer and can afford to build houses for her??….bul.s.hit !!! or I have been an MP for 15years….. But CK has been in Parliament as well, I am sure he knows how much they can be worthy after 15years. Instead of resorting harassing CK, let them just explain or take CK to court. Saying she has no time for the court is just another excuse. These people are under pressure now, all people on this forum ought to support this initiative to hold these MP liable

  6. Why behave like that? You must be guilty and the law will get you. Argue as honorable members of parliament amano yapwa! Shame On you bakaponya!

  7. Kambwili is a betrayer and deserves this. In fact he is lucky Lusambo couldn’t kill him. In other countries he would be gone by now. How does he call the government he supported so much corrupt? Where has he been all this time? Who does he want to rape? Is it because we forget and forgive easily?

  8. Khanshi tamwakwata amaka? Alimulangula amapi yabili mwaiche. Denkede bamudala aba nabadabwisha. Amapi yabili no reply from someone you threatened to sort out way back.

    • The power has changed and you never know when it’s a set up and be charged with assaulting a minister. Could be a non bailable offense so be smart.

  9. Only fools fight he did well not to fight back that is for simple minds who fail to reason! Fight with words or go to the court and prove him wrong! Losers! No one should keep quiet and let people still and boast over poor people’s money! What goes around comes around …someone had to bring this to the open and whether you like it or PF is gone!! I am very disappointed especially with the head of state. I gave him a benefit of doubt but it’s all gone….I wonder what Mr Sata saw in ECL????

  10. But the president’s failure to act which is certain to be the case will cost him.Between Lusambo and Kambwili who is more popular on the copperbelt where this m0r0n Lusambo is minister.So how shall he now lead?Instead of damage control the f00l does the very opposite and knowing the advisers they must be very pleased and now pltting how to handle the jerabos.Sad.

    • So he finishes PF what? PF is just an organization and like others it came and it can go. No need to panic. I get worried when I see people developing BP over other people’s problems.

  11. Oases. Ba PF nomba mwaseba. Uku ekusebana umupwilapo. Ala mwe bekala calo Lesa ni Malyotola tewakwangalilako. Mwamona nomba inkondo yamabungulubwe naitampa mu party yaba Jonathan Lungu. Lets see the discipline which will take place MU ZED Christian Ziko.

  12. Kambwili is very provocative and childish.ever since he was fired as minister of information and expelled from PF,Kambwili has gone mad and failed to handle this disappointment.nobody can be a minister or leader forever.so Kambwili could have understood this than tarnishing the names of his friends in Govnt simply because himself is no longer near the president!!

  13. Pa Z napo. What are these MPs afraid of? Why can’t they do to Kambwili like they did in the uganda parliament. Kambwili needs to be beaten right in the house, in full view of the speaker. Proper wacking

  14. This Behaviour By Honourable Ministers Is Exactly What Was Happening In Uganda Last Week Where Mu7 Wants To Remove Age Limit And Those MPs Who Were Opposing The Bill Were Beaten By Sodiers.
    Now The Fighting At Parliament Has Come To Zambia. So Wats The Conclusion?

    Zambia Has A Common Thing(s) With Uganda… DICTATORSHIP, HARASSMENT And INTIMIDATION Of Those With Divergent Views.

  15. Does Zambia deserve people like Lusambo? What did you do to end up with thugs? Yesterday, it was Kachingwe, today it is Kambwili. Certain people foolish people even glorify that type of behavior.

  16. I have carefully followed the comments from different people regarding what has happened. Really people have lost integrated to justify issues of this kind. People have become inhuman and the fear of the almighty God is absent.
    We really need serious genuine patriotic ingenious zambians to save defenseless and innocent Zambians from these crooks in the government. I assure you the waste is comin, because Our almighty Lord is not happy with what is happening in this Christians

  17. Bowman “hardcore” planted two tough slaps on Chimbwili Kashimba before Jean came to baptize the “Tubulese” to save him from his sins! He has now been redeemed and resurrected from his sins, he can Dununa reverse with kanyo ka Mumbi-Njovu! But I wonder, why didn’t he slap back? What a coward!

  18. It’s unfortunate that Honourable bowman lusambo does not seem to show maturity whilest still serving as a minister.Please Honourable provide leadership so that you came be a good example to many youths who are aspiring to join politics.youths were asking the president to give them the plat form to participate in governance issues but when your chance came you don’t seem to grab the opportunity to show the zambian people what a vibrant youth can do.may God give you the wisdom he gave Solomon to rule his people.

  19. We have had enough of these silly childish issues. Lusambo, Kapata and Kambwili are all a bunch of childish thugs. Instead of discussing development issues, they are now attacking each other and at the end of it all they get paid. Atase ifyabupuba. Talk about real issues ba ngwele.

  20. Are these the people we have sent to parliament to legislate on matters affecting our nation. They have been stealing left, right and centre and now they are fighting each other . The back stops with Chagwa for failing to take action against his Sh!t ministers and MPs .Chagwa be a man and fire Kapapa and Lusambo because their behaviour belongs to the stone age .

  21. Imwe ba @ “God shall not allow” tamwaba namano. In this modern age you insight or support people to do that? Remember that the people involved in this fracas are law makers. Nincopoop?!

  22. You read about this kind of 5tupid 5tupid 5tupid and embarrassing behaviour of so called ‘Honourable’ scumbags and low life forms in other Countries, and you laugh and you tell yourself this can never happen in mother Zambia. You tell yourself we cannot sink that low.
    But sink we do, and we sink even WORSE than in those Countries because, whereas they are so passionate about issues affecting their constituents that them end up fighting over that, ours is about WHO STOLE THE MOST from the electorate and Taxpayers.

    • @Ndanje khakis,
      Your clear lack of capacity to put Country first and rise above partisan politics speaks volumes about you and puts you in precisely the same bracket as these ‘Honourable’ !diots engaging in physical fights over who stole the most. Need I say more?

  23. if bowman. Sunday chanda.mumbi phili.joined upend. all their sins will be forgiven instantly.

    manje iwe ck you are just a cry baby. how can a girl poure water on you. and,a small boy stap you.

    why didnt

    send us ka,video

  24. To All Zambians: The devil (Satan) is really at work. don’t be surprised just be careful with what you do and say in your daily life Angels are recording every thing.

  25. This is the beginning kambwili deserves that , bitterness has caused kambwili to behave very bad. If kambwili was a man of integrity he wouldn’t have come to the point of giving information which is sensitive because he’s under oath. Globally, governments have SYSTEMS in they operates,Running a country really needs people who are patriotic not like the characters we have in Zambia,the so called politicians the likes of CK.And the man has no wisdom at all. Now young bowman lusambo is beating him on the expense of his political misconduct, if he continues his behavior he will not be regarded as our political avacular figure but a foolish man and cadres will sort him out, above can anyone counsel him!

  26. BOWMAN LUSAMBO will one day meet his match and that will probably be his end. There is a general trend with bullies, they always finish very badly in life. Just keep watching him.

  27. Biggest problem with Zambians, you care more about who has delivered the message rather than the message itself. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that $42million for fire trucks is a rip off and basically a deal that enables people to profit. Kambwili is giving you information you would not have known had he not opened your eyes, receive it with both hands. The PF is in and over its head now with corruption, and the final piece will be the privatization of ZESCO.

  28. Mushota you have a very small brain which is suffering from lack of oxygen due to the coldness you have subjected yourself to in the land of the Caucasians.
    How can you say Zambians are dull and thick?
    In the first place your mother is Zambian
    Your father is Zambian
    You lost your virginity to a Zambian and in Zambia
    What does this say about you?

  29. Since 1991 , almost 26 years now have elapsed . Over this period of time Zambians have had some leaders who were and are not really interested in the cry and sufferings of the electorates .

    From the things we see and hear some of these leaders do , one would conclude that they are proper liers , thugs, thieves or let me say criminals .The supreme law of the land has been disregarded , made weak or mute against them by them . As a result my fellow citizens are killed by the very gun meant to protect them e.g. Kampasa saga . My fellow citizens are brutally murdered e.g. Mbandu Ruth . My fellow citizens and I have been robbed of our money meant for eradicating killer diseases , Land is illegally grabbed from us , houses demolished leaving us in the cold regardless of age .

    For a…

  30. The trio involved in this fracas are all birds of the same feathers. I will not support any of them regardless of which side of the political divide their belong. As long as we keep on holding up the likes of Jean, Bowman and Kambwili as those who can provide leadership to develop this nation we are doomed. Most of these politicians are in parliament for self serving reasons.

  31. It’s not right. All of it. But Hon. jam will should keep peace with his former mates than go around name calling the very people he was part of.

  32. We have a very dull speaker who usually likes getting instructions from Edgar chagwa Lungu. Our speaker should rise above being partisan as his actions and silence will one day result in that parliament being tuned into a boxing arena. What investigation is he talking about, all he needs to do is punish Jean kapata and Bowman Lusambo. Shame Mr. Matibini!

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